5 Sibling Moments That Make Your Heart Swell

5 Sibling Moments That Make Your Heart Swell

Adding a new baby to your family is a big step.

You spend months deliberating whether it’s the right choice for your family.

Then your entire pregnancy worrying that your only child is going to feel neglected when the new baby arrives.

5 Sibling Moments That Make Your Heart Swell

You spend hours reading books about new babies to your child to prepare them for the transition.

When the baby arrives, you’ll have moments when you wonder whether you’ve done the right thing.

Balancing the needs of two children isn’t always easy, especially in the first few weeks when you’ll spend a lot of time stuck under a feeding baby.

As you get used to your new family set up, however, you will realise just how lucky your kids are to have each other.

Watching them fall in love with each other and seeing how their bond develops will fill your heart with pride.

It’s a relationship that will last them a lifetime and you’re doing important work building the foundations in the early months.

Here are ten sibling moments that will make your heart swell:

#1: The First Time They Meet

Nothing can prepare you for the first time your child sets eyes on the new baby. Make sure you have your camera ready, because you’ll want to remember that look of amazement for the rest of your life. After months of waiting, hours of preparation, weeks of worry, the new baby is finally here.

It’ll be an emotional moment as you carefully carry your newborn baby to meet their proud older sibling.

Expect a wide-eyed look of ‘wow’ as your first child meets the newest member of the family. And expect your first child to triple in size because, no matter how old they are, they will suddenly seem huge next to the teeny tiny new baby.

#2: Unprompted Kisses

You know the smell of newborns that makes you want to hug and kiss them all over? Well, it works on kids, too. Your eldest will be all over the new baby like a rash. This may be slightly terrifying if your eldest isn’t old enough to be gentle just yet.

Terrifying or not, the first time you catch your biggest giving unprompted kisses and cuddles to the new baby, you will know you made the right choice. Watching their bond develop is going to be one of the best parts of your motherhood journey and those first kisses are where it all starts.

#3: Soothing The Baby

There will be times when you leave your two kids alone in a room together. Perhaps you’ve dashed to answer the door, gone to put a load of washing on or gone for a luxury trip to pee alone.

Wherever you’ve gone, at some point, you will witness the sibling miracle that is your biggest caring for your littlest.

You’ll hear the cries start, that little froggy newborn cry, and you’ll rush back to the room only to find that your biggest is already taking care of it.

“Shush, little baby, I’m here, don’t cry.” Your heart will burst with pride as you find your oldest child gently rocking the baby’s chair or softly stroking her head.

#4: Baby Smiles

As soon as your new baby learns how to smile, you’ll be in no doubt as to who is her favourite. Sure, you and daddy will get some nice smiles, but the biggest grins will be showered upon big sister or brother.

After weeks of being manhandled, almost sat upon and kissed a lot, you’ll be relieved to see it’s a mutual sibling love. When they are reunited after a couple of hours apart, even if it’s only after nap time, your baby will give their older sibling huge smiles.

Best friends for life. You won’t even feel jealous, you’ll be too overjoyed at seeing your kids fall in love with one another, just as you’d hoped they would.

#5: Hearing Them Giggle

Once your baby learns to laugh, they won’t stop. Why would they? They’re lucky enough to have an enthusiastic and hilarious entertainer in the form of their older sibling.

Your house will be filled with squeals of delight, belly laughs and high-pitched giggles. And it won’t just be your baby laughing, your oldest child will be giggling too. There’s nothing more hilarious than a baby clambering all over you, tickling you and giving you kisses.

#6: When Your Biggest Kid Helps Out

Older siblings love being useful. You’ll be brought nappies, baby wipes and toys whenever you need them.

Your older child will love helping out and being a good older sibling and, added bonus, this will make your life loads easier.

Long gone are the days of having to rush around the house grabbing wipes while you try not to get poop on your clothes. Now you have a nappy change assistant at your beck and call.

#7: Showing Off The New Baby

If you thought you were proud, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Try taking your new baby to toddler group or to the nursery pick up and see how proud the older sibling is.

Your oldest child will invite everyone to come and see their new baby. They will repeat stories and show off to anyone who’ll listen about how clever the baby is. Complete strangers will be dragged over to meet your baby so they can admire what a fabulous older sibling your biggest kid is.

#8: Bathtime

Bathtime is always fun. It’s impossible not to love it. There are bubbles, toys and plenty of splashing. Now add in a second kid and watch the cuteness shoot up to a whole new level.

The gentle careful baths of the early days will soon be replaced by the splashtastic squealing excitement of baths with an older baby. Warning: you will get wet and your baby will eat a lot of bubbles, but it will be worth it.

#9: Baby Kisses

Once your baby is big enough to give kisses or, more accurately, hold their open soggy mouth to your face and dribble on you, things are going to get even cuter. Your baby will finally be able to repay all those kisses they received from their older sibling in the early days.

Huge slobbery kisses planted on biggest’s face while your firstborn screams with delight (and, maybe sometimes, disgust). Cuddles and kisses before bed will become one of your favourite times of the day.

#10: Baby Returning The Favour

Thanks to your first child’s loving and caring attitude towards their younger sibling, your baby will know exactly what to do when they’re old enough to dole out the love themselves.

When your firstborn is upset because she’s had a bad day at school or you cut her sandwiches into the wrong shape (you are a terrible mother), your little one will be on hand to give cuddles and kisses and pat them on the head.

Seeing the relationship work both ways is beautiful and will fill you with pride. Plus, it will help you forget the screaming and shouting when they argue over toys or accidentally hurt each other.

What are your favourite sibling moments?

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