Shettles Method – Trying For A Boy Or Girl

Shettles Method - Trying For A Boy Or Girl

Gender selection has long been a topic of debate.

While some gender selection methods claim to be highly successful, they often disregard other methods, claiming their own to be more accurate.

The shettles method is a gender swaying method that has been around for decades, and it has it’s fair share of believers and skeptics.

Of course, the most desirable outcome from conception is a healthy baby, no matter which gender. Gender selection should not rule your attempts at conception. Some gender selection methods can actually decrease the chance of conception due to timing methods.

Please note that the information below on the shettles method has been included due to popular request and is for reference only. It is not guaranteed to give you the ‘recipe’ for the desired gender you are trying for.

The Shettles Method

Since the 1960s, Dr. Shettles has recommended gender selection methods which he claims is upheld by scientific evidence. The shettles method has two distinct advantages: the methods cost nothing and you do not require and medical treatments to conceive.

Men produce two types of sperm — X being female and Y being male. This will determine the sex of your baby. Doctor Shettles found from his studies that the male sperm are smaller, weaker and faster than the female sperm, which are bigger, stronger and slower.

Therefore, he was able to come to the following suggestions to help couples try and choose the sex of their baby.

The Most Important Shettles Method Factor: Timing

The most important gender swaying factor according to the Shettles method is timing of intercourse.

Shettles says the closer to ovulation you have intercourse, the higher the likelihood you will have a boy. This is because he claims male sperm are faster than female sperm, and will likely reach the egg first.

However, a study some years ago found there were no differences between X and Y sperm in terms of how fast they swim.

If you would like a boy, Shettles says intercourse should take place during times of peak fertile mucus, or no more than 12 hours before ovulation.

You can detect ovulation through charting or with ovulation prediction kits (similar to pregnancy tests). If you chart your cycle temperatures daily and have a temperature dip, this is a good time to have intercourse, or alternately, the following morning.

You can also have intercourse for a boy when your cervical mucus changes into stringy, fertile mucus — like egg white.

If you have intercourse two to four days prior to ovulation, the Shettles method states this favours the conception of a girl. This is because the female sperm live for much longer than the male sperm. It allows for more female sperm to reach the egg.

So if you would like a girl, avoid having intercourse during times of your peak fertile mucus (egg white cervical mucus) which would be more conducive for a boy.

By following the Shettles Method, there is less chance of achieving female conception as you are not having intercourse during your peak fertile times. So if pregnancy is more important to you than having a girl baby, the shettles method may not be for you.

Baby Gender Selection Factor: Vaginal pH

The Shettles method says an acidic environment is more favourable for the conception of a girl. It’s apparently not as welcoming for male sperm, and the acidic environment kills the weaker male sperm first. This leaves a greater number of female sperm to reach the egg.

The ideal time to have sex for a boy is when the vaginal environment becomes alkaline, which is on the day you ovulate.

Baby Gender Selection Factor: Abstinence

For a boy, the shettles method advises not have intercourse for four to five days prior to ovulation. You should use a condom if you wish to have sex during this time.

For a girl, Shettles recommends daily intercourse from the end of your period until 2-4 days prior to ovulation, then no intercourse until 2-3 days after ovulation.

Baby Gender Selection Factor: Sexual Position

Sexual position is said to help your chances of gender selection due to both depth of penetration and pH levels. The closer to the opening of the vagina, the more acidic the woman’s reproductive tract is.

Shettles method suggests a position with deeper penetration (e.g. doggy-style) for a boy. This will apparently place the male sperm closer to the egg, giving them a head start.

The Shettles method recommends the missionary position when trying to conceive a girl.

Baby Gender Selection Factor: Orgasm

To conceive a boy, the woman should try to achieve orgasm either before or at the same time as her partner — or if you are lucky enough, multiple female orgasms can help!

The Shettles method says that the waves of the orgasm will help to draw up the sperm quicker to the egg, again giving the boys getting a head start on the girls.

For a girl, Shettles recommends women avoid orgasm.

Other Baby Gender Selection Factors

Here’s one for the men: if you’d like to try for a boy, the shettles method suggests for men try and keep the scrotal temperature cool.

