Babies Laughing Hysterically – 6 Must See Adorable Videos

Babies Laughing Hysterically - 6 Must See Adorable Videos

Hysterically laughing babies can cure even the darkest of days.

It’s impossible to feel sad when faced with a giggling bundle of joy, especially when you’re the one making him laugh.

So, here are six adorable videos of laughing babies to brighten your day. Laughter is infectious, so prepare yourself for the inevitability that your day is about to get better.

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[Warning: May cause extreme broodiness and exploding ovaries].

#1: Super Happy Baby Girl Laughing

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Get ready to watch this adorable little girl giggling away at the funny noises her daddy is making. Contains adorable belly laughs from a beautiful baby.



#2: Quadruplet Babies Laughing

This wouldn’t be a list of laughing baby videos if it didn’t contain this viral sensation. If you haven’t seen it, prepare yourself for maximum cuteness as a set of quadruplet babies giggle hysterically in their mummy’s arms. If you have seen it before, you know exactly why you need to press play. This video is probably one of the cutest videos YouTube has to offer.



#3: Baby Laughing Hysterically At Ripping Paper

This video proves that you don’t need comedic timing or a clever wit to entertain your little one. You just need a piece of paper, and the ability to rip. Baby Micah laughs hysterically while his daddy rips up paper, this video is very cute.



#4: Baby Laughs So Hard He Cries

This beautiful baby gets the belly laughs from a funny noise, and simply can’t stop laughing. Watch him giggle on the bed as he tries to regain his composure, very cute.



#5: Baby Girl Laughing Hysterically At A Dog Eating Popcorn

There is nothing quite like the love of a baby and the family pet. The dog in this video has even managed to master the art of entertainment, providing a stand up comedy gig for his biggest fan. Grab yourself some popcorn, a dog and a baby, and sit back to learn from the master.



#6: Emerson – Mommy’s Nose Is Scary

This video has it all – anticipation, fear and laughter. Poor Emerson is absolutely petrified of the noise of his mother blowing her nose, but the fear leaves him giggling uncontrollably after every blow. Warning, you will watch this video on repeat for hours, so make sure you have a free afternoon before clicking play.


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