Ovulation Pain – 5 Reasons Not To Ignore Painful Ovulation

Ovulation Pain - 5 Reasons Not To Ignore Painful Ovulation

During ovulation, when an egg is released from an ovary, some women experience a sensation commonly referred to as ovulation pain.

Ovulation pain is also known as mittelschmerz, which is German for mid pain.

The sensation is usually a sudden twang, pop or twinge in the lower abdomen, which coincides with the ovulatory stage of the menstrual cycle.

But some women would describe ovulation as being painful.

Because ovulation pain is common these days, it might come as a shock to hear that it’s actually not normal.

Yes, many women will feel ovulation, and it isn’t a big deal.

But acute, severe, stabbing or debilitating pain is not normal.

If the level of pain you experience requires pain killers, or stops you from getting on with your day, you need to get checked by a reproductive specialist.

Ovulation Pain – The 5 Most Common Causes

Ovulation pain is a warning that you have an underlying health issue that should be addressed.

In fact, some of the underlying causes of ovulation pain can result in fertility problems, that might prevent you from getting pregnant.

Doctor Andrew Orr is a specialist in reproductive medicine and women’s health, with Masters degrees in both fields.

He recommends that ovulation pain should be investigated by a professional.

According to Doctor Orr, the most common causes of ovulation pain are:

#1: Cysts On The Ovaries

Ovulation pain is often the sign of cysts on the ovaries.

Cysts can form, or can burst, during the ovulation period.

Women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) often experience ovulation pain due to multiple ovarian cysts.

Cystic ovaries are the result of a hormonal imbalance, usually related to insulin resistance.

Sugar and grains in the diet cause spikes in blood sugar levels, and also cause inflammation in the body.

Significantly reducing or eliminating sugars and grains can be highly beneficial.

Doctor Orr recommends following a diet containing low GI foods, or a paleo style of eating.

#2: Endometriosis

Endometriosis is an inflammatory disease which affects the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

It can also cause pain during the ovulatory period.

Other symptoms of endometriosis include: pain during intercourse, migraines, constipation, headaches, and dizziness.

Some women with endometriosis can be asymptomatic.

This why it’s important to see a specialist if you’re experiencing any fertility issues.

#3: Adhesions From Prior Surgery

Have you had abdominal surgery previously?

For example, a c-section or perhaps you’ve had your appendix out.

Adhesions and scar tissue from these surgeries can cause ovulation pain, by restricting the ovaries and surrounding structures.

Ovaries can sometimes adhere to the bowel and other organs, which can cause pain each time you ovulate.

This is something I’ve personally experienced.

I had my appendix out when I was a teen, and a subsequent abdominal surgery a few years later.

In my 30s I began to experience ovulation pain, for which I needed pain medication.

After speaking with Doctor Orr, I had a specialist perform a laparoscopy, which helped to mobilise my ovary which was stuck.

I also switched to a LCHF (low carb, healthy fat) diet, and now the ovulation pain has completely gone.

Unfortunately, I had to insist before my laparoscopy procedure was booked.

At first, the obstetrician/gynaecologist pushed for me to go on the pill.

He wanted to prevent ovulation from occurring, so I wouldn’t have ovulation pain.

This suggested ‘solution’ would certainly not have fixed the adhesions.

#4: Bacteria From Medical Procedures

Bacteria can be introduced into the pelvic cavity through catheters, during surgery, and even in childbirth.

The bacteria can cause inflammation and infection, resulting in ovulation pain.

#5: Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are also possible causes of ovulation pain.

One example of an STI is chlamydia.

It can cause inflammation in the fallopian tubes, scarring, and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

Chlamydia can also cause another condition, which results in the fallopian tubes being blocked with pus, causing inflammation and pain.

But I’ve Had Children, So It Shouldn’t Be A Problem

Even if you’ve had children, there are still some potential problems you might not be fully aware of.

You might have heard of secondary infertility.

In these cases, a couple might just have been lucky to get pregnant previously.

Or perhaps the  condition had developed after the first pregnancy, or an existing condition had worsened.

Any surgery you have had while giving birth, or after giving birth, can create an opportunity for fertility complications later.

Ultimately, if there’s a risk of a condition that might eventually lead to infertility, and it causes you pain, are you comfortable about gambling with that?

But My GP/Doctor/Friend/Other Said That Ovulation Pain Is Normal

Doctor Orr says that you should never let anyone tell you that pain during ovulation is normal.

“Many GPs don’t know that much about gynaecology… remember that it’s not their field of expertise; they are general practitioners. Always get a referral to see a specialist”, he suggests.

But I Have Had A Scan And It Came Up Fine

Unfortunately scans don’t pick up everything – especially scar tissue, adhesions, and endometriosis.

Doctor Orr says, “I need to point out that scans do not always pick up pelvic pathology. They will not pick up endometriosis, so if you have had a scan and think that you have been checked for endometriosis – you haven’t.

“The only way to assess the pelvic cavity properly is through laparoscopy. It is the gold standard of investigations for gynaecological conditions. I always get so worried when I see comments where people have pain and think they are okay because they have had a scan.”

Misdiagnosed By Five Doctors

Ovulation Pain - 5 Reasons Not To Ignore Painful OvulationThis is what was missed by five doctors – four specialists and a GP.

A woman went to her GP for a second opinion.

She told him she was having rib and abdominal pain, as well as experiencing shortness of breath.

The GP began the process of diagnostic tests and referrals.

He sent her for a scan of her gallbladder; it found nothing.

A week later, the woman’s pain and shortness of breath were worse, and her stomach had started getting bigger.

She went back to her GP, who then sent her to a gastrologist.

The gastrologist performed an endoscopy, and told her she had reflux.

He said this was causing her asthma, and she should lose weight.

So that was the gastrologist’s definitive diagnosis, and the woman was sent away.

Two weeks later the poor woman was in excruciating pain and went back to the GP.

He said he couldn’t help her, because she needed to lose weight (as the specialist had said).

He suggested she try a complementary medicine practitioner.

It was at this point the woman called Doctor Orr’s clinic and explained her symptoms.

Doctor Orr immediately arranged for the woman to see his surgeon.

They both decided that she needed to be investigated.

The mass you can see in the image is what was removed from the woman’s body.

This is why we need to listen to women more often and take their pain seriously.

“Three primary care physicians missed a 5kg mass, and this woman was written off as a whinger. This is why you should never, ever, assume pain is there for no reason. Always get a second opinion when it comes to pain or any medical matter…. Get a third, fourth or fifth opinion if that’s what it takes for someone to listen,” says Dr Orr.

The reason Doctor Orr shared this story is not to berate doctors.

It’s because he sees things like this so often.

It’s easy to feel undermined by doctors, and to take their decisions as the final answer.

If you are in pain, keep seeking help until you find someone who will listen to you, and investigate thoroughly, to get to the root cause of the pain.

If You Think This Is A Load Of Rubbish…

Unfortunately, we tend to become complacent about things that are common.

If you think ovulation pain is normal, Dr. Orr has this to say:

“As a specialist in the field of reproductive medicine and women’s health, I can tell you that you aren’t meant to get pain. Sure, some slight bloating and a bit of pressure… but not pain. Many women are conditioned to the urban myth that period pain is normal, when it isn’t. Being a male doesn’t mean I don’t understand what women go through. I see hundreds of women every year, and have helped over 10,500 couples have babies. All of the women had period pain and other issues causing infertility – and this is what can happen.”

“I would much rather see women right away, for ovulation or period pain, than see them when they are trying to conceive, and some of the bad pathology has actually left permanent damage. People don’t realise that good bacteria in the vaginal tract can get into the cervix and turn infectious. It can then travel up into the fallopian tubes and cause major problems (e.g. tubal blockage, inflammation or scarring).

“This is by no means meant to cause panic or sensationalism. This is a very serious issue that I see every day in my practice. I just want to help women relieve this unnecessary pain – or stop believing that pain is normal for them.

Do You Get Ovulation Pain?

If so, your ovulation pain should be checked out by a switched on professional.

But, as you’ve read, going in search of someone who ‘gets it’ can be like entering a minefield.

Some doctors give erroneous advice about ovulation pain.

Some will even say that you’re lucky, because knowing when you’re ovulating can help you get pregnant!

Initially, it might be helpful to see a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine who specialises in fertility and gynaecological issues.

They’ll not only diagnose and treat any underlying health issues, but they’ll often know of great gynaecologists to refer you to.

Then, simply ask your local doctor for a referral, so you can get the treatment you need and deserve.

“Don’t just see a GP for gynaecological issues – always see a specialist. Get the referral and go”, says Dr Orr. “The pain you’re experiencing might be normal, but then again it might not be. It’s always best just to get it checked, for your peace of mind. It could save you in the long run”.

Do You Get PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) Too? Read our article on PMS here.

