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Thread: Did anyone have cramps in very early pregnancy with IVF

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    I remember the stress about cramping and spotting. I was convinced that the ET hadn't worked or I was about to miscarry. I had cramping for about half of the first tri. I had 2 decent sized spots in the first 2 weeks after the ET, once after an u/s and the progesterone (crinone) seemed to accumulate and when it came out it was brownish/pinkish coloured.

    I asked for multiple u/s throughout my first tri as I couldn't trust my body and believe that all was okay.

    The whole first tri was extremely stressful.

    Wishing you the best of luck!!

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    Regular blood tests show everything seems to be going great. I spoke to the nurse about the cramps and she said it can be a side effect of the crinone (progesterone) and also that when they drain the folicals for eggs they only take the big/mature ones, the smaller ones are left behind and continue to grow. She suggested that the cramping was probably a result of this. I haven't had any bleeding myself but was told this can be implantation bleeding , blood left over from the egg removal process or in some cases when 2 or more eggs were implanted and 1 may miscarry. I felt better again after having a bit of a chat to one of my wonderful IVF nurses.

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    Hello Ameski, happy to hear that things are going well. I had completely forgotten about the follicles left over! I remember now the nurse telling me something similar when I had my first ultrasound to confirm the heartbeat.

    Every cramp or twinge that I had in the first trimester scared me silly. Oh, and just so you know.... you always find something new to worry about... well, at least I did

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