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Articles that are especially for new mums! Your body goes through such enormous changes during pregnancy and needs a little TLC following the birth of your baby. BellyBelly's Post-Natal articles will help you understand how you can help your body during this time and will give you an idea of what you might expect from your body post-baby.

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helping dad to help you

10 Ways To Help Him to Help YOU With A New Baby

Mums - here's 10 great tips on how you can help your partner help you after your baby has been born.

Never Judge A Formula Feeding Mother

12 Reasons Why You Should Never Judge Formula Feeding Mothers

Are you guilty of judging formula feeding mothers? Here's 12 reasons why you shouldn't judge those who choose to use formula.

Things Dads Shouldn't Say

12 Things Dads Should Avoid Saying To New Mothers

Dads: no matter what you do, DO NOT say these 12 things to a new mother. A humourous article about the least things she wants to hear.

Types of Mothers On Social Media

13 Types Of Mothers You'll Find On Social Media

Mamas on social media - a humourous take on 13 types of mamas you'll find posting on Facebook, pinning on Pinterest and tweeting on Twitter. Don't read if you're easily offended!

Helping new mothers get more sleep

14 Reasons Why We Need To Help New Mothers Get More Sleep

Having a baby is pretty exhausting work - but there are some compelling reasons why we need to help mothers get more sleep. Here are 12.

Cloth Nappy Addiction

30 Signs That You May Be Addicted To Cloth Nappies

Are you a cloth nappy addict? Here are 30 signs that you may be addicted to cloth nappies. What did you score out of 30?

5 Top Tips For The Brand New Mother

After you've had a baby, the endless supply of tips and advice can really ramp up about caring your babe. However, there is something just as, if not more important, which there isn't enough advice about: taking care of yourself as a new mother. Here are five top tips that I wish I could have told myself the first time I had a baby.

The Motherhood Experience

A Hilarious Cartoon - The Motherhood Experience

A hilarious cartoon about the irony of 'The Motherhood Experience'. All mothers should be able to relate very well to these funny cartoons!!!

A Mother's Diary From a Mother & Baby Unit

When everything fell into a spiraling heap in 2002, I went to a Melbourne mother and baby unit with my then almost 5 month old daughter. The psychologist I saw there suggested I put my thoughts to paper to help, which I did. After a recent spring clean, I found the letter and almost bawled my eyes out at what I wrote to myself. Here's what I wrote.

Birth Reclaiming Ceremony - Healing When Your Birth Didn't Go To Plan

A birth reclaiming ceremony is a process where a mother who has experienced a traumatic, upsetting or disappointing birth, gets the opportunity to heal. Healing through recreating the birth environment and releasing the grief and sorrow of a lost birth experience. This process is incredibly important - with suicide as the leading cause of death in new mothers, its time to create awareness of the power of birth reclaiming, and placing greater importance on a mothers needs following birth.

Boredom Busters for Mums

After the birth of your baby, you may find that you experience feelings of boredom, perhaps due to baby sleeping for longer periods of time (well, for the first few months anyway!) or maybe you find staying at home all day with baby makes you feel like you are on autopilot.

Coming Home From A Mother & Baby Unit - Tips For Coping

Leaving the safety of a hospital or a Mother and Baby Unit and returning to the place where life was difficult can be very stressful. Here are some great tips from a PND survivor to help make this time a less stressful one.

De-Clutter Your House - 10 Easy Tips

Don't fret, there is hope! It didn't get there overnight and won't disappear overnight, so you need to be realistic about the time it will take to address it.

Diary of a Mum - Ambah

Ambah is a stay at home Mum. She has one son Aidyn, who is 18 months old.

Diary of a Mum - Janelle

Janelle is a part time stay at home mum and has one son, Matthew who is 8 months old.She also helps out on BellyBelly as a moderator.

Diary of a Mum - Kathryn

Kathryn is a stay at home mum. She has two boys, Kameron who is nearly 4 years old and Lachlan who is 17 months.

Diary of a Mum - Lucy

Lucy is the mother of two children, Olivia, who is 17 months old and Charlie, who is only 8 weeks. Read a day in the life of a mummy to two under two!

Diary of a Mum - Sherie

Sherie is a mum to three children, Lindsay 5, Erin 3 and Paige who is nearly 2. They live on a farm and her days can vary greatly.

Ganglion Cyst - The 'Mother's Wrist' Ganglion Cyst

Ganglion cyst - or as it was once known 'mother's wrist' - is a swelling on the wrist, which is a sac of leaked fluid that occurs due to to wrist strain. The demands on your wrist supporting your baby's weight in early motherhood can result in a ganglion cyst. Find out the symptoms and treatment of a ganglion cyst.

Hair Loss After Baby - What's With All This Loss of Hair?!

After you've had a baby, you may notice what seems to be a huge amount of hair loss. This can result in feelings of anxiety and worry, seeing clumps of hair in your hand or brush. But rest assured, there is a reason for hair loss after baby and it's not all as bad as it seems. Find out why you lose so much hair after baby.

