Ovulation Calculator – When Will You Ovulate?

If you’re trying to conceive, give BellyBelly’s ovulation calculator a try, so you can find out when you are most likely to be fertile.

Once the ovulation calculator has processed your information, take note of the fertile days highlighted. These are the best days to have intercourse, right before you ovulate and soon after. This is because sperm can survive for several days in your body.

Combine these dates with information found in our other articles on fertile cervical mucus and signs of ovulation to help identify ovulation. An ovulation calculator on its own is not the most reliable method of identifying your own unique pattern of ovulation and fertile periods. Good luck!

Ovulation Calculator

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  1. Pls the first day of my period is 8th sometimes it changes but last month it was 8th pls calculate it for me.
    And when can I ovulate cause I really need a baby.

  2. the frist day of my menses was 22nd November and ended 25 November.please tell me when i will ovulate again cos i really need a baby pleassss.

  3. Is it normal to bleed a little during ovulation? because I got my period just 2 weeks and I shouldn’t be getting my period. I stopped taking my BC last month so I never really experienced ovulation.

  4. My first period after child birth started on the 15th of August,when am I likely to ovulate,I don’t need a baby for now.thank you.

  5. Hello. I have a baby born May 26th 2016 and I had unprotected sex with baby daddy on the 27th August and this was on my last day menstruation. Is it possible that I could get pregnant and is ovulation possible at the last day of pregnancy?

  6. My first day of periods was 30th December 2016 and finished on the 15th Jan 2017. When is the best day to conceive a boy as I have 2 hirls

  7. The 1st day of my period was 6 January, 2017 n I had unprotected sex using withdrawal method. After three day I started having tender breast, wen u touch it is painful n feeling like DAT all over. Wen couldd b my ovulation date n I can I b pregnant. Pls help.

  8. Please must the white mucus appear during ovulation?
    If you don’t see the white mucus dose it mean you are not ovulating?

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