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  1. This is wonderful!! I have had excruciating ovulation pain for many years but Iv always been told its normal. I now want to seek second opinion and the 3rd and 4th and 5th. I WISH I could personally reach u Dr Err. Am suffering and its killing me. Thanx alot…..

  2. I have severe ovulation pain to the point I can not stand no pain killers relieve it. I was told I had 3 3cm blood filled cysts on my left ovary over a year ago but never had a follow up appointment to check on them. My pain last 2-3 days every 14 days

      1. I am dealing with the same thing I have never experience so much pain I have children now and never had ovulation pain. I was in so much pain I ahd to visit the er I wasn’t able to stand or lay down and it lasted for 3days and my left side was very very sore after wards. I have a follow up appointment this month.

        1. Hi. I have been dealing with pain on my left side during ovulation for the past 4 months. I woke up this morning in pain and it has gotten worse throughout the day. Every month it gets a little worse. I’m thinking I need to go to er. What did the dr tell you? if you don’t mind me asking.

          1. You just need a referral to a good ob/gyn who will listen to you and help without wanting you on the pill (it wont correct the problem). You may have PCOS, or adhesions (especially if you’ve had abdominal surgery).

          2. Hi,

            I also having pain on my left side for the past 6 months exact 12 to 10 days before periods for more than 48 hours. Some days before periods it get settle down itself. I first went for scan 10 days before my periods date, radiologist said there are many tinny cysts on left ovary border line. After that, my GP did blood work for hormones (LH, male, female hormones) all are fine.

            Swab test is also done twice at the same time by nurse and then dr. but came out no infection and manually checked by dr. Don’t have PID.

            Trying for baby for more than 1 year after very first baby’s misscarriage in 6 week.

            Pain is still there everymonth longer than 3 days. Irritating and getting phsyco..
            What to do??

    1. I went to the doctors last week had to set up an ultrasound got that done on 3/22/2016 the next day got the results its a benign cyst they said the pain was from that. Well today went to the hospital got another ultrasound and the same thing but this time with the cyst and found out I’m ovulating and the pains won’t ease up I get sent away am I crazy I feel like I want to cut it out that’s how bad it is I’m tired of the pain. Please i hurt badly, has anyone else felt this way?

      1. Oh I haven’t had a period since February 6 and they don’t know why it stopped its killing me. I have been late 2 days but nothing more than that and now it seems like it stopped.

      2. Hi there…if you look into serrapeptase capsules (veggie caps) there are lots of success stories with this natural remedy treating cysts and scar tissue/fibroids/unblocking Fallopian tubes. It breaks down scar tissue much like a silkworm breaks down its cocoon. Check it out a lot of women have found relief through serrapeptase.

      3. YES!! I have had this problem for almost 20 years now. I have improved it a lot by seeking out natural supplements and options. I too have fibroids in both my uterus and ovaries. This article is trying to be very scary but the fact that people are diagnosed with cysts really isn’t a big deal. You just have to deal with it but it’s not life threatening! So don’t get too scared by it saying if you have pain you MUST rush to the doctor! There are different issues discussed above and a woman knows when it’s ovulation pain. If it comes and goes on a cycle, then it’s pretty clear that you can narrow down what’s happening. If it comes and stays or gets worse every single day then it’s URGENT!!!

        Here’s the real deal….it’s about diet and environment. I have managed to get myself down to a few uncomfortable cramps that are minor for a 24 hour period every 26 days. Know that I have gotten to that point, I can plan vacations around this crap! Also, if I have to go somewhere and I know it’s coming, I don’t leave home without my heating pad. It’s the ONLY thing that helps. TRUST! I have gone to the emergency room after taking 3 Tylenol only to have them shoot me up with 800 mg more. I was like, is that okay?? They said it would be fine but I try to avoid medicine as much as possible. That 24 hour day each month is the only time I take something!

        Here is my breakdown: It started when I was 30. I thought I had something seriously wrong. They found nothing. Then the next year during my physical they mentioned, oh you have a pea sized cyst but that shouldn’t be it after we had spent the last year with them trying to put me on different forms of the pill cuz they thought I needed the estrogen. DO NOT DO THAT!!!!!!! Now I have Melasma thanks to all that crap. Also NEVER take the patch form of the pill!!!!!! I could go on and on about all the ultrasounds I’ve had, one with a homosexual man that couldn’t even SAY the word vagina. lol To find nothing new, or amazing other than through the years I have gotten more fibroids and they are bigger. Okay, well sure that would make the pain worse but still nothing can be done. At least not for me because I REFUSE to go under the knife worrying that then I could have even more issues and also they come back most of the time so why spend the time recovering for NOTHING!

        Here is what I have done and found that works….but not completely, it’s just better:
        #1 CASTOR OIL PACKS!!!!!! Look into this immediately. Watch all the videos you can find about fibroids and shrinking them naturally and caster oil. If I skip this 1 month I am worse! Also, don’t just do it when you are in pain, I start this process nightly a whole week before (so about a week after my period)
        #2 Calcium/Magnesium, D3, Black Cohosh (I was taking Evening Primrose for a bit but then switched at the advice of a naturopath that was giving out samples at the co-op and had the same issues) all daily, all month.
        #3 People won’t want to do this but a Plant Based diet (organic & no GMOs as much as possible), no or very low sugar. And please, if you’re going to use flour or sugar, stop buying the bleached stuff.
        #4 Those pesticides!!! I can’t say enough. Get that SHIT away from you. Don’t spray your yard, or use commercial mosquito repellent, or spray spiders, NO ROUND UP!!! That stuff is all directly related to disrupting our reproductive system. (another reason for the organic)
        #5 This goes for your makeup, lotion, body wash, laundry & dish soap and cleaners as well. Stop….with the commercial chemicals. Method, 7Th Generation and Dr. Broner’s are amazing!
        #6 I keep a pain journal. I write down what I’ve done to prevent it and then when it happens I keep track of the results and the dates of my period and ovulation cramps so I can see if there is a pattern. That’s how I figured out my days between.
        #7 ****This is by far the MOST IMPORTANT TIP OF ALL THAT GAVE ME THE MOST DECREASE IN PAIN**** STOP buying bleached tampons. Don’t put another one inside your body!! Go to a co-op or whole foods immediately and get a couple boxes of natural, chemical free tampons! And don’t worry, as 1 woman told me she wouldn’t because brown is gross (ugh) THEY ARE STILL WHITE! The month I started using the natural tampons, which by the way act, feel and look exactly the same, my cramps have been so manageable that I am no longer running out of sick days every year. I keep a heating pad at work and can sit through them. Don’t get me wrong, they still hurt but I don’t feel like I’m walking around in hard labor every month anymore.

    2. I have the same issue but no kids I get luteal cyst monthly and I have a bicornate uterus I’m 21 me & hubby have been ttc for awhile now I’m 3dpo experiencing extreme pressure in my pelvic area and twinges in my right ovary should I seek medical attention?

    3. I’m 34 year and had vaginal delivery ( 36 week) seven years back. After my delivery, I have started ovulation pain and it’s getting severe day by day. I had visited gynecologist two times and found cyst in my ovary but dictor said it’s not causing factor and prescribed me antibiotic for pelvic infection. After that pain stopped for a while but again the same condition. Some time pain stays more than three days specially at night, I can’t sleep without hot water bag. As bonus now from few months I’m showing all thee symptoms of PMS. I kept moving from one place to another. I hardly have sex now a days. What should I do??

      1. You are definitely not alone! I have suffered with ovulation pain since 2008, was diagnosed with endometriosis, had laparoscopy surgery but didn’t stop the pain. Two years ago had a UFE procedure that stopped the monthly bleeding but this last period that came 61 days later, I’m currenting in a constant burning kind of pain. I’ve been prescribed all differ kinds of strong pain killers but find that if I take 3 ibprofen every 4 hrs it will take about 45mins to kick in. Been tested for cancer and STDs but always come back normal and I’m not sexually active. Funny thing is about 5 years ago went to a nutritionist and detox and noticed a 50% reduction in my pain when I cut out SUGAR! Sadly I’m a sucker for ice cream, chocolate, wine, cocktails and I think it’s the sugar that is constantly consumed!! If you have the will power, test out cutting out sugar and go on a whole food binge for at least 21 days. It may not stop the pain completely but will certainly reduce to pain to being tolerable and may save your kidneys from the harsh effects of painkillers!

