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6 Things I Need You To Do When I Talk About My Difficult Birth

Talking about a difficult birth can be very traumatic and frightening. Here are 6 things you can do when someone you know talks about her difficult birth. Read More

Call To Ban Forceps – Should Forceps Be Banned During Labour?

A recent call to ban the use of forceps during labour has sparked debate as to whether these instruments are life saving, or tools of injury.  Read More

12 Ways To Avoid Having A C-Section For Your First Birth

Many first time mamas mightn’t be aware there are many ways to avoid having a c-section. Here are 12 ways to avoid a primary c-section. Read More

5 Attitudes To Pain In Labour – And How They Predict The Outcome Of Birth

Curious to know how your birth will be? Rhea Dempsey has formulated a chart about attitudes to pain that many doctors and midwives agree is highly accurate. Read More

Double Hip Squeeze – What Is It And How Is It Used?

Most pregnant women want to know how to get through contraction pain. Here’s a secret tip from midwives and doulas – the double hip squeeze. Read More

Children At The Birth – 10 Things You Need To Consider

Do you want your older children at the birth of your new baby? There are reasons for and against the idea. Here are 10 things to think about. Read More

Birth Debriefing – What Is It?

We've heard of the benefits of birth planning but what about birth debriefing? What is it, and how can it help women to understand their birth experiences? Read More

How Much Does It Cost To Give Birth In Australia?

Giving birth in Australia and wondering what the costs will be? BellyBelly looks at the costs of the three main options for maternity care in Australia. Read More

UK Hospitals Banning C-Sections

Should women be entitled to choose an elective c-section, despite the known risks to mothers and babies? One hospital trust in the UK says no. Read More

Woman Gives Birth To Giant Baby Naturally And Without Pain Medication

A Russian mother has given birth to a giant baby, without pain relief. Can women give birth to big babies without needing medical assistance? Read More

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