Child’s Skull With Teeth – Creepy But Fascinating Images!

Child's Skull With Teeth - Creepy But Fascinating Images!

While these images are something that you might expect in a horror movie, they are actually quite fascinating too! They don’t call them ‘eye teeth’ for nothing, hey?!

Below are images of the a child’s skull with teeth at the ages of 2 years, 5 years and 8 years. They are not photoshopped; they are actual images from a project by Tom Lakars and John Wheeler at the University of Illinois in Chicago College of Dentistry in 1972.

While these are skulls from children who are 2 years and older, it certainly makes you want to hug your teething babies that little bit tighter, and feel a bit more sympathetic to their teething plight! Some say that teething shouldn’t hurt – but I beg to differ! Especially for little babies, teeth are paving the way through a baby’s gum for the first time. Tooth buds form in a baby’s gum in the womb, so they are still hidden away like in this picture. For more information on easing your baby’s teething you can read our article here.

2 Year Skull With Teeth:

2 Year Old Skull With Teeth

5 Year Skull With Teeth:

5 Year Old Skull With Teeth

8 Year Skull With Teeth:

8 Year Old With Teeth

You can also find this child’s skull with teeth from the Hunterian Museum in London

Child's Skull London

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