    4. I’m just on journey to get mine sorted I get to point of not able to sit down properly without horrendous pain, I had endometriosis lazered off a few years ago but it came back hoping to get a camera next but they only found it during steralisation operation so not holding hope but hopefully it will becoming to an end

  3. I get pain on my right side when I ovulate it’s always on my right and vary bad some time I get the pain when I am on my period I have been to the doctors over and over again I have had blood test ex rays ultrasounds and they have found nothing I have gotten to the point where I lay in bed and cry it hurts so bad nothing helps but the doctors say there is nothing wrong and send me on my way

    1. Same thing going on with me. Lower right abdominal pain. I did ct scan, mri 2 times, xray, colonoscopy, ultra sounds frequently… everything came out normal and I am still having pain on my lower rt side abdomen.

    2. I was always having severe pains on my right side when i got my period. Not long ago i had an ectopic pregnancy due to scarring in my right tube. They had to remove my tube because it was that bad and i haven’t experienced any severe pain in my right during periods since surgery.

    3. Thanks for the article Kelly. We, as responsible beings, should first take care of our health when it shows symptoms unnatural to everyday life. However, its best not to conclude about your health by just reading other’s experience or research articles. Every “body” is equipped very differently to deal with external and internal changes.
      Going through this article made me conscious if I’ve been ignoring my health for this long. I’m already sitting on the tinge of pain in my lower right abdomen right now while writing this.
      It’s true that doctors, GPs, specialists tell us off when we approach about period pain or ovulation pain. What belies the mis-concept is most of us don’t even know the actual symptoms of these two dreaded body reflex.
      I’ve been tracking my periods, date of white discharge, date of lower abdominal pains – both left and right (right scores more), date of lethargy (i found out recently that’s the day when progesterone kicks in), and, all these dates fall within a 3 to 4 weeks of gap each month, since 2014 (after my marriage, cause i wanted to be sure i’d be in a position to conceive whenever i wanted, but before that, i needed data).
      To keep all stupid gory diseases or abnormal conditions at bay, i stopped eating processed meat or canned foods. I stopped consuming sugar. Despite aversion to fruits and veggies, i eat one everyday. and i walk 4kms every evening, not really sweating it out, but just improving my muscular stamina (i don’t stop walking at all for that 1 hour).
      The (unbearable) period pangs on 1st day, and the ovulation pain on 14th day still occur. and I’m not really fussy about it. Physical and mental health has a lot to do with our ovaries and uterus. So tweak your lifestyles instead of tweaking GPs and medicines.

      1. Agreed!
        Thanks for sharing your insight. I love the- I needed the data first… I’ll share. So yes the discomfort is worse when grains and espeically wheat are consumed, and for me dairy, too. As another commentoer states… get the brand name chemicals away from you, as much as possible…
        And yes sorry girls but STOP, consuming sugar… I know I have excess androgens, maybe testosterone too, all gatheed from independent study into my wellbeing. So I am attempting to alter them with herbal remedies, and tea. I do need to sweat more, that is a big one, and get back to a consistent yoga practice… twists sure work wonders… insight and exploration into our own systems is key! best wishes to everyone

  4. I’m in pain now with ovulation and have been to the doctors and had scans thank you for this write up i will be going back and demanding to see a specialis.

    1. I very regular cycle with no normal days but painful ovulation have been pregnant before trying to get pregnant again it this affect my fertility?
      can l use this pain to try get pregnant

  5. I am lightly sore for three days around ovulation. I believe it is from my ovaries preparing to ovulate and then actually doing so and most months I can feel a sharp pain on either side, (it fluctuates), for just a couple seconds at most. I was also on birth control for five years and seem to have more sensory input now than I did before.

  6. Hi,i think I started ovulation some days ago(mild sensation). Bt last night,i had abdominal cramp though it didn’t last long n I have had Endometritis before. Is d pain normal,whats my chance of becoming pregnant or do I need to see a specialist again?

  7. Hi, I have pain on upper part of my stomach on Friday morning, then at night it moved to lower right abdominal. This is the second time this has happened to me. The first time I went to see doctor, he ordered me to have ultrasound and pelvis scan. Both came back normal, although I have a small cyst, which is normal too. The last couple of months my ovulation was on the left ovary, no pain at all. This time on the right ovary. Does this ever happened to any?

  8. Im writing this in agony. I’ve had lots of pain ovulating and during my period. After doctors refusing to prescribe anything for the pain one doctor was kind enough to realise this isn’t normal and has referred me straight for a laparoscopy as urgent. Don’t ignore the pain. I saw a consultant on Friday and he wants me in surgery this week.

    1. Unfotunately I have horrible ovulation pain to the point I can’t walk, & pelvic pain at other times of the month. Dr thought I had endometriosis, has a laparoscopy, nothing found. My organs were A+. No known cause of your debilitating pain can be depressing. The doctors then go, nothing can be done for you, go see a pain dr, who then says, there is no known cause of your pain? We can’t prescribe you pain management 🙁

  9. thanx very much for the enlightenment about ovulation pain.
    I have had abnormal bleeding for over four years now, some times I skip months and sometimes bleed for over a month, heavily n with clots on diagnosed, I was told that its due to hormonal imbalance. I was also diagnosed with ovarian cysts and fallopian tube ( left) blockage.
    I used traditional medicine to unblock the tubes n clear the cysts, then I was given some medicine to help the eggs to mature n ovulate. Luckily, I saw my days only for five days, but didnt become pregnant. I also went 5 days in the following Month, but had a severe waist pain on the 7th day.
    I don’t know y, please I need help.
    I am 30 yrs, never had a child, am seriously in need of many children. plse help.
    may almighty God bless u with more knowledge to women’s problems. All the best

  10. Every month at day 16 I spend anywhere from 4-6 hours in pain. It’s been going on for a very long time. My last ultrasound diagnosed poly cystic ovaries and fibroids but I was told they were both nothing to worry about. That I didn’t have PCOS because I have had kids and I’m not obese. Time for a second opinion. I’m over scheduling my life around ovulation pain and painful long winded menstruation.

      1. Thanks Kelly. Still suffering (as we speak) and still not being heard. Only treatment offered was the pill – which doesn’t agree with me and I don’t agree with. I feel so disheartened. This pain is debilitating and it now lasts up to 24 hours. Today’s pain had me bent over unable to stand up straight, nauseous and vomiting. I’ll get 5 days relief before my period pains show up. No fun at all!

        1. I have the same kind of pain, I have to bend down, unable to stand up straight. I will feel relieved if it starts at night as I can sleep horizontally on bed. But if starts during the day, I will have tough time managing the pain. Did you find any cure for this?

  11. Pain like this is so frustrating and doctors don’t seem to get how it interferes with daily life and emotional well being. I feel like I’m in pain all the time. I go from having severe period pain, to severe ovulation pain and, what I was told is IBS. I have stomach issues all the time with cramping, bloating, diarrhea and so on. I am now also getting cramps before I ovulate too. I have had 2 ruptured cysts, and have now finally found a very good gynae who seems to understand how this severe pain is impacting on my life. I’m 34 and have never got to the bottom of this. My new gynae wants to do a laparoscopy as she thinks endometriosis, and likely also the cause of the ‘IBS’ too. I’m slim, fit and otherwise very healthy, but this has really impacted on my health and gets me down. I love to run and can barely even do this anymore as I am in pain more often than not. Thank you for your informative site and making it clear that being in severe pain is NOT normal! So many doctors have normalized this pain despite frequent hospital trips and even having to be on an IV because of the rupturing. I so hope I can get this properly diagnosed and sorted out soon. Fingers crossed!

    1. Can someone tell me if the pain is like what I can inly describe as if a ballon is inflating then de flaring?? This is what I am getting when I am due my monthly. Or if I walk it’s like a tugging pain, never had it b4 I have 4 children and it’s been happening the past few months. Sometimes really bad sometimes mild but it lasts for days. Is it ovarian pain? X

      1. That’s genius. It does feel like a balloon suddenly inflates. I feel it toward the back of my lower abdominals. It definitely doesn’t feel light and airy like a ballon, though.
        I told the the ER doc that the pressure was so great, it felt like a baby was trying to come out of my butt.
        I was in debilitating pain for seven hours before my husband made me got to urgent care.
        Doc gave me meds, sent me home, and told me to see a gyno. Said it was probably just mittelschmerz. I hate when docs act like there’s no reason to be concerned. As if I don’t know what is not normal for my body.
        Can’t get into gyno for six weeks. We’ll see what turns up.

    1. Yes, some causes of ovulation pain can impact fertility. Definitely seek a referral to a specialist who will listen and take you seriously, and not try and put you on the pill to mask it.

  12. i started feeling ovulation pain 7yrs now, after having my last child, i am 46 now, n it is painful, visited my gynaecologist took 2 ultrasound they came back negative. sometimes it started on day 11 or 13 n lasted for 7 days n more for few hours apart my symptoms headaches,vomiting,nauseous,severe pain on left side,sometimes became hot, when the pain leaves i started shivering n get drowsy i don’t know what else to do,i gave up on my doctor. I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

    1. I am 42 and have the same pain you do. I’m going for an ultrasound this Wednesday. Hoping for good results. It’s frustrating and scary.

