Wonder Week 12: The World of Smooth Transitions (Leap 3)

Wonder Week 12: The World of Smooth Transitions (Leap 3)

Wonder Week 12 yet another important milestone for your baby.

About twelve weeks after his due date, your baby will see a whole new world.

Leap 3 introduces your baby’s brain to the World of Smooth Transitions.

The fussy period associated with this Leap is relatively short, lasting only about a week.

You might notice an increase in the “Three Cs” – Clinginess, Crankiness, and Crying.

These are your baby’s responses to big changes, and they happen around each Wonder Week.

What Your Baby Needs During Wonder Week 12

Whenever your baby is learning new skills, he needs the security of his mother’s arms to reassure him she is still there amidst all the changes. In the lead up to Leap 3, your baby may sleep less, wake more easily and settle best when you hold him or

In the lead up to Leap 3, your baby may sleep less, wake more easily and settle best when you hold him or use a baby carrier.

He will fuel the rapid brain development with more breastfeeds and will also seek comfort at the breast: around 10 weeks or 11 weeks, there is a significant increase in babies’ head circumference, a sign of the increased mental development about to occur.

What Your Baby Is Learning During Wonder Week 12

The jerky, reflexive movements of the newborn are disappearing.

While your baby cannot yet control the finer movements of his limbs, he is beginning to make broad movements of his arms. The movements of his legs are less spasmodic.

He can turn his head from side to side, with his eyes and ears tracking sound and movement.

Your baby is developing awareness of what he sees before you feed him and may begin to show excitement or frustration as you position him near your breast or move his bottle into view.

He begins to wave his arms around when lying under his mobile, knowing that he might be able to make contact with toys within his vision.

What You Can Do To Help Your Baby Get Through Wonder Week 12

As your baby transitions from the Fourth Trimester, you can help him explore the new world he finds around him.

Until now, life has really been about feeding and sleeping, with keeping him clean and dry the main priority in between.

At 12 weeks, your baby will show more interest in simple play and you can introduce toys with simple sounds and bright colours to engage that interest.

Reading him simple stories with rhyming or rhythmic words and singing gentle songs will capture his attention and he will respond to the changing tone of your voice.

Floor time is increasingly important as your baby moves towards the first milestones of mobility. Tummy time will encourage the lifting of the head and you will see this skill strengthening with repetition.

Time on his tummy will also encourage movements towards rolling from tummy to back – typically occurring between 2 and 5 months.

After The Leap

Your baby will seem more mature after Leap 3. You will soon hear his first laugh if you haven’t already. His brain is now able to make connections between simple things and show his approval – or disapproval!

He will finally begin to interact with family and friends and reward them with his grin. Three months is a relatively settled period, although it is the calm before the storm.

Your baby is now ready to prepare for a significant period of mental growth and development. The Four Month Monsters are not far away, so be prepared!

Leap 4 at Week 17 will begin with a fussy stage from around Week 15 and it will be several weeks until you all adjust.

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Yvette O'Dowd has been a breastfeeding counsellor and educator since 1992. She has three adult children and a two year old granddaughter - the best sort of bonus baby! Yvette runs a popular natural parenting network, is a babywearing educator, and runs antenatal breastfeeding classes for parents expecting twins and more! She is a keen photographer and scrap-booker and a keeper of a fairy garden.


  1. I would say it depends your baby’s comfort and safety. If either of those are at risk, move him to his crib. If baby is comfy and safe, wheel him right into where you are and let sleeping babies lay!

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