This means no hot spas or baths and no tight clothing or underwear. Boxer shorts are a good alternative. Avoid scuba diving and heated vehicles for extended durations (or other areas of high heat).

Shettles suggests a few cups of strong coffee half an hour before intercourse to favour a boy. As long as you’re aware that too much caffeine can impact on fertility, as well as your health and wellbeing.

What Is The Success Rate?

Doctor Shettles claims that his methods for a boy have a success rate of 80-85% and the methods for a girl are a little less at 75-80%.

Want More Information?

If you want to go more in depth with gender swaying, grab a copy of How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby by Dr. Shettles. Another book written on conceiving for specific genders is Choose the Sex of Your Baby – The Natural Way.

Experiencing Feelings Of Gender Disappointment Or Anxiety?

If you are experiencing feelings of gender disappointment, BellyBelly has published an article on this topic here.

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    1. Priya, you need to test before ovulation. When you test positive for an LH surge, you have 24-48 hours to have intercourse for the highest chance of conception occurring in that cycle 🙂

  1. I know that according to judaism, meaning the jewish approach to human sexuality and romance, a woman who orgasms first will conceive a boy. this ideology is based on a phrase or sentence in the Old Testement.
    Anyone interested in more can contact me

    sincerely, esther yolanda cohn

    1. Actually I dnt believe this bc I had my little boy first and I didn’t have an orgasm when we concived him and I had multiple orgasm for my little girl that I’m pregnant for now… I’m not sure this is true or the other way is true but that is my experience with it

      1. I totally agree with you. With my son I didn’t have an orgasm when we conceived him. And also with my daughter I had an orgasm at the same time with my partner.

    2. Esther- you are misreading the pasuk. The pasuk is isha tazria v’yoldo zachar. Tazria means ovulate, not orgasm. If the woman ovulates prior to conception it will be a boy. So far following this has worked for me.

  2. I did this for all my kids and it works. Get an ovulation test and figure out what day you ovulate on and if you want a girl have sex before you ovulate and for a boy during ovulation. You have to start testing a month or two before you want to conceive so you know your Exact date of ovulation, since timing is everything. I have told other couples how to get a girl and it worked for them too. I have 3 kids and I knew the sex of all my babies before the Dr told me, girl, boy, boy. Good luck!

    1. I am wanting to try for a boy however will of course be happy with either. So I have been testing my CM and I never have got an egg white stretchy clear mucus. It’s clear ish and thicker for a day maybe but not stretchy at all then it’s super thick and creamy looking. Do you think I’m missing it? I am also having 35 day long cycles

      1. I think you may be missing it. If you’re having periods, then you know you are ovulating. Do you take your BBT temps in the morning? Charting your temps is a great way to predict when you are going to ovulate especially if you are having regular periods.

    2. Hi Jennifer I really want a healthy baby 1st and 2nd really badly want a baby boy. I am so confused so I bought a clear blue kit and I’m not sure as to how to detect when I’m ovulating. I get my period every 14th or 15th of the month. Can u please tell me how I can determine when my ovulation day happens ? Thanks so much.

    3. I’d be interested in more info from you Jennifer! I have a doctors appointment in March to get vitamins and everything, my husband and I are hoping for a girl and your advice would be helpful!!

    4. Hi I already have two boys and I am trying for a girl so I’m hoping that this works any points you can give me LOL

    5. Hi I have two boys and I want to have girl I just want know for a girl how it works is it right after your period or not

    6. I have 3 boys and I’m going to try one more time for a girl: please help! I have no idea how the whole ovulation and all that works so please be very specific with me, as to what to do.

      1. Did you get pregnant with a girl? I’m just curious! I have 3 boys as well, and planning to try for a 4th and final here soon. Would LOVE a girl!!

  3. I have 3 girls , I really want a boy , and if I do become pg with baby #4 this will be are last baby , so if some one can help me here lol. I would really appreciate it.

