Two Week Wait Activity List – Surviving The Two Week Wait

Two Week Wait Activity List - Surviving The Two Week Wait

As any woman who is trying to get pregnant can tell you, the two weeks from ovulation to the due date for your next period are pure torture.

You promise yourself you’ll just wait it out, distract yourself with other activities and you won’t even THINK about taking a pregnancy test until you’re at least a day overdue.

Then something happens – your breasts start hurting in a slightly different way than they did before, you get slightly nauseous, you have some spotting, or nothing happens, but you find yourself waking up wishing you could go to sleep again so that it would be another day closer to knowing.

You can’t think, you can’t sleep, you can’t work, and you start taking HPT’s days before they are even possibly meaningful. You are deep in the abyss of THE TWO WEEK WAIT!

In my opinion, it’s no use advising women to stop obsessing, it’s impossible.

The Two Week Wait

Instead, I give you a list of more productive ways to obsess. Please note, however, that there is a limit that each woman must define for herself, between indulging in some baby daydreaming and going overboard. I’ve included some examples below:

Two Week Wait Tip #1: Take A Walk Around Your Neighbourhood

… and figure out what will be the best route for strolls with the baby. Find areas with nice pavements and easy curbs. Go ahead and daydream. But do NOT buy a stroller for the dog.

Two Week Wait Tip #2: Clean Out Your Wardrobe

… to make room for the maternity stuff you’ll be buying soon.

Try on anything you haven’t worn for six months. Yes, if you wish, you may put a pillow in your undies to see what will work as maternity wear. But taking a picture of yourself like that is going too far.

Two Week Wait Tip #3: Start A Journal

Write down everything you’re feeling. It will be a great opening chapter for your child’s baby book. If you can’t put your feelings into words, draw something; try to create a symbol that expresses the frustration you’re feeling. Don’t get that symbol tattooed on your ankle.

Two Week Wait Tip #4: Plant A Hope Garden

Or a hope rosebush. Or a hope citrus tree. You want to grow something inside of you, well start by growing something outside of you. Nurture it. Feed it. Give it water. Talk to it. But do not send out birth announcements.

Two Week Wait Tip #5: Get Better At Photography

Really learn how to work all the buttons and settings on your camera. Experiment! Get all the downloading and editing stuff worked out. You will be well prepared once you have a baby, and will be able to get some great shots and get them emailed to your family before the child’s graduation. Do not take photos of your cervical mucous, even if Toni Weschler begs you.

Two Week Wait Tip #6: Make An Appeal To The Committee Meeting Going On Inside You

Sperm, egg, uterus, corpus luteum, progesterone – they are in there either making a baby or not. Treat them like any other unruly committee you’ve ever addressed. Yes that’s right, go ahead and talk to them. Put your hands on your stomach and tell them how much you respect them. Make your best argument in favor of a baby, and then let them decide. It’s out of your hands. Addressing the committee within earshot of normal people is not recommended.

Two Week Wait Tip #7: Paint Your Toenails

Imagine how difficult this will be when you are pregnant. Go shopping for the perfect pink and blue nail polish in preparation for a celebration polish. Alternating colors on the day you find out you’re pregnant, or a single color for the day you find out the baby’s sex. Don’t be tempted to paint a cycle day countdown on your big toes.

Two Week Wait Tip #8: Make A Cup Of Herbal Tea

It is a nice ritual: boiling the water, adding the tea leaves, pouring into a nice china cup, adding some milk or sugar, sipping peacefully. Ahhhh. There’s nothing that a nice cup of tea won’t help. Yeah right. Well it does kill a little bit of time.

Two Week Wait Tip #9: Swim Laps

Think about the sperm and how they need to swim to your egg. Imagine that you are a sperm, the end of the pool is the egg, then GO, GO, GO! Don’t wear a tail or anything. Just imagine it quietly.

Two Week Wait Tip #10: Make Lists

List all the people you will tell when you get pregnant, and in what order. List all the little jobs you need to get done instead of obsessing about this 2WW! List all the healthy activities you intend to do this week. List all the girl and boy names you like. Lists are helpful for all sorts of things, most of all for passing time rather than actually doing something.

Two Week Wait Tip #11: Create A Fertility Dance

Choose whatever music speaks to your soul and make up a dance routine as a prayer to the universe for the growth of an embryo. Move your hips, rotate your belly, let your arms flow – but close the curtains.