      1. I had the same thing, went to the er the team ct scan, blood work ask was fine. Went to Gyni, had ultra sound done, found small cyst but she said that shouldn’t be the problem, so here I am still in pain with no reason why and they make you feel like your just a wimp or making it up 🙁

      1. I had a laparoscopy & they found nothing. My dr, the head of ob/gyn at at top medical center, said it happens. Lots of women have no identified cause of horrible pain, and this they can’t fix it. I almost killed myself after hearing that. Chronic pain is a life sentence.

        1. It all depends on who you saw and what their surgical skills are like. Not every specialist can do a laparoscopy well. Some can only do minor surgical treatments with laparoscopies. You need to see someone more specialised. It all depends if they were private, or in the public system too. Big difference most of the time
          Plus endometriosis and especially adenomyosis isn’t always visible. There can be microscopic implants of endometriosis there and not visible to the naked eye, this is why multiple site biopsies are often needed
          If you are in pain, it means there is something there, or , you specialist hasn’t looked hard enough. You need a second opinion and more than happy to provide you with any details to help fix this, or even refer you to my surgeon whom I work with. He is the best laparoscopic surgeon and I know so many women like yourself who have been told they can’t find anything, only for these ladies to come and see me and the surgeon I use and we find stuff. Don’t give up hope after just one opinion. We get 5 quotes for our house, or buying a car etc, yet many of us take one opinion from a so called medical expert. As someone who is a specialist in this field, please get another opinion. Don’t give up hope yet. Regards Dr Andrew Orr

          1. Thank you Doctor Orr. I will like a second opinion from your team for my case and possibly a referral to your surgeon on laparoscopy. Need an urgent help. Thanks

  13. I have been having this pain for over 20 years now, I have had scans ultrasounds and surgery to investigate, and found nothing at, the only time I haven’t gotten the pains is during my 4 pregnancies but after each one the pains come back with a vengeance, the pain creeps up for a couple of days and then it hits badly, I can walk or sit without being in excruciating pain, my temp goes up and then vomiting, and not once has my gp or any of my numerous gynos said that it could be ovulation pain, I was just told that if I don’t get a period I won’t get the pain, so they gave me the depo, thank you all for your stories, even tho it’s a horrible horrible thing it’s comforting to know there are others who know how I feel

    1. Scans and ultrasounds don’t pick everything up. In fact most of the common causes (as listed here) cannot be detected on ultrasound. I would insist laproscopic surgery, as suggested by Dr Orr.

  14. Am having problem of secondary infertility and i did HSG test dat read right tubal blockage, uterine synagehie,severe pelvic adhension,left patent fallopian tube with wild hydrosalpinx.

  15. Ill be booking into the Doc this week. Iv always had mild ovulation pain but these last 6 months or more have been painful. Its through my whole lower abdomen and also back, its tender when pushed. Couple times iv had a really bad pain in my right side to the point i cant move and am in tears. Iv had the same partner for 15 yrs and 2 young children

    1. Good luck! If you’ve had a c-section it could be adhesions, which can be fixed if you have surgery. Don’t let a doctor fob you off, ask for referral to a specialist and ask them for a procedure to check for endo, pcos, adhesions or other infections. They may want to scan or put you on the pill… but find someone who will help you.

  16. I have bad pain on my left side every time I have my period the pain goes down into my leg…..can u tell me is this normal

  17. Hullo i also get this pain not every month but when it comes its like a crump on my right ovary.. had surgery on the same side fr an ovarian cyst exactly 1yr and 9mnths ago..cd it be the scar…lst mnth scan showed a clear lower abdomen..jst worried am jst 25.

  18. Hi I have been experiencing very bad pain in lower back an left ovary the pain shoots from the back round. I have always had pain but thought it was Normal but from i took this very bad pain about 1 month ago I have become very sick aswell most times I eat they don’t no if it’s connected I have had an Mri an ultrasound as the doctor thought it was kidney stones but they have seen a 2 cm cyst an thickness of the uterus would this cause the pain as my gp said 1 so small shouldn’t. Amy help will be greatly appreciated.x

  19. I normally have pain during ovulation. In fact i am presently undergoing painful ovulation and my doctor diagnosed PID which he explained to be a sexually transmitted disease. But funniest of all, i have never had sex. The condition still persist after several medication and am not going to relax. My question is, why the PID when i have not had sex before? or does it just come? because doctors don’t want to believe me.

  20. I am presently undergoing painful ovulation. My doctor diagnosed PID earlier before now. After series of medication the condition persist. My question is that, doctor explained that PID is sexually transmitted and i have never had sex. So does PID just come ordinarily? because doctors don’t want to believe me.

  21. Hi kelly, I love your articles God bless. I do have painful see, and my husband has not been able to penetrate into my Virginia for a year now because of the pain, my tummy comes up(swollen) when expecting my period. Please I need your advice

    1. Unfortunately I can’t help – this really needs an experienced gynaecologist to investigate. Scans wont pick up everything, as for a full investigation to diagnose the underlying issue. Good luck!

      1. Hello im 51years old and i get crippling period pain second day of my period i have a massive ceasarian scare under my tummy and it gets sore and i also get pain at the top of my legs when im on my period

        1. Wendy, I get bad pains during my period and ovulation, and my c section scar area gets very tender… especially during ovulation. I’ve had scans done and cysts and fibroids were found but I was told that shouldn’t be causing my pain like I have. I’ve been reading about scar tissue and adhesions from
          C sections. Maybe that’s what is wrong? My pain is so bad every month around ovulation that it’s too sore to even walk for about a day or two!

  22. What about painful bowel and urination during ovulation and period? During ovulation it’s not quite as bad, but, during period it feels like my uterus is ripping loose and falling out. I have come close to passing out due to pain from bowel movements during my period.
    Other symptoms:

    Painful sexual intercourse
    Bleeding after sexual intercourse
    Swelling during ovulation
    Pain in right over during ovulation (the pain goes down my right leg)
    Pain in my lower back (similar to period cramps but more intense)

    1. You should definitely see a specialist and get investigated surgically, as suggested in the article. It could be a couple of things, but I think you need to sort it out asap. Don’t just agree to scans, they wont pick everything up. Ask for a full investigation, and get a good gynaecologist to do it.

  23. I always have ovulation pains every month in between my menstrual cycle, most times on my right side and a few times on my left. The pain is terrible and comes with severe fever and nausea, the good thing is that it doesn’t last more than 12 hours (though those hours are excruciating). Doctors I have met say there is nothing to worry about but next time around, I shall see a specialist as I need to be sure that I have nothing to worry about.

    1. Definitely ask for a referral to a specialist. See if you can get a name of someone good in your area, so you can be sure they will take care of you! It doesn’t sound right, you poor thing!

  24. I am 28 years. got married for four years without an issue. I got pregnant once and loss it after six month, since then nothing as such ever happened. I took Clomid before I got pregnant. since I loss the pregnancy after six month, clomaid doesn’t work on me anymore. now I always feel pains at my lower abdomen after menstruating which I suspect to be ovulation. its been a long time that I don’t ovulate. please I need your help.

  25. I am 27 years old. I have had severe pain every month during ovulation for years. Sometimes I can not even walk properly with the pain. 2-3 years ago I was referred to hospital and specialists who did a number of tests including a laparoscopy. They found nothing and said everything was perfect. I am also suffering from unexplained secondary infertility for the last 6 years. However I now get this ovulation pain twice a month now. One week after ovulation and randomly other times of the month and equally as intense. Should I go back to GP? Should I be worried?

  26. The pain I feel is unbearable. Between 10 and 8 days before my period. I lay in bed and cry. I cant stand straight or move my legs. And yet the pain is so bad i still cant stay still. I have seen a gynecologist and other doctors and they can’t find anything. Done scans and nothing. I feel helpless and unfortunately our medical facilities are not as advanced here in Zambia. I am 29 with no kids. I have no idea what to do. Thanks for the article though it’s very insightful. In my wildest dreams I wish I could meet Dr. Orr

  27. I have been having severe hip pain for the last few months during ovulation, it can last 4 days and I struggle to sleep and it radiates into my lower back.
    I also exercise and jog which makes it worse, but its always during ovulation which makes me with its hormonal and not hip/back issues.
    I am off to the doctors again and requested a referral for a Gyn appointment and will push for a laparoscopy.

  28. I have two children. Last one is 11 months old. I still have ovolusion pain. Ultra sonography report is normal. How To Overcome This Pain Please Suggest.

  29. I have been experiencing pains at my lower left back for 5 years now am married but hardly allowed my husband to have intercourse. The pain was just too much during my period and ovulation! I’m dying.,please help!

