The Reality Of Christmas With A Baby

The Reality Of Christmas With A Baby

Christmas With A Baby

If you’re currently preparing for your first Christmas as a family, you’re probably pretty excited about what surprises the festive season will hold for you.

This will be your baby’s first experience of Christmas, and while she may not have much awareness of what’s really going on just yet, it’s a nice time for you to start your family Christmas traditions.

You’re probably imagining a nice peaceful Christmas complete with mulled wine, sparkly decorations and plenty of Christmas story books.

In reality, however, Christmas with a mobile baby may be a little higher maintenance than that. You may not be dealing with an overhyped toddler just yet, but Christmas with a baby can be just as demanding.

Christmas With A Baby In The House

Mama and vlogger Esther Anderson from Story Of This Life has created a short video that captures exactly what Christmas is like when you have a baby in the house. The three-minute video has been viewed over a million times.

The adorable video starts with a baby crawling across the shot, dragging a wire of fairy lights behind her.

As the sweet baby removes bauble after bauble from the beautifully decorated tree, we soon see the mama moving all of the baubles. No matter how perfectly you first decorate your tree, by the end of Christmas it is pretty much guaranteed that every single bauble will be hung from the very top branches. There’s only so many times you can politely ask your baby not to remove the baubles before you take matters into your own hands.

For those of you considering holiday cards this year, there’s a pretty accurate segment showing the difficulties of trying to get a nice photo of the whole family. While your baby may want for very little, that won’t stop friends and family members going gift crazy this year. The gifts will probably spill out from under the tree and cascade all over your living room floor.

Christmas Eve will be like any other night, so don’t expect your baby to miraculously sleep through the night just because Santa will be making an appearance. In the video we see Esther stumbling around the house in the middle of night to soothe her baby back to sleep. Thanks to the lack of sleep, you might find it difficult to get up in the morning.

The mobile baby in the video decides to start Christmas by herself. By the time her parents wake up, a lot of the presents have already been unwrapped. The video ends just like any other Christmas Day, with the parents trying to interest the baby in her new toys. The baby, of course, is way more interested in the cardboard boxes they came in.

See the video below!

What do you have planned for your baby’s first Christmas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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