    1. I have 2 girls and would love some blue feet ….we are trying next week! Any last tips would be gratefully appreciated x

  4. #Jennifer I have 2 daughters. I want a boy. This is my last chance to have a baby. How can I know about my ovolution date? How many days I should not have sex before and after the date of my ovolution to have a boy? Plz help me

  5. Hi Jennifer,

    I heard that if I’m trying for a girl that I should only have sex once or twice before ovulation. ..the article however says everyday after period until 2-4 days prior to ovulation. Which is true??? Please help I really want a girl…I have 2 boys.
    Thanks so much

    1. I’m in the same boat. I have two boys and really want a girl. I have read in other articles on the Shettles Method that if you want a girl, have MORE intercourse. I think the last time to have intercourse should be 2-4 days before ovulation meaning have sex as many times as you can up to this time period.

  6. I had 28days circle on oct.2015.I had sex on 23rd night and 24th morining and night.Do i have d chance of getting a baby boy?

    1. You don’t have any chance of getting pregnant at all, if you do it will be a baby Girl. If you have a 28 day circle, your ovulation day is on the 14th. But you need to study your circle to know forsure, take your body temperature every morning, check your Cervix Mucus or use the Ovulation predition kit. Once it test positive wait for two days to have intercourse. Whilst you at it, Drink lemon water to make body pH more Alkaline which is good for a boy sperm.

  7. HI,

    I’ve a baby girl and my age is 34 and I’m from BD .I want a baby boy I’ve polycystic ovarian syndrome.I need induction pill to conceive in order to get pregnant. so in my case how do I imply this “Shettle theory” during intercourse. Again I ‘ve to take medicine to regularize period in order to get pregnant and also to fine r8 time for ovulation.

    Now, Please suggest me what I need to do for a baby boy.

  8. This method worked for me… after having 2 beautiful boys, my husband and I decided to try for our last baby so we tried this. I kept track of my ovulation for a few months then had sex as much as possible until I started to ovulate then we just had to wait. I was very surprised to conceive on our first try for a girl but we did and am so happy 20 weeks pregnant.

      1. hi can i ask what u did to get a lil boy? im tryon for a boy an need all the help i can get did it work for u the first time? when did u have sex to get a baby boy x

  9. hi i want to try for baby boy. can you help me what i have to do? and when to have intercourse? before i have my periods or after? i am so confused

  10. This theory to me seems to be right. I have 3 girls and when i got pregnant with them i had sex before my ovulation with all of them. I am currently almost 9 weeks pregnant and i had sex on my ovulation day and i knew it because I had the thick mucus and i took a ovulation test and it was postive. I eneded up getting pregnant. I dont find out what the sex is until april but if i had to guess i would say boy. Hopefully i am right.

  11. He’ll All,
    I’m 33 years old and trying baby for 3 years. I want twins. My cycle length is 29 to 30 days. Please guide me. As if now both are okay. But I would prefer twins

    1. Honey, timing of sex has nothing to do with multiples. That is from genetics or occasionally just a fluke. If there are not twins in your family history the likelyhood of naturally having twins is just not there. Invetro ends in multiples sometimes but that is when the doc puts multiple viable embryos inside a woman in hopes that at least one implants.

  12. If my circle is 32 days, how do i calculate my ovulation day, how do i know my peak and when is the proper day to have sex for a baby boy. Please help me.

  13. Worked 4/4. We went girl boy girl boy and will try for our next girl soon. For the girls we avoided sex the week of ovulation (probably3-4 days before) and for the boys we timed to approximately day of ovulation.

  14. This method worked for me… after having 2 beautiful GIIRLS, I decided to try for our last baby so we tried this. I started sex just to ovulate .food is also the main cause for sex determination & doughing is also functional for vaginal ph ( alkaline) .I was very surprised to conceive on our first try for a boy but we r so happy 20 weeks pregnant. –

  15. I have detected LH surge on ovulation kit during spotting but result line is little lighter than control line.

    This is second day with same results. Is this good time to conceive baby boy?

  16. I was having sex everyday 1-3 times daily during ovulation with my husband and swore it would be a boy but nope surprise we are expecting a girl. How ? I’m so happy to have a healthy baby girl but I always thought it was a boy especially with how much sex we were having and how often. We planned to have 2 kids and of course the perfect family would be one boy one girl for most people. I wish I could understand this better. I should also had our daughter was conceived while on vacation while in Bahamas

  17. I really want to have a baby girl. I currently have 2 boys via C Section that are the owners of my heart. My grandmother which i was really close to recently passed away late last year and one of her dreams along with mine was for me to have a baby girl. Early last year she even knitted a pink cover along with little pink booties before her health took control of her 🙁 . Can someone please, please give me tips in how conceive a baby girl? I want grandma to at least know I tried.