  30. ‘I recently gave birth to a baby girl on 8/14/15 i have been on my menstrual cycle since then I brought it to the attention of my obgyn the middle of october. he schedule me to be checked on 10/23/15 he agreed that it wasent normal. my period is bright red with passing of small blood clots. he suggested i start the pill and that might regulate my cyle. I also mentioned that my lower right side hurts and feels tender when i place pressure on it. i even feel pain when i walk. i have children and never experience this before.

  31. Kelly, Pls am having pain at my right lower abdomen a week after abortion, it comes with fever, could it be normal or could it be dat am ovulating. Pls I need ur reply urgently, so as to know what to do.

  32. Hi,

    I am trying to conceive from last 6-7 months. I was detected with PCOS . I am having irregular periods( periods sometimes skipped for three months).Taken Ayurvedic medicine for three months. But it didn’t help me to conceive ,so my husband insisted me to shift to Allopathic treatment. The gyne started with a medicine so that my periods should come , after taking that medicine for seven days periods started and they put me on ovulation induction treatment from third day of my periods. Today is fourth day of my periods and i am experiencing very bad pain in lower back and pelvis with heavy abnormal bleeding from last 2 days . Is it usual or something serious? Is that needs the immediate medical attention? We had tested for pregnancy 2-3 times before starting the treatment.

  33. I’m in the U.S…. I have several pain conditions, incl. Psoriatic arthritis. About 4 months ago I woke up with excruciating pain in both hips (illeum region). It spread to my actual hip joints and pelvic area, incl pelvis symphysis. An xray showed mild deterioration in my hip joints and widening of my pubis symphysis–still within normal range, but my gp did an exam and I nearly jumped off the table and screamed.the Dr who did the xray–not my gp–said I was”fine”. His np had the gall to tell me I needed gastric bypass (after I’ve lost 50lbs on my own and continue to lose weight thru change in diet. I can’t exercise due to widespread pain).

    My gp had me scheduled for an mri first, then I’m going to my obgyn. I’m 45, not having any more kids. I’ve always had painful menses until after my kids….but after a failed ablation/d&c for heavy periods, my ovulation and menses pain increased. I’ve had my gb removed, a failed hernia repair, all of these a few years ago. My sister had had ovarian cysts, I think I may have had some rupture? No pcos. I did need to use meds to assist pregnancy but not for long (2 cycles). My kids are 20 and 13. I’m in agony and thought it was normal and now I see it’s not. Thanks for this article. Feel free to comment.

  34. I have had aching pain in right side for about 6 months. Had US in August found small hemorrhagic cyst 2.5cm or so and 2 fibroids also small but growing since last scan 1 yr ago. No one seems concerned. I have been having increasing pain the last few weeks. Ive been taking ib and tylenol which was helpful but not anymore. 1st day last cycle 11/2. Went to GP last night in excruciating pain. Pain has changed from aching uncomfortable to burning twisting pain mostly in ovary area but radiates now to inside pelvic bone and lower back. Its horrible so bad it is waming me up in middle of the night nauseous and shaking. Dr advising its ovulation pain and gave me Toradol shot. It didnt barely touch the pain. He did cbc pending results on that. Any suggestions? This is getting unbearable I just feel like something else is going on. Also, sorry if tmi but should i have vaginal bleeding with bowel movements the week leading up uo period? Its a huge gush. Ive had pink and brown tinged vaginal discharge as well. My abdomen is growing as well. Please help if you have any thoughts.

  35. I am 41yrs old. I have never been able to have children. In the last few months I have had this sharp pain in my pelvic area in center to right side. The doctor did the laperscopic surgery for endometriosis but said it was not that it was scar tissue from my appendix that was removed when i was 15. Well the surgery is over time has past and the pain is back worse then before the surgery/procedure! Is there anyone in TN area you recommend? I do know this if I cant find a dr here I may come see you. I do not see how anyone could live with this pain for 1yr. Thank you.

  36. Hi, I have PCOS and am an ovulatory. I have only ovulated on clomid but this is always painful. It starts with a pain on one side then both sides I have pain for 2 to 3 days culminating in debilitating pain in my uterus that lasts a few hours. Then I’m fine. I have had 2 early miscarriages and one 2nd trimester miscarriage all in the past couple of years and I have child who is 9. Hysteroscopy and HSG tests found no structural abnormality. What could be causing this? I am 6 weeks pregnant now but this was my 12th and last chance on clomid.

  37. I’ve had ovulation pain for about 25 years or so. It lasts for a few hours, is usually in the evening, and about 80% of the time it is on the right side. As I’ve got into my late 30s I’ve noticed that while most of the time it is the same it has always been, sometimes it doesn’t come at all and sometimes it is both sides in a month, but my cycle has remained 28 days this whole time. It has never even occurred to me to go see anyone about it.

  38. I was wondering if I could be having ovulation pain even though I am only 17 years of age because after reading this article I have realised I have been getting all these symptoms everytime I have my periods and now today I have gotten my period and I have painful back pain and also painful stomach cramps only in my left side and I also find that I get a little tingles in my back

  39. I have painful ovulation and periods since I was 14. I have been on at least 5 different birth control hormones since I was 15. Until I was 22, I had many cyst ruptures. I have one amazing child, being pregnant was the only time in my life where I didn’t have pain monthly (she just turned 6). This last year it’s been worse. They found a fibroid (very small) in my uterus. I have seen 3 different gynecologists since June. The first one said there was nothing he could do. The second told me it was normal to have pain while ovulating, after telling me that I can no longer have children because I don’t ovulate, and then cyst rupturing started again. I saw a 3rd gynecologist. She is going to do a surgery to look for endometriosis. I am terrified she won’t find anything. I am 28. I also was diagnosed with ulcers when I was 24 and they took my galbladder. I still have stomach issues but no more ulcers. I’m wondering if my reproductive issues could have caused my GI issues… I just want stop the pain.

  40. I had surgery in 2012 to remove a cyst off my ovary and to have endometriosis removed. I’ve started to have the same pains again and I’m curious to know if the endo could be back?

  41. Hello everyone
    I have had severe and mild pain on my right side near ribs since the birth of my daughter 19 months ago she is my 3rd. Been to the doc who sent me for scan with nothing come of it. She thought it was gallstones or kidney stones or even bowel issues which i now follow a diet for ibs sufferers due to bloating. I get pms and feel like the world is against me and for the week after my period is when the pain increases plus i am on the pill. I don’t know if it’s ovulation pain but the symptoms sound very similar to mine. Getting a second opinion asap!!

  42. My daughter who’s almost 12 has really bad ovulation pains, where she can barley walk and would rather crawl around its that bad. Nurofen and panadol is what I was told is pretty much the only thing to be given which she says does absolutely NOTHING anyway. Currently waiting for an appoiment in the public system, at PMH for gynochology. Pains started December,maws suspected appendicitis many blood test and three ultrasounds later, nothing was found, and the Drs put it down to ovulation pain, even tho she’s not really had a full on period has had spotting and some times that spotting can last two weeks, and she often has lots of mucousy discharge. But ever since this first time in late November early December 2015, she says the pain has not completely gone, but it gets worse on and off. She hates missing school and I want to cry with her when she can’t even stand straight to walk. 🙁 She’s too young to have such horrible pain.

    1. Hi Lissy-Loo, this was me as a teen. I can’t tell you the amount of times my mum had to come and collect me from school curled up in the foetal position unable to stand up straight. So many ultrasounds because the doctors suspected appendicitis. Unfortunately, 20+ years later nothing has changed pain wise. Ask for a laparoscopy to make sure there is nothing sinister going on and give her a hug from me – poor thing xxx

  43. I have been dealing with ovulation pain for 2yrs now and have been trying to get pregnant for 2yrs as well my CT scan was normal Mri was normal ultrasound was normal. My Ob is finally scheduling me for a laparoscopy surgery next month the pain is so serve I have to go into the Er for a morphin shot each month and I can’t stand or walk or move and after I finally ovulate my ovary is sore for atleast 4days

  44. Hi Dr kelly…. I’m a girl of 24yrs of age nd I have been having the similar pain a week after my period which Is my ovulation But it doesn’t occur every month..have been feeling the pain after my last abortion in 2012 nd am still feeling it now samething with my elder sister who will b 30 dis yr nd she hasn’t conceive pls We really nid ur help cus Dr nd nurses are tellin us it’s normal which I think isn’t…. REPLY

  45. When I have my periods My left ovary and my right foot is so painful I’m not sure of this is normal. I’m 42 and have been trying to have a baby. Do you think I should see a doctor?

  46. Hi my name is Lisa. I have experienced really bad pain in my overies. Even during menustration.my periods are irregular. It hurts so bad to have sex. I have three kids and a tubal clamp. I know something is wrong. I kept telling my Dr. Every time I went in for my kidneys that something was wrong,but he never checked. He just told me it was my kidneys gave me medicine for my kidneys and sent me home. The pain has gotten worse during intercourse. It is also getting worse when I menestrate.some one please help because it’s effecting my marriage and my sex drive.

