Tattoos Are Latest Breastfeeding Keepsake – Would You Get One?

Tattoos Are Latest Breastfeeding Keepsake - Would You Get One?

Breastfeeding may be natural, but that doesn’t necessarily means it comes naturally to every woman.

In fact, most women find that there are many hurdles on the road to establishing breastfeeding. Whether that’s unsupportive friends and family members, sore nipples or mastitis, most breastfeeding mamas have had to overcome breastfeeding obstacles.

Breastfeeding may be tough at times, but it’s also a great source of pride for many women.

After all, it makes you feel pretty amazing when you see your baby piling on the pounds week after week thanks to your amazing breastmilk. Those chubby thighs will make your heart fit to burst. You made those rolls, go mama!

Many mamas credit breastfeeding for the strong bond they share with their child. All of those night-feeds, those long hours spent cluster feeding on the sofa, and the impromptu feeds in weird and wonderful places as you go about your daily business help you to bond with your baby.

For breastfeeding mothers, breastfeeding is an intrinsic part of being a mother. It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without breastfeeding because it becomes a part of your daily (and nightly) routine. It’s your go-to. Whenever your baby seems unhappy, you simply whip out a boob and more than likely the tears will stop.

It’s an amazing thing. And for women who have had to work especially hard to establish breastfeeding in the first place or for those who loved every minute of breastfeeding, the end of breastfeeding can be an emotional time.

Many women choose to honour their breastfeeding experience with a keepsake. This can be a nice way to remember breastfeeding and can also serve as a reminder of the strength and confidence you have as a mother.

Some women choose to have keepsakes jewellry made from their breastmilk. These beautiful designs only need a tiny amount of breastmilk which is then used to create a pendant or charm for a ring, necklace or bracelet.

Others choose to have professional photographs taken of them breastfeeding their child. These photographs then serve as a reminder of that special relationship during those early days of motherhood.

The latest craze when it comes to breastfeeding keepsakes is tattoos. Some women are now choosing to celebrate their breastfeeding journey by getting a tattoo.

Breastfeeding tattoos come in all different designs but usually show a mother feeding her baby. Some women opt for simple line drawings while others go for more detailed portraits of themselves and their baby.

If it’s visible to the public, the tattoo can also go some way towards normalising breastfeeding and may even help encourage new mums to stick at breastfeeding a little longer. Breastfeeding support is vital and a breastfeeding tattoo shows that you can be part of a person’s support network because you’ve been there, done that.

Would you consider getting a breastfeeding tattoo?

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