Having Another Baby After Depression

It can be very scary to think about having another baby after experiencing antenatal or postnatal depression. The fear of going through the same experience can make many parents hesitant to get pregnant again or to have another baby.

How To Lose Stomach Fat After Having A Baby

Stomach fat is tricky. It can be stubborn to shift and because it is easily gained - it can be one of the most frustrating types of fat. If you've recently had a baby and are wondering how to lose stomach fat, read on.

Ideas For Building Your Support Network After Baby

Joining the Mother 'Hood' offers a whole new dimension to the concept of 'networking'. Although it probably won't help you raise any glass ceilings, your mothering network may prevent you from sliding into a downward spiral towards isolation and despair.

Lost Your Waist? Here's How To Find It Again!

One of the most common issues women have after pregnancy is that their waist just isn't as small as it used to be. They just want to get back into their normal, pre-pregnancy clothes and while the rest of their body seems to be getting back to normal, the waist just doesn't seem to be doing the same. For some easy, gentle exercises, read on.

Making Motherhood Look Easy - 24 Simple Tips!

We all know that being a mother is darn hard work. It's not about coffee, cake, strolling through shopping centres and giggling with girlfriends while letting the kids loose at playcentres. Or is it?! Check out these hilarious tips compiled by BellyBelly's Forum Moderating Team in order to help mothers out there to make motherhood look easy!

mummy sickie

Mammas: Why You Should Chuck a Mummy Sickie

I sent a message to my husband, 'I'm chucking a sickie tomorrow.' He replied sympathetically as to my bad day, to which I quickly replied, 'I'm deadly serious. I'm taking a sickie tomorrow.'

Menstrual cup

Menstrual Cup - Why A Menstrual Cup Is WAY Better Than Tampons

A menstrual cup is a small, reusable cup that collects menstrual flow instead of absorbing it. Great for your body and the environment.

Menstruation, Your Period and Ovulation After Baby

Menstruation (or your period) and ovulation after baby happens at a unique time for your own body. From blood loss after birth to your period and ovulation returning to normal, here's what you might expect from your body after birth.

Mood Changes After Birth: The Blues or Depression?

There are many myths or common misconceptions about motherhood that can add to the stressors faced by new mothers as well as new fathers. Not being aware of some of these myths and their influence can change the way a new mother approaches her new role, slowing down her adjustment to it. For some women this can be a powerful part of PND. Read more to find out if you could be experiencing a case of the blues or if it's possible you could have PND or something more serious.

mummy brain

Mummy Brain - Forgetting and Losing Everything After Baby?

Suffering from a case of the dreaded 'mummy brain'? Misplacing your keys every five minutes? Lost your mobile phone, AGAIN? Lost for words? Find out about mummy brain, what you can do to help and how to cope with mummy brain.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation - Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation allows you to consume the placenta in capsule form - eating raw placenta is not required! Find out why more women are opting for placenta encapsulation.

Post Natal Physiotherapy

The pelvic floor muscles are some of the most important muscles a woman has, yet because they are not visible, they are often neglected. Pregnancy and childbirth can weaken these muscles.

Postnatal Depression - Unrealistic Expectations and Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression affects around 1 in 7 Australian mothers. Because parenthood is a constant and demanding job, some women's experiences are not like the media images of two happy parents with a clean, cuddly, well-fed, sleeping baby. Find out more about postnatal depression and the importance of having realistic expectations.

Sex After Birth

Sex After Birth - Will Sex Feel The Same Again?

Sex after birth can be a worrying subject for some women. They may worry about their vagina being looser or wider after birth and wonder if sex will ever feel the same again - for them and their partner. We've interviewed real-life women to find out if they or their partner noticed a difference in sensation after giving birth. Find out who's having the multiple orgasms!

The Emotional Scars of Caesarean Birth

Birth by caesarean can have powerful psychological effects on women and their ability to adjust to motherhood. A woman's experience of her caesarean birth and her perceptions of the event, are influenced by multiple complex factors. Find out what they are in this article based on Australian as well as overseas research.

Things You May Lose When You Have a Baby

It may seem like a strange thing to say but there are many things you may lose when you start a new family. What could you possibly lose?

What About Me - and Where Have I Gone?

Somewhere between the third load of laundry for the day and scraping burnt bits from our dinner of fish fingers, I had disappeared without a trace. Gone was a vibrant, confident, sexy woman and in her place was this un-showered, sleep deprived, leaking, sagging mother who cried a lot.

What Does A Stay At Home Mum Do All Day?

What does a stay at home mum really do all day? Filmmaker Matt Bieler was inspired to show the world exactly that in his short film '3 Queens'. Check it out here!

What Does Your House Look Like?

What does your house look like, mum? Do you like to keep a display home, or are you more relaxed? An interesting thing to consider from BellyBelly psychologist, Daniel Chable.

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