  47. I went to the doctors the last week all because my period never came. Well then they had to set up an ultrasound sound to figure out the pain and why there was no period. Got all that done plus blood work to establish that I wasn’t pregnant and I want I knew it. Got the results back on 3/23 it was a benign cyst. The pain has gotten worse since still no period the last one I had was back in February 6 and still hasn’t came. I went to the hospital today another ultrasound was done all they could say was its the cyst and your ovulating that’s what’s causing the pain here I wrote a script for ibuprofen 800. Has anyone out there feel the same as I do getting sent away and some doctors and nurses making you feel like an idiot? I sure did but I know my body and I know when something isn’t right. This pain had been intensifying ever since it has started like 2 weeks ago. Where do I go from here they say an obgyn…..

  48. I had a hysterectomy in 2009 due to fibroids but my ovaries were healthy so the surgeon left those in place, prior to my hysterectomy I occasionally experienced slight discomfort on my right side and always believed that this was when I was ovulating or the fibroids, over the last couple of years I have experienced acute pain again in my right side resulting in saliva build up and feeling like I was going to be sick but not actually being sick, this has not happened monthly but maybe once every 4-6 months apart from the last two months where I have experienced excrutiating pain in my right side in the same place just to the right of my pubic bone at the same time in the month and carried on for some 6 hours and resulting in me being physically sick and once sick the pain tends to alleviate, I had an internal ultrasound about a year ago which showed nothing

  49. hi!
    I have had these pains since 2002! I was told by my moms friend that it is normal to have these pains. I am currently going through that now, n just decided to look it up. I am soo worried becouse I have had this for many years!!!! I am 30 years old now and I am planning to have babies soon. now I am very worried after reading this. I dont even have medical aid to see a specialist!!!! ohhh lord!

  50. I was diagnosised with endo and I have had 3 births. The last was 16 months ago and I just started my cycle again 2 months ago. I have incredible pain for about 5-7 days during ovulation likened to early stages of birth (pressure, painful bowel movements, distended belly, low back pain, pain during intercourse, dizziness, nausea, etc). I do not want to take any abortifacients (birth control) are there any other options for me? I am also still nursing (does not take any cows milk so about 24 oz per day or 4-6 times).

  51. I’m 18 and I’ve had ovulation pain since I first started getting my period at 11. It is never on the same side but it always hurts. I have a period tracker and the pain happens EXACTLY when I am supposed to be ovulating. Since this pain is supposed to be serious, what does it mean if you’ve always had it? And around the same time each month?

  52. I am desperate for help, I have been experiencing acute lower abdominal pain on and off for many years. Iv’e been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and modified my diet in many ways without success. Interestingly the pain disappears when I’m pregnant or on the pill (I have 3 children). I had to come off the pill due to severe breast pain and since then my periods have been very regular for the first time ever. This has allowed me to keep a diary of the pain and it starts around day 14 of my cycle every month. The pain is excrutiating and lasts around 7 days. I saw a gynaecologist who told me ovulation pain is normal and the treatment would be to stop ovulation and suggested using and injection to stop my ovaries working and put me into a pre-menepausal state!! I dont feel happy puttung my body through that kind of treatment without a definitive diagnosis. I dont know where to turn now and the pain is really interferring with my life and making me feel quite depresses:( Any advice or help would be apreciated.

  53. Okay heres the deal I’m only 14but I have incapacitating pain in my left right sides of my abdominal area it hurts when I lay on my stomach or any pressure is applied to my bladderish area what is it?

  54. im going through something like that i had a c-section when i had my twins almost two yrs ago i had my tubes tied while i had my c-section they said they ware having a hard time tying my tubes ive been in nothing but pain i spot while not even on a period i get sharp pains in my ovaries. it hurts to have sex ive went to the dr they told me i was fine but i knew better then that im still in pain but do to the government insurance i have a hard time finding a dr to see me the er told me it was not there problem basicly im just stuck in pain im contently using the bathroom like if i was pregnant i dont know what to do.

  55. This is a really useful article – thank you for writing it, and thanks everyone for your stories.

    My story is that I had stabbing pain for years which felt like knives cutting me from the inside out. I also often had difficulty having sex in different positions other than missionary or sex at all because it sometimes hurt. The GP did as you said Kelly, offering me the pill which I refused to go on having been on it years prior, because it affected my mood preventing me from feeling like myself feeling no highs and no lows. ..I felt like a robot and couldn’t continue with them. Eventually I called a specialist and went to see him. He pushed my belly and around the areas where I tended to get the pain along the fallopian and ovarian region. His assessment was that I could have an investigatory laproscopy and he would remove anything he might find when he did it, BUT he wouldn’t advise it as he didn’t think there was anything wrong with me and I should just go on the pill. I thought about it for a week and then called him to tell him I wanted the investigatory exploration. So surgery day came, and there I was in my hospital bed in my hospital gown, and he has the nerve enter my room and reiterate (when I’m already prepped for theater) that he will do the laproscopy, but he doesn’t advise it because he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with me. I was quite surprised this having already made this large decision (going under anaesthetic is no picnic, especially as I am sensitive to it and often find I need less than the advisory amount). It was so thoughtless and even moreso just before I was going to be anaesthetized. Anyway he did left, did the surgery and the next time I saw him was when I had reawakened and he reported that there was a 3mm cyst which he removed which would be conducive with the pain I was having which was removed. He said he also pushed blue fluid through both fallopian tubes to make sure there were no blockages. He said one side went through fine, the other side did not, but he put that down to just not getting enough pressure and didn’t think there was a problem. That bothered me…I thought I was under, he was in there, why the hell didn’t he try again? But I didn’t say anything because he had finished, and it wasn’t like I would have another surgery to do a pressure test. Let me stress that this specialist without giving too much away is meant to be ‘the’ top guy in the UK. His Draconian backward manner for something he specialised in, and the fact I knew he had treated famous people, shocked me. So the pain I had had went away for a couple of years – it was amazing. I could have relatively pain free sex and I didn’t get painful periods. I then got a little bit of discomfort for a year where there was a small amount of pain around my menstrual cycle but nothing to write home about, and for about a year after that bringing us up to present day, the pains are more intense and the stabbing has started to return. I have a much better GP who is one of the better ones at my practice and he immediately said he’s sending me for the kind of scan where you insert this cone looking scanner as it gives much better resolution than the traditional ones they put on your belly. It’s not particularly pleasant but I had one before when they thought I had an ovarian cyst burst which gave me burst appendix-like symptoms, and the resolution is far more advanced. I’ll know in a couple of week’s time if they find anything. The idea of having another surgery is not appealing and I definitely wouldn’t use the last surgeon again. I can’t imagine how medicine and technology have progressed so far and yet it feels like those medical professionals who have already been trained in medical school and have thriving careers have mindsets and knowledge that are completely out of place, stuck in the past and do not benefit women and our needs. This still feels like an uphill battle and I personally don’t feel like I should need to get 2,3,4,5 ‘second’ opinions in order to get good, effective treatment. Even when I did do this and forced an appointment with a country renowned surgeon, I still had to say I wanted the procedure because the surgeon said it wasn’t needed and I’d be better off going on the pill. How are women meant to feel safe and cared for by the medical community (who incidentally we are paying for this inferior service, either through national insurance, private insurance or directly privately)? It feels so backwards.

  56. I had my daughter (via c section) 5 years ago. Up until becoming pregnant with her I had always taken the pill (since age 16 and I am now 36). About 2 years ago (age 34) I started having terrible pain while ovulating. I feel like my insides are going to fall out. It got so bad at one point that my obgyn finally ordered an ultra sound to take a look. I had a few small cysts but nothing that seemed to be an issue in his eyes. Jump forward to last year and I had an abnormal pap. It was a low grade lesion and nothing to worry about. I have now had another abnormal pap (now a high grade lesion) and go in for another colposcopy tomorrow. Does anyone have experience with lesions and ovulation pain? I’m just wondering if the two could be related.

  57. Ok so I’m 17 and I have really bad pain in my ovaries and if I put pressure by my ovary it hurts to the point that I start to cry it hurts so much and i get really bad cramps during my period but this is ten times worse and my boyfriend try’s to help my deal with the pain idk what to do please help

  58. Hi am a young girl of 18 years ,am still a virgin,i expreince a very severe ovulation pain on both of my ovaries that i can’t even sleep,and it limit me from walking and i also have a strong headeche with small pain through my vigianal passage

  59. So, you’re trying to tell me that my OB/GYN, who is the best in the field in my area, lied to me when she told me that it’s common to have cramps when on your period and/or experiencing PMS because the uterus contracts (often like you’re in labor), and I shouldn’t worry about them (despite being severe) since every single test/exam she could do came back clear unless there’s a bad change in them? Lovely. I guess that means that I can’t trust any doctors to know what they’re doing or talking about, even in their field of expertise.

