Breastfeeding isn’t always easy – or best. Read about the benefits of breastfeeding, as well as plenty of advice, tips and information.

Lactation After Loss – Dealing With A Breastmilk Supply

Lactation after loss is rarely discussed after you’ve had a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Here is some advice and support for lactation after a loss. Read More

Libido and Breastfeeding – Where Did My Sex Drive Go?

Has your libido has run for the hills? No matter how high your libido was before giving birth, hormones from breastfeeding can result in low libido. Read More

How To Increase Milk Supply – Fast! 9 Best Things You Can Do

Stressing about low milk supply? Here are 9 effective tips that explain how to increase milk supply - fast. Simple tips to help you produce more milk. Read More

Lactation Cookies – 90% Of Our Fans Say This Recipe Works!

Lactation cookies recipe that works FAST and tastes great! 90% of our members say BellyBelly's lactation cookies increased their breastmilk supply. Read More

Your Grandchild Is Breastfed? There’s Bad News and Good News

So you’re a grandparent, and your grandchild is a breastfed bub. What does that mean for you? Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news…. Read More

Planning to Breastfeed? Prepare to Succeed

The majority of pregnant women plan to breastfeed their babies, but as we know, sadly breastfeeding rates drop off very quickly due to a variety of reasons. If you’re planning to brestfeed, prepare to succeed with this helpful article by Sherylee Tutt. Read More

Not Enough Milk? Concerned About Your Milk Supply?

Do you have enough milk for your baby? One of the most common reasons a mother weans her baby before she might want to is that she is worried that she doesn’t have enough milk. Read More

Breastfeeding FAQ’s

New to breastfeeding? Need a quick refresh? Here are some FAQ’s that you might find helpful when starting out breastfeeding your baby. Read More

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