Two Week Wait Tip #12: Prepare A Folic Acid Feast

Cream of broccoli soup as an entree, followed by spinach lasagne, enriched whole grain garlic bread and frozen orange juice sorbet for dessert. Dedicate the meal to your baby-to-be. Just don’t set a highchair at the table in his or her honor.

Two Week Wait Tip #13: Delegate The Burden Of The Two Week Wait

Clearly someone has to worry constantly during this time, but does it have to be you? Divide the days up among your best friends and closest family. On their assigned day they are required to think, wonder, and worry all day about whether you are pregnant or not. At the end of the day they have to call or send you email describing how agonizing it was. Also they have to report to you if they had any “symptoms,” such as sore breasts, excessive urination, nausea, bleeding, fatigue… you will be surprised how many people, male and female, have early pregnancy symptoms if they just look for them.

Two Week Wait Tip #14: Write A List Of 14 Things To Do During The Two Week Wait

… and post it on the internet. For me, this killed nearly 3 hours. Now what? I’ve still got 9 days to go? Aaaarrgrhhhh.

— author unknown

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  1. This is helpful things to do 🙂 I have been off my pill going on 4 months and the last 3 periods have been hard waiting to see if they will come and when they do a little bit of me cry’s inside but stay positive..hard not trying to think as tho am trying but just having fun as my nana puts it 🙂 so hopefully things like this will help me get threw the next two weeks 🙂 today is my last day of trying

    1. I’m in the same boat! TTC #1. Never been pg before. Off BC since October and nothing yet. Today I’m 8dpo and stressing over every little twinge and mood swing. Fingers crossed for both of us 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this enjoyable read. It is 10 years old but is perfectly timed for me to discover it today. I really needed that laugh. Now I’m off to delegate the worrying!

  3. This is the absolute most helpful article I have come across. Thank you so very much. I appreciate how you understand that the obsession will not stop, but instead the energy can be focused in other, more productive areas. I also love the humor! Again, THANK YOU for taking the time write this. This is extremely helpful!

  4. Hmmmmm! cant wait for this day of ma suposed period to come or a day aftr! Aaaaaaaaaarrrhhhhh but i will try to wait, the temptation to test is so sooooo strongr! HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  5. These are great! I especially like Tip #6. I am nervous that I could be and nervous that I might not be. This would be my third pregnancy. The first one I terminated, I was way too young and dumb and my second was five years ago and ended in a miscarriage. Fifteen days to go, but, I usually start my period a week early than the regular date so in reality 7 days to go. Eeeesh!

  6. 🙂 been doing #1-3 too … and dancing.

    #13 makes me laugh!

    If pregnant first symptom will be “hyperboloidal dreams” .. . serious, dreams of hyperboloid structures, and waking at night to sound of feathers shifting in my duvet, thinking is a storm or a mouse ……. and feel like a bee has stung my nipples

  7. I was convinced not to take the test while reading this. And i kind of started dancing too. Haha. Good luck to me. Will start writting the list now.

  8. As a recently confirmed Mama-to-Be I totally get the agony, I tested to early, crest fallen only to be late and test again. Three days past confirmation (Can I get a HOORRAYYYY) and now I am waiting anxiously for our first appointment. Is this sweet little poppy seed healthy? Am I healthy? Are we ready to go all the way? Just 28 more days before we head out. Good luck to all those beautiful ladies TTC and congrats to everyone who just found out like me!! Chin up to all those who are headed towards another round of trying, remember to take it easy on yourself and your partner, it will happen when and how it is supposed to and not a second sooner 🙂

    1. Its exactly the same thing happening to me. Just waiting for the period date 25th of this month so that i could be confirmed whether i’m pregnant or not. Though i am getting symptoms like acne or frequent urination but nothing can be confirmed yet. Just praying to god that this should be the month i am waiting for and could happily share this great news with my family and friends. Fingers crossed.

  9. I am in the same boat here. It’s 2 days before my period and I’ve been getting all these weird symptoms. I recently had a cysterectomy and I believe that we didn’t fall pregnant before because of the cyst. Now we are back TTC and it’s our first month. Now I feel like it should happen because there isn’t any reason not to. Been really moody this month and today I’ve been feeling neasous. Bit of fatigue and my boobs are sore too but I feel like there are either early pms symptoms or just me overthinking it. So hard to wait and then have the disappointment. People say it will happen when you least expect it but I think that’s easier said then done. Wish me luck.

  10. This article was just what I needed. Lesbian couple trying to start a family, 9 days till we will know for sure and I just can’t wait. Good luck everyone 🙂

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