    1. Common doesn’t mean normal. And it’s possible to have sensation, but if you can’t carry on with your life or stay in bed due to cramps, you likely have endometriosis. It’s a choice at the end of the day, to accept a diagnosis, or to look further into things. If you’re happy, great! But if you’re not, there are people out there who love looking at the root cause of problems rather than treating symptoms. It is confusing and frustrating, but worth it to those who suffer badly from it.

  60. Hi since being sterilised three years ago I have had nothing but trouble when I ovulate,the pain is really bad, I’ve been to my gp several times,and I was given transexamic acid to take I’ve also been told to take the pill which caused me to gain so much weight I ended up depressed and suicidal. Now I’m at a point where I’m struggling to function I have no sex drive…or go the opposite way and end up in pain because I can’t get release…does anyone else that’s been sterilised have this issue..my gp just keeps fobbing me off

  61. Wow, us women get the rough deal don’t we !

    My earliest memory of ovulation pain was when I was in about 14 and I used to get woken in the middle of the night with a dull, horrible, deep ache in my lower abdomen.

    I didn’t know what it was and I was always scared I might have cancer and used to hope it would go away. I never told anybody.

    It was at 24, doubled up in excruciating agony, thinking that I was having an appendicitis attack that my boyfriend rushed me to hospital whereupon I was advised I had “ovulation pain”. Huh ? What’s that ?

    And so, over the years it has reappeared intermittently – no rhyme or pattern.

    I have had a Mirena for 4 years now, but I still get debilitating ovulation pain once in a while.

    This morning I woke up, feeling swollen and doubled up in pain …. here we go again. Last time was a year ago. 14hrs later it’s still really bad and I am struggling to walk. We all know that pain that feels like someone is driving a stake through our rear snd up into our lower abdomen !?

    Have been couch ridden all day, my son had to entertain himself all day and I didn’t get a single thing done all day – this SUCKS.

    Have just taken 2 Nurofen and am going to bed with a hot bean bag now 🙁

  62. will be 35 next month. I’m having this pain called ovulation pain. Right now in my bed dying, crying. when will this pain stop? have gone to scan because of this and they diagnosed subserous fibroid. pls can this fibroid be the cause of this ovulation pain? I’m in pains loosing hope. no child. pls come to my rescue by telling me what to do doctor Kelly. thanks a lot.

  63. Please can you help me get in touch with a specialist or even Dr Orr??

    I am currently in and out of hospital with severe abdominal pain. Lower left side. Every time it’s the same I get loaded with pain relief and sent home with more… the pain comes back a few weeks later. Seems like every month. and we end up back in hospital. Ultrasound comes back with nothing. They say they don’t want to do a laperoscapy as I’ve had one over 3 years ago and apparently nothing will have changed… is this correct??

    I have had laperoscapy in the past 3 times to remove cysts and to explore. First one was 8 years ago and Last one was over 3 years ago. I was put on the depo Provera to stop my periods as they were unbearable and I always ended up in hospital from the pain.

    I have recently had a child. She is now 4 months old. I had retained placenta which was diagnosed 6 weeks after I gave birth and I had a D & C. Since then I have been getting Severe pain in my abdomen possibly during ovulating but unsure as I am exclusively breastfeeding.

    I am writing to you because I want answers. There must be a reason I curl over in pain every 4 or 5 weeks. I am sick of being told to go home and take more pain meds. Currently I am on sevredol codeine and tramadol and as soon as the pills ware off the pain is there.

    Please if you can help me I would appreciate your time

  64. I was 16 I had my 1 ovary and 2 tube taken because my ex gave me clamitia . I went throw pain I couldn’t never explain. 14 years I have been 2 so many doctors and ER they can’t find what is wrong . I never have pains during my cycle and it’s every month the pains can be okay I can handle or I might need to go to the ER for stronger pain killers .I can’t have sex most of the time . Even when I don’t hurt , I will during or after . I’m to the point it scares me to have sex .what are my options and how can I make this pain stop so I can enjoy my life .

  65. I experienced heavy pain on right side during and immediately after my period. Would sometimes feel it during ovulation as well. Ultrasounds showed what looked to be a multi septated cyst, surgery later confirmed that it was an endometrioma. Endometriosis covered my right ovary and fallopian tube so a unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy was done. Pain is not normal. See a Gynecologist as soon as possible.

  66. I have experienced painful periods since having a baby 3 years ago (natural vaginal delivery). The aching “bruised” feeling isn’t unbearable, but the stabbing pains catch/stop me in my tracks, particularly when I go to stand from a sitting position, or lift my child say. My GP says this isn’t uncommon. Could it be an issue caused/subsequent to childbirth? (There is direct family history of ovarian cysts and hypothyroidism).

    1. Period pain and painful ovulation is not normal – I would keep seeking opinions until someone helps you. Make sure you ask for a referral to a specialist, a GP isn’t skilled in gynae issues.

  67. hi doctor, I have mid cycle pain for almost 8 days and pain is on and off for 30 mins. I have not had this pain before my abdominal surgery ( to remove fibroids) only after the surgery I started having this pain. I am trying for conception since 4 yrs with 2 IUI’s with no success. could this be bcos of adhesions ? would my organs be attached together so that I am not conceiving and get pain when I ovulate. y do I get this pain only when I ovulate. recently I am diagnosed with multiple fibroids but doctor said that is not encroaching into uterine cavity and will not disturbed the pregnancy. I want to get rid of this pain…

  68. Thanks so much for this post. I also have pain in my right lower pelvis. I have been having this pain for over 2 years now and it always on my right and it always lasts till my period starts. *it gets more intense with each day.
    I have been to the hospital twice about this. I went for an ultrasound and the results said that I might have torsion. but the gynecologist said it couldn’t be because I don’t have any other symptoms.My vaginal swab came out fine too. I dunno what to do anymore. None of the pain killers and suppositories prescribed work for me.
    I live in Africa and it is very costly for me to go and get second opinions and other scans done.
    but what worries me the most is that the pain doesn’t switch sides. could that mean my left ovary is dormant? and why does mine last longer than anyone else’s?

  69. hi doctor, ive been having excruciating stabbing pain in my ovaries for the past 3 days now and today i woke up with light bleeding. i went to the obgyn today and got a vaginal ultrasound and they said everything looked perfectly fine i was quite confused because i never experienced nothing like this before they said it was normal i was just ovulating. but by reading this makes me even more concerned that scans dont always pick up endometriosis which i thought i had by what i had researched. they said i should look into taking birth control to settle my periods and to pick up some midal on my way home. needless to say i did have and i also been using a heating pad, took a hot bath, and nothing seemed to work im over here crying my eyes out all over again. is it just a second period or is there something i should look into i dont wanna feel like this anymore.

  70. I have had the same severe ovulation pain for about 15 years. Very severe. It took me years to figure out that it was actually ovulation pain. 12-14 days after the start of my period. It lasts about 2-4 hours. Starts in my side, then moves to the front, ends up feeling like tremendous pressure like Im giving birth. I told my OB about it for years, he only said to take ibuprofen. I switched doctors and the new doctor sent me for an MRI. We happened to stumble across a 10mm mass in my abdomen. Had surgery to remove that. But it had nothing to do with my pain. Severe ovulation pain continues. I’m on this site now because I had it so bad two days ago, that I am still sore. Called my OB and we are scheduling (yet another) ultrasound near the time I will be ovulating next. I was told before that there are cysts bursting when I ovulate. They must be BIG! I just hope they are not causing damage.

  71. Hello doctor, I’ve being having this excruciating pain at the lower part of my abdomen during ovulation and menstruation and lately after intercourse. This problem gives me a great deal of worries. I visited a gynaecologist who recommended a birth control pills to me which i took all to no avail. I dread both ovulation and menstruation because of this pains that i have to go through. Doctor, What do you suggest to me please.

  72. I am a 44yr old female . I have regular periods that harderly are painful.
    I have had surgery to remove my gorld stones and gorld bladder out over a decade ago.
    This month I had a 5day period and 3 days later I have my period again.
    And am atm having really really painful aching excrutiating pain in my ovary, stomach,bladder,intestines now.
    I have this exact pain 2yrs ago.
    What can I do and what do these pains mean please

  73. I get severe ovulation pain every month. To the point where I can’t walk, all I do is lay in bed all day with a hot water bottle on my ovaries. Started 4 years ago, when I got off the pill to try and get pregnant. We did the scans & found nothing. Really hard to try for a baby when you are in so much pain during ovulation. But two years later, we got pregnant. Turns out I drop two eggs at a time almost every month. Which explains why alot of the time, the pain is on BOTH sides. My twins are turning 1 next month

  74. I have had severe pelvic pain so bad it has caused me to miss work or have to go home early because I couldn’t stand. But it is more of a chronic pain. Like it doesn’t go away anymore. It use to but now it’s a dull pain and every few weeks will be a stabbing pain that doubles me over. My doctors just tell me they haven’t figured it out yet but I’ve read online in places that it could be endometriosis. Is there a way to find out for sure??

