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Thread: IVF & weight gain?

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    Default IVF & weight gain?

    Hi everyone,

    I know this sounds kind of vain, but I've spent the last year losing 30kgs (in preparation for getting pregnant) and I'm getting kind of despondent that the IVF process may make me put on weight. Don't get me wrong, if it means I get a baby at the end of the process, I don't care if I put it all back on!

    I'm finding that the Synarel is making me feel bloated and I've gained about half a kilo. I'm assuming that the injections will make me feel even worse.

    What has been your experience??


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    From the time I started on the pill for my Down Reg cycle to when the cycle was over I gained around 4kg from all the excess fluid built up from the meds.

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    Thanks Sarah - I guess 4kg is not so bad after all! I can live with that...


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    slyder Guest


    DW averages about 45kg and nothing makes her put on weight - except IVF it seems. She blew up (so to speak) on the stims and apparently has gained 2-3kg.

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    hey, I know how you feel. I NEVER put on weight being a competitive athlete, but when I started IVF things changed. I admit I have only put on 1 kg over the course of 7 months, but this is the first time I have put on weight since getting pregnant with my first naturally.

    I also bloated with all the stim medications, but the bloating went away.

    I say a big congrats for losing 30kgs !! that is just so so wonderful and you should be proud of yourself.

    I believe the weight gain for me is more due to easing off on my training rather more than anything, so don't worry too much, and just eat as fresh and unproccessed as you can.

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    I have put on about 5kg. I walk everyday & am not over eating. I was discussing with DH this morning on our walk that I I don't think think there is anything that I can do to stop this weight gain.

    Honestly, I do not feel or look like I have gained this weight. As I have been excerising daily & eating very healthy, I am feeling great!

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    hey wonderful ladies..
    me too in the same boat..
    i put on almost 4 kg in both the IVF Cycles.. i guess we feel heavy bcos of the bloated feeling especialy around the tummy. I already look like 5 months preggo. I have noticed that its just a temporary thing, and once the hormones are stopped, it goes back to normal. also, the best thing to do is drink plenty of fluids and ofcourse, walking..

    My 1st FET cycle is on.. Lupride shots started on Nov 10. Hoping to have the FET during dec 1st week.

    good luck to all

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    I also put on approx. 4kgs during my stim cycle The nurse told me is normal but does not necessarily come off as easily as it goes on. I am sure though if I start eating more healthy and being more active it will come off eventually.

    Good luck with everything

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    Hey Vicki
    I'm a little stressed about the same thing as you - I've lost weight leading up to my wedding in just over 3 weeks, and especially so I could feel great in my dress!
    Then I started IVF, and the pill along made me increase a full cup in my bra size! I put on 2kg in the three weeks on the pill, but after coming off the pill, have lost that 2kg in just over a week. Unfortunately cup size is taking longer to get back to normal... eek! It may be the synarel doing that. I have a dress fitting tomorrow - we'll see how it goes.
    I started stims yesterday, so I don't know what's happening with the weight yet, but I can tell you I certainly feel more bloated / retaining fluid already.

    It seems from reading the posts here that it's pretty normal, and it does sound like (and from my experience so far) that a lot of the weight gain that people have to contend with, if not most of it, is fluid retention related.

    Congratulations on losing all the weight you have - it's a brilliant way to go into pregnancy, and surely it will help you conceive! You're here now, and you're TTC, so try not to stress about weight gain, as it's all part of the process!

    Good luck with your IVF, I hope it is a short and successful journey for you

    Miss C

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    Thanks everyone for your responses - I feel a lot better now that it appears to be normal weight gain associated with IVF!

    Slyder - I wish I was as lucky as your DW!! She must be tiny!

    Runnermum - thanks for the congrats. It has been a long and slow process to lose the weight, but I'm so glad I've done it. As long as I'm eating healthily, I'm sure the weight will eventually come off.

    Lilchookie - I hope that my weight gain is unnoticeable like yours. Nobody has said anything to me about looking bloated, so maybe it's just me (and DH of course lol) who has noticed.

    Wannababy - good luck with your FET cycle - I look forward to hearing some good news in early December!

    Mel1977 - I hope it comes off easily!! It's a bummer how it always goes on easy but comes off tough

    Miss_C - I'm sure hubby's not too disappointed about the cup size My hubby complaints that my BBs are getting too small with all my weight loss lol. Good luck with the dress fitting - I'm sure it will be fine.

    Cheers to everyone!


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    Pookie ... congrats on the weight loss! That is awesome! Wish I had the motivation to lose weight! I have put on 20kgs since getting married and IVF and its depressing (I put on about 3-4kgs during cycle) and the weigh in at EPU was depressing as was the most I'd ever weighed in my life. I said to DH if I dont get PG by Feb am taking break and will focus on losing weight, as am sure being overweight doesnt help with conception (even though have seen ppl fatter than me fall PG!?). I eat healthy (but too much) and stress doesnt help! Try to focus on not stressing, as the stress (well for me makes me eat).
    Wishing u all the best!

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    Well done on your loss. Well I had my first IVF cycle in march and put on 8 kilos overnight I ve lost 4 but my boobs were ginormous for about 4 months. They are still really big I just cant loose them. To put in in perspective I was an ample D cup now Im a e or ee.Who knows if it ws the meds or emational eating . goodluck with it all

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    Yes I can definetley say girls that I put on a heap of weight too. I think in total I put on 6 kilos and I have now lost a couple I think but my boobs are still bigger and cant lose them. I am still alot bigger than I used to be. People always commented when I did and said that its for a good casue and its not like yoour sitting infront of the telly eating all day......your only going to get bigger when you ARE pregnant......I titally agree but I dont want people congratulating me before I AM!!!!

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    jules30 Guest


    we were planning on eloping in March/April next year possibly. But, i would also like to start ivf in Jan. Maybe i should wait... so i dont get depressed trying to fit into the dress!!

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    collo4 and Carla - I told my DH about the possibility that my boobs are going to get permanently bigger from doing IVF and he was VERY excited LOL.


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    blizzy Guest


    Wow, Great work on the weight loss so far

    I am normally around the 80kg mark and i have put on about 4.5kg during this cycle. My nurses told me that most of that is fluid and if i dont get UTD it should disappear pretty soon. She told me if i do get UTD well, expoect more fluid lol

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