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After the birth of your baby, one of the biggest issues parents seek help with is babies and sleep. With a great deal of misinformation, conflicting advice and confused and exhausted parents, it can set you off in a spin. But rest assured, BellyBelly is here to help with plenty of fantastic articles on gentle and loving ways to help your baby sleep - and you too!

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15 Effective Ways To Help Your Baby Sleep

Need some ideas to help get your baby to sleep? These 15 great sleep tips are ideal for any baby an you can start using them now!

5 Sleep Options For Your Baby - Where Will Your Baby Sleep?

Where will your baby sleep? There are plenty of options you can choose from when deciding where your baby will sleep, as well as what they will sleep in. Here are 5 sleep options for your baby.

Babies and Sleep

Babies and sleep. It can seem that the two are mutually exclusive, and recent Brisbane research has even suggested that many mothers who have been diagnosed as having post-natal depression are actually suffering extreme fatigue from waking to their babies at night.

Baby Sleep Books - BellyBelly's Top 6 Books For Baby Sleep

Baby sleep is such a booming industry. There are no prerequisites for writing a baby sleep book, which can make it very confusing trying to find a decent book that is based on good science and is good for babies. However, there are some real gems in the baby sleep category - Here are my 6 favourite books on baby sleep, in no particular order.

Baby Sleeping Bags

Baby sleeping bags have become very popular baby items - but how do you choose the right baby sleeping bags? Sizes and togs explained!

Babywise: Warnings About The Babywise Book You Need To Know

Are you wise to the Babywise book? Despite widespread criticism about Babywise from the medical profession, health organisations and consumers worldwide, Babywise continues to be a well-known and utilised style of parenting which can be found in a book 'Becoming Babywise'. Once read, the book may be passed onto friends or family without the readers being aware of the dangers and health risks of using the Babywise method. Find out what you need to know before you start or continue the Babywise principles.

Co-Sleeping: Is It Part Of Bonding?

Judging by my email box and the conversations I share with parents and health professionals, infant sleep has become a veritable industry. An industry, it seems, that is driven by fear, particularly the fear that if we dare to respond to little night howls with too many cuddles or, heaven forbid, cuddles in parental beds, our babies may never learn to sleep alone.

Controlled Crying - The Con Of Controlled Crying

Controlled crying - is it really worth it? The very principle that makes controlled crying 'work' that is of greatest concern: when controlled crying 'succeeds' in teaching a baby to fall asleep alone, it is due to a process that neurobiologist Bruce Perry calls the 'defeat response'.

How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need?

How much sleep does your baby need? As a new parent, you may be hoping for more than less! Find out how much sleep your baby needs.

Infant Mental Health & Controlled Crying

The Australian Association for Infant Mental Health's concerns about controlled crying. They believe that it is not consistent with optimal emotional and psychological health, and may have unintended negative consequences.

Rolling Onto Baby While Co-Sleeping

Worried about rolling onto your baby while co-sleeping? Are you not co-sleeping due to safety concerns? World expert on co-sleeping, Professor James McKenna discusses issues around co-sleeping and rolling on a baby.

Sleeping Arrangements For Your Baby - What Should You Do?

Wondering what the 'proper' sleep arrangements should be for your baby? Do you have questions like, 'Should I try and keep things quiet when baby is sleeping, or should there be some noise? Door open or closed?' If so, read on as baby sleep researcher, Dr James McKenna, answers these questions and more.

Sleeping With Baby - Is It Safe To Sleep With My Baby?

Sleeping with baby - is it safe? If you are interested in sleeping with your baby or are worried about its safety, this is a must read article from the recognised world-leading authority on co-sleeping, Professor James McKenna.

Sleeping With Baby - Safe Co-Sleeping Tips

Sleeping with your baby can be a beautiful, safe experience, as long as you're aware of the safe co-sleeping guidelines. SIDS is only more likely to occur if you sleep with your baby in an unsafe way. To find out how to sleep safely with your baby and how you can minimise the risk of SIDS, read on.

Sweet Dreams: Top Tips to Help Your Baby (and You!) Sleep Better

If you are a first time parent and the pressure to have a ‘good baby’ is making you feel like a failure, take heart. Despite a conspiracy of silence among parents (nobody wants to feel judged), little night howls are more normal than you might think. However, Pinky McKay is here to offer some great tips on how to help your baby (and you) sleep better.

The Co-Sleeping Debate and the Benefits of Infant-Parent Proximity

Many parents and parents-to-be love the idea of having their baby sleep close to them but have some fears around bed-sharing. So, what some of the benefits of close infant-parent proximity? What are some of the dangers that can be associated with bed-sharing?

Why Do Babies Wake Up So Much and So Often?

Curious as to why babies wake up so much and so often? It can be frustrating and tiring having a wakeful baby, especially when nothing seems to help. Here's an explanation on why babies wake frequently, from the world's leading expert on baby sleep.

Why Does My Baby Wake Up When I Try To Put Him Down?

It's many a parent's frustration... finally baby has fallen asleep in your arms and you want to put them down so you can have a break, go to the toilet or even feed yourself! But the second you put them down - wide awake! Why do babies do this and what can you do? Read on...

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