10 Great Things About Having A Baby Boy

10 Great Things About Having A Baby Boy

Some mothers-to-be want nothing more than a daughter to call their own.

But sons are just as wonderful, loving and sweet as little girls.

Baby boys are even more adorable than you can ever imagine!

So if you are expecting a little boy (or if you’re keeping it a surprise until the birth!), here are 10 great things about being mother to a gorgeous little boy – bearing in mind this is just for fun and not a deep and meaningful piece:

Great Things About Having A Baby Boy

#1: They Love Their Mamas

As his mother, you will be his favourite person in the world.

He will be loving, kind and affectionate towards you.

People often imagine girls to be the gentler of the sexes, but in fact boys can be ever so affectionate towards their mothers.

#2: They Are Robust

A quick scan at your local park will probably confirm that little boys are more robust.

A trip or fall is usually followed by dusting himself off, and continuing as if nothing happened.

You probably won’t be required to run over and fake-amputate his leg each time he grazes his knee.

#3: Boys Are Easier

Parents who have children of both sexes, often claim that the boys are easier to raise.

The reasons vary from less attitude problems to simply less complicated.

Though this is a generalisation, it is one of the arguments often put forward by experienced parents as to why boys are awesome.

#4: The Tiny Grandad Clothes

The tiny cardigans, cords and stripy shirts are adorable.

What could be better than taking your newborn baby and dressing him up like his grandad?

They even sell tiny sweater vests!

#5: You’ll Get To Play Rough

All kids love playing rough, but generally little boys love it a little more. You will find yourself wrestling, chasing and chucking around your son most afternoons. He will be a bundle of energy that you’ll run round after to make sure he’s expelled all of his energy before bedtime.

#6: He’ll Have A Soft Side

Little boys aren’t all mud, worms and wrestling. They’re also soft, sweet and sensitive. Your little boy might cry about little things, love princess stories and dress up as a witch. He will have a soft side that only you see, as he snuggles into bed with you each morning and tells you how much he loves you.

#7: You Get To Teach Him To Grow Up To Be A Good Man

As his mother, you can make sure he grows up to be a nice young man. You can raise the sort of man that women will never scoff “Men!” about. You can teach him to treat others with respect, to look after people and to consider the consequences of his actions.

#8: You Get To Buy A Peepee Teepee

If you had only daughters, you could travel through your whole life without ever finding out what a peepee teepee is.

With a son, however, you will very soon (probably straight after he first pees in your face during a nappy change) realise how valuable these tiny contraptions are.

#9: Friendships Are Less Complicated

Boys have different friendships to girls. With a son, you may not have to go through the complicated falling outs in the playground, the tears over feeling left out, and the nastiness that can occur. Little boys do fall out, but it tends to be a much less dramatic affair, and be over by the next game of football.

#10: He’ll Have A Secret World With Daddy

It will sometimes feel like they have their own language, as father and son chat about their shared interests. They may share an interest in sport, or both be passionate about computers, but at times it will feel like a secret world between them. And that’s fine, because it means you get to have a soak in the bath while they do it.

HIGHLY Recommended Reading: Raising Boys By Steve Biddulph (thank me later).

Also see our other lighthearted and fun article on great things about having a girl.

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Fiona Peacock is a writer, researcher and lover of all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood (apart from the lack of sleep). She is a home birth advocate, passionate about gentle parenting and is also really tired.


  1. I have one boy and one girl. They both have their difficulties but they are different. I wouldn’t trade either for the world.

  2. I have 2 boys… 24 and 29 and these things about boys are so true. I wouldn’t trade them for anything….. Because between the two of them they have given me 5 beautiful granddaughters!!! I love them all to the moon and back!!

    1. I can see that these richest of blessings are not wasted on you, Diana. I wish you all well and a long, proud life together.

  3. I have one of each and I can say that these are all true! Except for the pee pee tee pee, I just used a washcloth or laid a baby wipe on it. The worse part though is potty training and trying to keep them from touching themselves ALL THE TIME!

    1. Me too Dulce <3 Logan is almost here!!!! LillyAnna is a wonderful and proud sister to be. Their dad Nick is excited too

  4. Good to know this. I have two boys and my life is colourful more than ever.

    And yes, they already have secret world with daddy!

  5. I can’t wait for my second baby boy to he born. My first was and is the easiest not too moody and sweet at heart ❤

  6. So very true i wouldnt trade my 4 month old for nothing in this world, God knew what he was doing when he gave me a boy.

  7. I have two boys & two girls. Girls tend to be easier when they are younger. Boys are easier as they get older. They are all blessings!!!

  8. Before I had my son I always felt as if I could never love a little boy. I only dreamed of bows and frilly dresses. I was honestly devastated when the sonogram revealed I was having a boy, but from the moment I saw him I couldn’t imagine having a girl. He was perfect and my heart was instantly his. This article summarize our life perfectly, and I love every minute of it!

    1. I felt the exact same way, but didnt help that my first 2 ultrasounds before the gender reveal I was told that my baby was showing all the signs of being a girl.
      Now my little BOY is 21 months & wouldn’t change him for the world!

    2. I am pregnant of my first child and I feel the same: I can never love a boy.
      Have bought baby girl clothes for the last 10 years, have stabilized my life and everything was turning around that moment to arrive when I would have my baby girl (Elena) with me. Few days ago I found out I am having a boy. My world collapsed. I am totally devastated. I think I will have an abortion. I just want to have one child in life, and it have to be a girl. So sad.

