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Thread: 47 day cycle and counting & negative HPT's...

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    That is great news Renstar.

    How are you going Ambah?

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    AF arrived this morning, so thats a 50day cycle for me!
    Its a bit of a relief... at least now I can get planning for proper TTC this next cycle!
    Thanks everyone for your advice & thoughts, and goodluck to those still waiting for AF (or a BFP!!!)

    Nic -thanks, and yes it is a bit strange! Had taken both me and DP a long time to get to this point... although I think we are still quite scared though...

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    Thanks Luey.

    I'm glad you finally got answers Ambah!!! It's a LONG time to wait isn't it?? We both got our's this morning! haha no more waiting...

    Good luck with TTC next month how exciting!!!!

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    Hi all

    Renstar - I'm glad you got your AF. I'm still waiting for mine. Curiosity got the better of me this morning and did yet another HPT, which was of course BFN (knew in my heart it would be ). So I've just gone out and bought some Vitex and am going to try it - hopefully I'll be finished with this cycle in few days, I've had PMS symptoms for @ 2 weeks now, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Did you end up going to Drs about your long cycle?

    Ambah - Good luck with your TTC journey!

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    Jen-b, won't be long until you get your AF (or BFP!!!) i hope you get it really soon. Yes it does make you feel yuck hey? I've only just started feeling better now (day 2 of AF). I'm glad you got Vitex, just take it twice a day or whatever bottle says until you get AF and then maybe take it for the first 2 days of AF. then next time your AF is due start taking it again until you get AF that is what i am going to do anyway.

    I didn't end up going to the doc or making an appointment, i've been so busy lately i just don't get the time. I would have liked too. I think the doc would just tell me it is normal after going off BCP's (8yrs I was taking them for).

    Are you going to the doc? If you want to i think you should for piece of mind but i'd say your body is just adjusting....

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    oh and Jen-b, good luck with TTC # 3!!!! I can't wait to start TTC soon!!!! #1 it will be for us!!!

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    Thanks Renstar!!

    Sounds like a good plan (re: Vitex), think I'll do the same.

    I think if I went to the Drs, she would probably tell me just to wait out this cycle and see what next cycle does - so I'll just sit tight and patiently (yeah right!!) wait for AF.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your TTC journey when the time comes

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    Thanks Jen-B, all the best I'll see you around similar threads no doubt!

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