10 Push Presents You Really Want (But Probably Won’t Get)

10 Push Presents You Really Want (But Probably Won't Get)

Push presents are often labelled as a relatively new phenomenon.

But in fact women have been receiving gifts to commemorate the birth of their children for years.

In the past, it was traditional to give a new mother a ring to celebrate a birth.

The only difference is nowadays, rather than the gifts being about the arrival of the new baby, they are seen more as a way of celebrating the mother’s achievement in growing and birthing a new baby.

And if there’s anything women do that deserves to be celebrated, it’s spending nine long months of baby-growing, followed by childbirth.

Some people feel ‘push presents’ are tacky. You might agree the name leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth, but there’s nothing wrong with the idea of honouring the work that goes into creating a new life.

10 Push Presents You Really Want (But Probably Won’t Get)

Pregnancy is nine long months of throwing up, sleepless nights and varicose veins.

Childbirth – even for those who end up having the perfect birth – is exhausting and overwhelming.

And for those who don’t have exactly the birth they were hoping for, there might be an extensive recovery time and lots of emotions to deal with.

A new mother is almost always exhausted from the start.

Her first day on the job comes at a time when she really needs to rest. She selflessly ignores her own needs and focuses on those of her new baby. She battles sleepless nights, sore nipples and postpartum recovery.

Ok, she shouldn’t expect a present for that, and yes, it’s true the baby is a gift.

Even so, there’s nothing wrong with treating your partner to a nice present to acknowledge the importance of everything she has been through. It doesn’t have to be huge or expensive, it can be a simple token of appreciation.

But, seeing we’re dreaming of push presents, let’s imagine budget is no problem.

Here’s what she really wants:

#1: Very Expensive Nightwear

Normally, spending a lot of money on nightwear feels ludicrous because, after all, you just sleep in it. But when you have a new baby, there is no sleep, so this is the perfect time to invest your life savings in a luxurious silky dressing gown.

Finally, you will have the chance to get your money’s worth out of your pyjamas. And do make sure they’re dry clean only, because they will need regular washing, thanks to all the baby vomit, snot and poop flying around.

#2: Personalised Jewellery

Jewellery always goes down well, doesn’t it? Push presents make it into the newspaper every time a celebrity has a baby. She celebrates by wandering around with a diamond the size of France hanging off her body.

Ok, so Kim Kardashian’s diamond choker might be out of reach for most women, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip jewellery.

Some women are given a ring to match their engagement and wedding rings. Others are given engagement rings in a sweet and perfectly-timed proposal.

Others are given jewellery personalised just for them, with copies of the baby’s hand or fingerprint, or the birthstone that represents the month of the birth.

#3: Something To Help Capture The Memories

That brand new teeny tiny newborn will be running around and talking before you know it.

You need to make sure you photograph every perfect inch of him – now, before he’s 15 and asks you to stop ‘papping’ him.

If you’re to take the absolutely best snaps possible, you’ll need: a) the world’s most beautiful baby (tick), and b) a money-load of crazily expensive technology.

Whether that means a new phone with plenty of storage, a laptop for editing, a fancypants camera, or a top of the range lighting rig, it doesn’t matter. You aren’t going to get it – but you can dream.

#4: Matching Sleep Trackers

Why would you want a sleep tracker when you’re about to embark on a time of life famously coupled with sleep deprivation? It sounds crazy, but in fact it’s wise.

Unless you want to spend the next three years of your life arguing about who had the worst night’s sleep, get matching sleep trackers now. It will save you hours of wasted time spent arguing over who was woken up the most, and who had the most difficulty getting back to sleep.

In some ways, it doesn’t matter who gets the least sleep (it will be you); you’ll both be feeling rubbish, because the lack of sleep affects your health. At least by knowing how much sleep you haven’t had, you might be a little kinder to each other and, just as importantly, to yourselves.

#5: An Eye-Wateringly Expensive Designer Bag

In a last ditch attempt to save your identity as you become a mother, you could be forgiven for pinning all of your hopes on a handbag.

A word of warning: it will be full of nappies, baby wipes and nappy rash cream – just like all the other bags at baby group. That doesn’t mean you have to opt for a standard nappy bag.

You definitely don’t have to go for something with the words ‘Yummy Mummy’ embroidered across the front.

Go ahead and have whatever bag you like. Choose something pretty that makes you feel happy. Oh, what the heck! Go for something crazy-expensive, we’re only wishing.

#6: A Family Photoshoot

Probably best not to organise this as an immediate push present. Nobody wants a photographer’s flash going off when she’s on the maternity ward, legs akimbo, having her postpartum check.

Family photoshoots can cost a lot, but the photos are usually pretty special. You’ll have some gorgeous images of you as a new family, to treasure forever.

#7: A Trip Away

Again, this probably isn’t something you can do right away, but an IOU for a night away somewhere special will give you something to look forward to.

You could take a little trip somewhere cosy, as a new family. Perhaps you’d prefer to save it until you’re ready to use a babysitter, and you can have some couple time, to reconnect.

Whether you choose to make memories as a family or spend a little time with just your partner, a change of scenery will do you all the world of good.

#8: A Cleaner

Is there a better gift? No. With a new baby in the house, you and your partner aren’t going to have a lot of time to spend keeping the house tidy. And, when you do have more time, you’ll probably rather spend it catching up on sleep, or bonding with your new baby.

It would be great to have a cleaner come in for a couple of hours a week, to take care of the thankless tasks of mopping, cleaning toilets, and wiping down surfaces. It would free up more time for you and your partner to spend doing the things you want.

#9: A TV Subscription

Looking after a baby is hard work, but it can also be pretty boring at times. You’ll spend hours trapped under a sleeping baby on the sofa. Breastfeeding is pretty much a full time job and, although you can do it on the go, it’s much nicer just to sit down and relax for a while.

A TV subscription means you can binge on a new series while your baby sleeps on your chest. The days of DVD box sets, and having to change the disc every few episodes are long gone. Now you can do it all without having to get up. Just perfect for a new mama.

#10: Vouchers To Eat Out

Newborn babies are so portable. Make the most of it now, before you have a toddler who won’t sit still, throws all his food on the floor, and is liable to throw tantrums in public places. Scoop up that peaceful newborn and head out to your favourite cafe. Meet up with other mums for a slice of cake and a hot drink.

You’ll spend a fortune on these trips out during your baby’s first year, so vouchers are the perfect gift. You won’t have to worry about your budget before you make plans with other mamas. It gives you an easy option for the days you just need to get out of the house for a while.

What would your dream push present be?

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