Photo Series Celebrates The Strength Of Premature Babies

Photo Series Celebrates The Strength Of Premature Babies

If you have ever come into contact with a premature baby, you’ll know just how strong they are.

Those tiny little babies, born too soon, are nothing short of amazing.

One photographer decided to celebrate the strength of premature babies by focusing on how far his subjects had come since their days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Red Méthot, a father to two children who were born premature, created the photo series to provide inspiration and hope to parents with babies currently in the NICU.

Premature babies often face an uphill struggle before being discharged from hospital. It is an incredibly stressful, emotional and worrying time for parents with babies in the NICU, and it is hoped this photo series will provide comfort to those who need it.

Premature Babies, Now All Grown Up

The inspiring series, “Las Prémas”, is made up on images of once premature babies, now all grown up. The participants ranged in age from toddlers to young adults, and offer an insight into what the future may hold for some babies currently in the NICU. In each picture, the subject is holding a framed black and white photograph of themselves as a baby. These moving images, often featuring breathing tubes and wires, contrast with the strong, healthy individuals holding up the frames.

Méthot was inspired to start the photo series after his own children were born premature. His two children were the first models in the photo series. After that, he reached out to friends and family who had also welcomed premature babies into their family. Eventually, the Canadian photographer took to social media to invite others to get involved in the project. As you can see from the collection, he didn’t have any trouble finding willing participants.

The photography series is exactly what it was intended to be, an inspiring nugget of hope to those caring for premature babies. The images provide a glimpse into what the future may hold, and may go some way to providing positive stories for parents of premature babies who are still fighting hard. Parents of premature babies know only too well what a vulnerable time this is and some, like Méthot, are trying to find a way to reach out and support others on the same journey.

Photo Series Celebrates The Strength Of Premature Babies

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  1. I had a baby in 1982 who weighed 910 grams at 26 weeks. She is 33 years old now and is amazing but I didn’t get the help or feedback that is available today.

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