      1. Please! any child is a gift from God. I don’t believe in abortions unless totally necessary. And this is not a good enough reason. I always wanted my first born to be a boy, however I was told I would have a girl 3 years ago. Once Ava was born, I was so happy to nurture a helpless baby, the gender didn’t matter. I have bonded with her & I’m proud of the little girl she’s turned out to be… Even if you collected baby girls clothing for the past 10 years you can collect little boys clothing for the next ten- your mindset is not a reason to abort. God knows how many couples are not fortunate enough to conceive!

  9. My first boy will be 11 in a couple of months. He’s an awesome kid and I’m blessed to be his mother. Expecting my second boy about the same time too. I’m so excited, I can’t wait!!!

  10. This is so true,unfortunately my boys won’t ever truly understand number 10 and I was so scared about bring up a boy on my own but god I am so glad I’ve been given the chance again love my 2 boys Charlie 10 and Ruben 4mths xxx

  11. Pregnant with my first, and its a boy I always wanted a boy I guess cause of my rugged and strong personality. I can’t wait to see how me and my baby boy bond .

  12. So true! I was sceptical at first as I’ve always wanted a girl but now I have a 10 week baby boy and he is amazing. He only cries when he really wants something, he’s so easy to look after, I’m truly lucky. I hope to give him a little sister in a few years 🙂 x

  13. This is really a depressing article. Is like all the issues I have about having a boy being put as ”the good part of it”, I can’t even imagine what’s the bad part then. I am pregnant of my first child and through I have ever dreamed since childhood with a baby girl, I just found out this week (at 12 weeks) that i am having a boy. I am trying to find ANY good reason to keep this child but I didn’t find ONE single reason that shows me why is good to have a boy. I really want to be a mother and i am prepared for it, but for a girl. Just a beautiful, sensitive, feminine and sweet girl. I’ll call the clinic, no boys for me.

  14. I agree with “Unimpressed”!

    Whoever wrote this article is ignorant and needs to get with the times!

    Whether you have a Baby Boy or Baby Girl, they are your child and such a miracle!

  15. This is a horribly sexist article. We need to stop raising our children to fit into these gender boxes. Girls can be tough, rowdy, “robust” etc. Boys can be sensitive, moody, have complicated relationships etc. Most of what we see is a direct reflection of how we and society teach a child to be based on their gender. It’s time to start having bigger conversations around gender, sexism, and the importance of raising a child without such constraints. If you are curious to learn more, a good place to start is the documentary “The Mask We Live In”

  16. This is a lovely post, but as a football fan who works in IT its a shame it’s assumed in #10 I’d want to go and soak in the tub when my son wishes to discuss these things with his daddy. Not that I’d want to encroach on their valuable bonding time of course! I can’t wait to meet our little boy.

  17. My favorite girl is currently 13 weeks pregnant with twins, just got the results from a couple blood tests and they said the results are completely normal(thank you God, that’s all I care about really) and at least one is a boy.. They can’t tell both individually.. We already have two boys, both from her past marriage so they are my step sons. She’s a little disheartened that she’s at least having one more boy.. I on the other hand am extremely excited. It’s my first child, well children.. I hope for her sake, the other is a girl.. Too early to tell though.. Just the idea of having a son of my own is amazing. It fills me with pride and a real sense of hope. All the comments on here are great. Really glad I found this forum. Just wanted to share my own story. Good luck and God bless you all. Thanks for reading.

  18. I have 2 girls and wouldn’t change it for the world
    But i get the best of both worlds i have 5 nephews who are like my sons

  19. I didn’t realise being Mum rather than Dad precluded me from enjoying sports or computers with my son. The article seemed unnecessary at best – of course having a boy is a blessing. Of course they are loving and sweet. Equally, girls can be resilient, rough-and-tumble and uncomplicated. A pee pee teepee appears to be nothing more than a baby goods gag gift. Then there’s point 10. I’m an IT professional who met my baby’s rather through a mutual sports interest. We will continue to share this as a family rather than me resigning it to a boy’s activity.

    Can someone remind me what year it is?

  20. What a shame that such a stereotypical article has been written in our times when women are fighting not to be bucketed. Sad indeed and very disappointing.

    1. I agree with this comment. ‘More robust’??? Does this whole thread of women, who are all about to try and push a baby out of their bodies, still actually believe men are more robust? Less complicated relationships? Why don’t we also add ‘more likely to suffer with depression’ to the list seen as that’s what bottling up feelings can ultimately lead to. Or ‘more likely to be a aggressive’ because judging by this ‘boys will be boys’ attitude we will STILL have a load of problems on our hands 20 years from now.

  21. I’m on my 9th month with my first little boy. And I just can’t wait to have him. Mom and Dad loves you Bb!

  22. I can’t wait to meet my sweet angel! Having a little boy running around the house will be so cute and I’m super excited 🙂 He better love his momma as much as everyone says 😉 lol

  23. This actually made me more depressed about having another boy. My son isn’t like this at all. He’s a daddy’s boy, and can be very dramatic. The clothes are a complete bore as well. Girls are just as robust as boys, it just depends on how you raise them. Nothing about boys is “easier” that just seems to be a wild assumption made by people that don’t have any.

  24. Thank you for this!! I wanted another girl but am really thinking it’s a boy. This offers me great perspective. 🙂

  25. I have three boys and all these things are true about them. My fourth is on its way but not yet checked sex. Wish will get an angel to mix with them. Picky lady I guess.

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