Embryo Transfer – Doing This Can Increase Your Success Rate!

Embryo Transfer - Doing This Can Increase Your Success Rate!

Sex! Yes you read that right… having sex around the time of embryo transfer actually increases the likelihood of successful early embryo implantation and development.

Regular sex is so important for fertility patients, on many levels. Sometimes the obvious eludes some people though!

A common situation we see quite regularly at my fertility clinic is couples undergoing Assisted Reproduction (ART) who are abstaining from sex, fearing it will affect their chances of conceiving. Actually, the opposite is true.

By not having sex during ART cycles (IUI, IVF etc.), you are affecting your chances of conception.

Let me ask you a question: “If you were trying naturally, would you stop having sex out of fear that conception has taken place?”

My bet your answer would be no. So why would you stop having sex around an ART cycle?

Let’s look at the facts here: implantation takes place in the uterus, not the vagina. No man is that well endowed to be able to penetrate the cervix!

The next question I want to ask you is: “What does an embryo feed off and need to successfully implant?”

The answer is blood! Think of a tick borrowing into skin to feed off its host.

How do you get blood flow into the uterine lining?

Easy – sex and orgasm stimulate blood flow to the lining, in order to assist with implantation and to prepare the lining for implantation! I am always telling my patients about sex and orgasm assisting implantation, and there is so much medical research to back this up. For more information, see BellyBelly’s article Can A Woman’s Orgasm Increase Chances Of Pregnancy?

Nature has given us all the tools for healthy conception to take place, and yet many of us just aren’t using them.

This study shows that sperm are also beneficial in assisting implantation and exposure to semen around the time of embryo transfer increases the likelihood of successful early embryo implantation and development. The study stated:

“There was no significant difference between the intercourse and abstain groups in relation to the pregnancy rate (23.6 and 21.2% respectively), but the proportion of transferred embryos that were viable at 6″8 weeks was significantly higher in women exposed to semen compared to those who abstained (11.01 versus 7.69 viable embryos per 100 transferred embryos). Hence exposure to semen around the time of embryo transfer increases the likelihood of successful early embryo implantation and development.”

Don’t forget that regular sex during this time not only helps assist implantation, but it also helps with the bonding process and physical connection process during this stressful time. Many couples have relationship difficulties and even separate due to losing their connection during the ART process. Meaningful, connecting sex is a way of keeping that physical and emotional connection. Sex also tells your body you are also preparing to conceive on another level too.

For those undergoing assisted reproductive techniques, maybe it’s time to start doing things the way nature intended, in order to give you a boost that you are so desperately needing. For your next cycle, go get busy! It’s also been proven that you can increase your chances of success with acupuncture, and for those who book a consultation with me, you’ll be able to access my specially formulated ConceptShen Nutritional Medicine formula called Nourish, which has been specifically designed to help with implantation.

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Doctor Andrew Orr is a Women's Health and Reproductive Specialist, with Masters degrees in both fields. His other qualifications include a BSc and BHSc, and he is a qualified nutritionist and doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Doctor Orr's fertility work with couples has resulted in the births of over 12,500 babies.


  1. If one is using frozen embryo,what can be done before nd after the transfer to increase the chances of sucessful implantation?

  2. My husband and I are undergoing PICSI ART with PGD through Genea in Sydney. We have been told to avoid intercourse during all IVF treatment cycles. It’s very confusing when some information states the opposite, while other information supports this.

    1. Rachel, I don’t know why Genea says that because those comments are unfounded and having sex bares not risk to the IVF cycle. It actually enhances it. Couples trying to conceive naturally don’t stop having sex because they think they may be pregnant.
      The embryos are put into the uterus and not the vagina so why should sex be avoided?
      Sex helps stimulate blood flow and oxytocin. Embryos need blood supply to the lining to feed off and grow. Sex, more importantly climax, stimulates blood flow to the lining. It is basically the use it or lose it principle.
      Plus research has show that sperm actually help with implantation and pregnant rates in well documented studies. Sperm also trigger responses in the female to say that you are trying to conceive, so does climax.
      I think Genea need to review their policies as get in line with everyone else. We promote sex, more importantly climax, in the IVF clinic I work with. Sure, maybe not on the day of transfer, as there may, or may not be some bleeding, but after that…. go for it.

  3. I was told my frozen and thawed blastocyst were of average quality . What are my chances for implantation , I had three transfered

  4. Sorry I’ve done IVF, successfully, and your overies are so swollen you want nothing to do with sex! The theory is great but impractical for fresh transfers.

    1. Not everyone gets swollen ovaries Liss, but if you did, I can imagine how that would be a big turn off. But all the same, climax can help implantation. If you had swollen ovaries you were probably hyper stimulated mildly, or moderately. Not good, but the main thing is that it worked. Bu just know that now all women get swollen ovaries from fresh transfers. Just so you know.

    1. It is about Climax and the stimulation of blood flow and oxytocin and for that, you don’t need to have a partner 😀

  5. Hi,

    I am having a frozen embryo transfer in my own cycle without additional hormones. I have my own ovulation in this cycle too. What are the chances that one can get pregnant within their own ovulation cycle prior to a frozen embryo transfer?

    Best regards

    M. Snijders

  6. Our clinic has told us to abstain from sex as orgasm can cause uterine contractions preventing implantation. Can you point me in the direction of any research disproving this?

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