Could This One Trick Calm Your Baby Down?

Could This One Trick Calm Your Baby Down?

Hearing your baby cry is never easy.

It’s never nice to hear your baby suffering, and the sound can leave you feeling quite panicked as you desperately try to soothe your baby.

It can also be especially frustrating when nothing you try seems to be helping. A baby’s cry is designed to be disruptive and grab your attention, but it can drive you a little crazy if it’s grabbed your attention but nothing helps to soothe your baby.

In those frantic moments, you would probably hand over your life savings to know how to stop your baby crying. Fear not, because one pediatrician from California claims to have mastered a technique that can soothe any baby in moments, and he’s sharing it for free. Robert Hamilton from Santa Monica has 30 years of experience in caring for newborn babies, and he took to YouTube this week to share some of his wisdom.

The video clip has been viewed almost 10 million times since it was uploaded last Sunday. Clearly, there are a lot of sleep-deprived parents out there desperate for help when it comes to soothing those babies down, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

A Trick To Help Your Crying Baby

“The Hold”

Known simply as ‘the hold’, Hamilton’s technique is said to calm a child in seconds. The technique is suitable for babies up to the age of three months old, but is not safe for use with older babies. Dr Hamilton warns that the technique will not work with hungry or poorly babies.

The Hold: How To

#1: Hold your crying baby facing outwards. Then gently fold her right arm across her chest, and repeat with the left arm. This mimics swaddling and may be part of the reason why babies are soothed by the hold.

#2. Gently hold the baby’s arms in place with one of your hands. You may also need to use that hand to support the baby’s head.

#3: Lean the baby forward slightly and make sure she is properly supported before placing your other hand on her bum to support her weight.

#4: Keep the baby at a 45 degree angle to prevent your baby from falling backwards. Now gently rock your baby.

Since the technique went viral earlier this week, mamas across the world have been trying out the hold. The verdict? It works, but not every time. Definitely one to add to your parenting toolbox for the next time your baby seems to be unsettled. See the video below!

Have you tried The Hold yet? And if so, did it work? Let us know in the comments section below.

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