  75. I can hardly stand it the pain is so bad. It seemed kind of sudden I was fine all day then suddenly slammed with severe pain. It feels like its spasming. Crying from the pain. I had to take a muscle relaxer its so bad. My lower abdomen seems swollen as well. I can’t find one good gynecologist in my area. Idk what to do.

  76. I’m 30 yrs old and I’ve been having ovulation pains for years. It always happens a week before my period and last only a week. The pain is so severe that I can’t leave my house or function like a normal human being during that time because the pain is debilitating. My skin is permanently scarred from the hrs I spent on the heating pad to relieve the pain. I’ve talked to several doctors and I agree with what a lot of women are saying that they don’t understand the severity of the pain. I’ve tried several birth controls that were suppose to stop me from ovulating but it never worked. It basically got to the point where my doctor told me this is what I’m goin to have to deal with until I choose to have a child and get my uterus removed. It’s getting to the point where I feel hopeless and I feel like no one is listening or understands. I’m glad I found this article and I’m glad that I am not the only who is having this problem.

  77. Thank you for this article. I am currently in a lot of pain with ovulation. I have had lapsocopy, several scans, my hormones tested, smear tests and I eat low carb but all my tests come back normal. Yet I have had 4 miscarriages. What else could the pain be?

  78. I have dealt with with severe pains ever since I started at the ripe old age of 11. I was in the ER several times as a teen thinking I had appendicitis and have always been cleared and they finally just told me maybe it’s PCOS to get me to stop coming in and wasting their time. Well, that’s how I felt anyway. I have been through several gyn’s because I feel like they don’t listen to me. I’ve had ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs. Nothing. I’ve had blood work that says except for being overweight and having elevated cholesterol, I’m pretty much fine. Though I spent an hour researching my bloodwork that was emailed to me in January from my current gyn who told me about my “shocking” cholesterol news and everything was in the realm of normal except for 5 items, but only 2 really concerned me. My testosterone is low and my progesterone is high. But no, they only care about my cholesterol. At this point, I don’t know what to do anymore. Nobody seems to care about the constant pain. I have ovulation pain that lasts anywhere from 2-5 days. Sometimes it’s not so bad and others I feel like I’m in the Aliens movie, only the alien is shredding his way out in my abdomen and not my chest and it’s both sides, not just my right and nothing helps relieve it but time. I’ve had period cramps so severe, it shoots straight down into my knees. But no. I’m perfectly fine. So frustrated with it all.

  79. I had 17 misscarriages and had severe pain every time or most times and lost every pregnany. I went for infertility tests to find that I had. short phase luteal phase defect. Then I was put on clomid, got pregnant and fetus died in utero at 9 weeks from severe Translocation of Trisomy 21. I was never able to successfully have a child because then wound up with a tubal pregnany and went through h*** with that. I have to wonder now after all these years if I had POCS… But I think I was also checked for that too. But in the end we adopted a new born baby girl. So I guess God had something different planned for me but by ALL MEANS do not avoid severe pain. I was like some of you, I could hardly walk the left sided pain was horrific

  80. I am 42 and have had 6 live natural births and 3 miscarriages. I would get PMS occasionally but it seemed “normal” enough. Today (and I think I am ovulating) I have been having terrible intermittent pains on my left side. Feels fluttery, or like a spasm and then will stop for a while and then do it again. I was freaking out that it might be an ectopic pregnancy but that seems impossible due to the timing. Reading everyone’s comments is easing my fears a bit, but I still wonder if having an ultrasound with an OB office would be helpful.

  81. I am 41 and been pregnant many times throughout my life but only had 4 live birth. I had a miscarriage about 7 to 9 years ago and didn’t think to much about it but I haven’t been pregnant every since. About 2 to 3 months ago I started to have ovulation pain on my lower left side and t was so painful that i had to go to the ER and they did a scan and it came bach normal. But now almost every month i still is having the same pain and sometimes the pain very from dull to very painful. I have been checked for fibroids and I as told that i don’t have them. I don’t know what to do now.

  82. PLEASE READ. I am so glad I found this. I am in the US. I’ve had sharp, stabbing, painful (I can feel the pain radiate on the right side, down to my knee) “ovulation” type pain, daily, for over a week now. Went and saw an OB. I TOLD HER, I track my periods and every time I’ve had the “ovulation,” pain. She told me to, “calm down,” that, “you’re probably just feeling ovulation,” and wanted to write me a prescription for birth control. I demanded an ultrasound, which I had today August, 21. I told her I was considering a radical hysterectomy (I’m 30) because of the terrible PMS, migraines, bleeding and hot flashes i experience more often than not. She thought it was a great idea… Ultrasound results due August, 23.

  83. I’m 40 And have two children. I was sterilised about 13 years ago. I still get ovulation pains and it hurts. Is this normal.

  84. Hi I am 23 and I have been having ovulation pain since May 2017 till now February 2018. Seen the doctor a couple of times but said it was normal I get constipated a lot. When I get to this stage I can barely think straight or do anything productive, this continues for about a week straight. Please is this normal

  85. I have had pain for about 6 days a month around the time of ovulation. I went to many doctors about it, but they never found anything so I just gave up and live with it.

  86. This article was extremely well done and sooo accurate.
    I have been through a month of debilitating ovarian pain which now the pain has travelled. All started with my left ovary and my whole left side of my body is now affected.
    Sometimes i get a sharp pain like twisting inside and I immediately break in tears.
    I have had doctors ignore me including one doctor in ED two weeks ago ( to go to a women’s clinic for chronic pain )
    I felt so discouraged and thought perhaps I have to live kien this . One gynaecologist wanted to perform a laparoscopy immediately and appeared interested until I
    Mentioned I did not have private health fund.
    She was not interested in performing my procedure in the public system at all.
    There was one doctor out of approximately 15 over the whole month I have seen , who took a keen interest and decided to make calls.
    I am finally going into surgery on friday and am terrified not only at what they will find but what sort of damage is done in all this time of waiting and the pain becomes more
    And more severe.
    I have not been able to work , drive , attend socials , see my extended family not even get my eyebrows done. For a whole month ! This is how bad the pain affected me.
    The pain all came about following a difficult removal of an iud device on 11/04/2018.
    Since then my life has changed.
    I’m now terrified at what the outcome is. 🙁
    It is very hard to persist when you are in so much pain , you cannot be an advocate for yourself , you have no strength.
    It is up to the medical system to provide adequate care for all
    Of us !!

  87. My sister had server abdominal pains and bad periods. She had to have liposcopic and found endometriosis. I have the same issues and it gets better then worse. Doctors told me its probably endometriosis but I’m scared to do surgery. You have to have liposcopic surgery in order to find out if you have endometriosis for sure. But the painful ovalation is how you determine to get the surgery done.

  88. I know this post is older and hope it is still being responded too. I just saw my doctor for cyclical uterine pain. I get it with ovulation and once my cycle starts the pain resolves. It started as soon as I stopped breastfeeding my daughter at 10 1/2 months. We have multiple losses before conceiving her and tried clomid and femara with trigger shots and vaginal progesterone. The pain feels as if I am taking clomid again. It is uncomfortable and very noticeable, not anything I would take medication for, but if it became more bothersome I may. My gynecologist did an US and all appears normal except having a small uterus. He believes it is the connective tissue not relaxing and wants to send me for pelvic rehab. I am 40 and have had 2 miscarriage, 1 stillborn and 1 beautiful healthy baby girl. We would like to try again but this pain with ovulation is concerning. It is not the same pain I always felt in my ovary during ovulation my entire reproductive years. This pain started 4 months ago and goes from hip to hip when at it’s worse and is the complete lower pelvis area. What can be causing this? Can it really be connective tissue related and the surrounding muscles? Can that make you feel like you are taking clomid?

  89. This article inspired me not to give up and just ‘endure’ the pain. I’ve been so frustrated with doctors…. I feel as though I’ve been written off every time I go to a different doctor for help with my list of symptoms. Last night, the ovulation-like pain, tenderness and bloating became so intense, I felt like I was in labor! I’ve had 2 kids via c-section and the second was rough because there was a scar tissue surprise waiting inside my abdomen that my doctor did not expect. After reading this I made an appointment to go back and I will certainly request laparoscopy. Thank you.

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