7 Signs Your Child Might Be Academically Gifted

7 Signs Your Child Might Be Academically Gifted

First of all, BellyBelly believes that all children have a gift to share with the world and academic gifts are just one of the many, and certainly not the most important. This article is for those parents that are curious about the academic.

When you brought that perfect little bundle of joy home from the hospital, you just KNEW you had something special in your arms. A genius? A child prodigy? The next Mickey Mantle? As he grew into his own little person, it didn’t really matter how smart or talented he was, because he was perfect, to you, in every way. But what if you were right? What if there IS something special about your child? Here are 5 signs that your child might be gifted:

SIgns Of A Gifted Child #1: Writes And Reads Early

Most kids will dabble in reading or writing before they go to school. The more parents work with kids, the better chance of them reading or writing at an early age. But some kids just seem to “get it”. They pick up on letters and word patterns, begin writing out actual letters rather than scribbles and they exhibit the early signs of reading such as holding the book correctly, reading from left to right across the page and using pictures to help them understand what the story is about. These kids are showing signs of high intelligence and should be encouraged to read and write often.

SIgns Of A Gifted Child #2: Has A Wide Spectrum Of Interests And Excels In All Of Them

Gifted children are curious and interested in many things. They may be completely obsessed with space one month, but then begin memorising statistics from their favourite sport the next. It’s not unusual for a gifted child to maintain several interests at once and do exceptionally well in all of them. The gifted child loves to learn and will soak in new information with a passion.

SIgns Of A Gifted Child #3: Has What Appears To Be A Photographic Memory

The gifted child absorbs and retains information that most people don’t. It’s not unusual for her to visit a museum and then return home and draw a complete diagram of something she saw there. It is also not uncommon for a gifted child to do very well in school from an early age, because she is able to memorise concepts very easily and won’t struggle with things like spelling, math, etc.

SIgns Of A Gifted Child #4: Is Extremely Musically Or Artistically Talented

Kids who show unusual talent in music or art are typically highly intelligent. You might notice early on that your child has perfect pitch, seems to be able to play music from memory or can draw or paint much better than other children his age. Gifted children usually show an interest in art or music that other kids don’t have, such as looking at art books or listening to classical music.

SIgns Of A Gifted Child #5: Has A Keen Eye For Details That Most Kids Miss

Gifted children pay attention to details. They notice things that other children their age do not. For example, he may ask a lot of questions after seeing a presentation or magic show, wanting to know exactly how things work. Generally, he knows all of the answers already, but he is highly curious and eager to discuss new things. He might remember details about where items are, how to get to a certain location or the steps to complete a difficult task with ease. Where most children tend to forget one thing and move on to the next, the gifted child will continue to talk about those things that caught his interest and want to know all that he can about it.

SIgns Of A Gifted Child #6: Is Highly Critical Of Themselves

The child who is gifted may have very high expectations for himself in all areas. He is a perfectionist. Where most kids tend to be more concerned with what others are doing, the gifted child is focused on his own actions and performance. He will generally not turn in assignments until they have been done and redone, and he will be overly critical his musical talent or athletic ability.

SIgns Of A Gifted Child #7: Understands Concepts Easily

Children who are gifted have the ability to understand complex concepts at an early age. They can think about problems in depth and come up with solutions. They can make connections between literature and real life at an early age, and they tend to use common sense more than the average child would.

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  1. I appreciate this article on many levels. I will soon be a stay at home mom with one kindergartener and an infant.
    I see my daughter, the kindergartener, is talented and smart, but using these ideas I’ll keep an eye on her but can’t guess what her future holds.
    I look forward to volunteering in the schools and watching children progress and evolve.

  2. My son is only 2 and a half. I definitely see these signs already. His memory is impeccable (it runs in my family, my grandfather and I have the same trait) He grasps concepts very quickly. I have seen other kids his age and he is definitely advanced. Most people think he is 5 or 6. I guess what I am saying is, I just don’t want to waste his mind. We live in a smaller town and I am not of money by any means. What can I do to drive him further? I do as much as I can at home, but I see he needs more. If anyone out there has advice, please help.

  3. My son is 9 and in grade 5. I have noticed most of the signs discussed above and i am always wondering how he can be assisted to become what he wishes in life. Recently he told me that he wanted to be famous before he turns 12 and am wondering what he is up to. I checked on his laptop and found that he is writing a book which he said he wanted published before he turns 12. The book contains subjects like using computer applications, mathematics etc. How can I help my child become what is wishes most in life.

  4. Then there is also the challenging child who is gifted and talented with learning disabilities. Often the child who is bored/in trouble at school. The one that once the key is found to their style of learning they achieve and provide amazing things. Just need to hope it is found before they are destroyed by the system.

    1. I’m interested in the comment ‘bored & in trouble’ above. In my experience this is true more often than not.
      I have an 8 year old granddaughter who her present teacher describes as delightful but on occasions ‘difficult to manage’ in the classroom. However she is incredibly bright, picjs up new things very quickly, has an amazing memory and just tells me that she is bored when I ask her how she is getting on in school! She is articulate, a fluent reader of any text and can challenge most adults with her incessent questioning! She loves music, has a beautiful voice (described by a retired college lecturer in music as the purest she has ever heard) & has sung in a church choir since she was 6 years old! She achieves above average scores in tests so on an academic front does not struggle yet she still seems to be overly critical of herself. This leads me to wonder if she is indeed gifted and/or talented? Does anyone have similar experiences and /or advice please.

  5. My youngest son is 9 years old and he is gifted. He is in the 4th grade and has just been moved to the 6th grade for mathematics. He completed the year 6 level Naplan Test in Australia and smashed the scores topping in the highest percentile for the entire test. My son displays every characteristic that is stated here and more.

    I will give some advice to parents. DO NOT push your child. If they love it, they will learn it. Pushing makes them resent the topics, treat your gifted child as you would wish to be treated and respect that they will sometimes fail.

    My son used to beat himself up emotionally a lot when he lost at games and such…To teach my son that failure is okay, I put him in after school sports so he could experience loss. He now does not show anger when he loses but acknowledges that there is always next time and shakes hands of his team mates.

    These are just some things that worked for us, good luck to you and your gifted child xx

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