  18. People seem to act like this is a guarantee of course it won’t be right for every attempt, even if you go off Shettles success rates it’s not 100%, basically out of every 10 women who try this 2-3 out of 10 will get the sex they weren’t trying for, that isn’t to say the method doesn’t work just that there are variables this method can’t account for which are outside human control meaning it works better that not using this method but is no guarantee.

  19. I have 4 boys and did try/succeed in getting pregnant with them but have never Actually tried for a girl surprisingly as much as i wanted one ive never actually tried any particular methods for one.. Please tell me how i might actually try to conceive a girl? Thank you

  20. I’ve always longed to have a baby girl of my own .I adopted my daughter and now wish to have one on my own. I tried this month and am waiting to see if am pregnant. although I have a 26 days cycle don’t know if it will work . Keeping my fingers cross for a baby girl if I conceive.

  21. I currently have 2 beautiful girls and me and my partner would love a baby boy as our last to carry his surname on there’s also a lot of pressure from the in laws to carry the name on as there’s no other boys in family. I’m certain I don’t want more than 3 kids so I really can’t afford to get this wrong.
    I have regularly periods on the 1st of every month they last for 7 days and my cycle is 30 days i also track my cycle on a app and I always get the egg white discharge on the day my app says I ovulate so I’m pretty sure I’m on the right track but always chicken out in case I’m not 100% on timings
    I’m abit confused on the orgasm topic as I always reach orgasm with both my daughters I did before my partner so if someone could clarify am I to have one or not???
    I’ve told my partner about the cool bathing and no tight underwear during that time and he also started to drink coffee( I heard that can help male sperm)
    I’m happy to wait as long as I have to just to get this right but if anyone could give tips and things to do or not to do I’d really appreciate it
    Thanks xxx

  22. Thank you Dr Shettles after having 5 children, first one girl ,second one girl, my third was twins boy and girl. When I try for another boy I end up with another girl. Then I had enough of trying for boy. I cry to God why four girls and my son wouldn’t let me have a breathing space. He wanted a brother to play with. Then one day I had a voice speaking to me go on a research why you are having a daughter instead of boys. First I thought I took over my mother, she has five girls and two boys. During my research I found Dr Shettles method on how to conceive a boy or girl. At first I monitored how long my periods last for and when I ovulate. I realise that I am not 14 days like other women. immediately I finish my period my fertile week would started the next day or I would have one day or two days extra and my fertile week would start. So I started checking myself by washing my hands and diging it inside my virginal to Check for cervical liquid or any change. I discovered how my body work, when I ovulate, how body temperature change from cold to hot, how my mouth dried of saliva due to ovulating, stomach cramps, triedness, so I told my husband about my founding and we should try Shettles method. We agreed and it work, to my surprise after 16 weeks we found out we are having a boy my husband was so happy and my son was true to have a brother at last. Yes the Dr Shettles work for me. Onces you are aware of how you ovulate, it would work. I think just like myself many women are not aware of when there ovulation started. They just assumed they are 14 days after period not for every women.

    1. Hey Rokkey congratulations on your baby boy!!! God is great.. I just have one question.. Did you have intercourse on the ovulation day itself? how many attempts did you do? I appreciate if you respond.. I have 2 girls and really want a son.. My period finishes tomorrow and im ready for this cycle. It’s my 3rd cycle trying.. I just wanna know how many times did you have intercourse and when exactly.. I’m also eating alkaline food..

  23. I would love a baby girl, I am looking into the diet for the girl, do I just need to do it or does my husband also for more chance to conceive a girl please

  24. Worked for me… got my boy first time round and girl second time. Also worked for 2 friends and my sister.. must be something to it.

  25. I am trying for a baby boy, we have a gorgeous 5 year old daughter, I have the clear blue ovulation test and got a smilie this morning, we should try tonight to increase our chances of a boy?

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