Sex Positions To Conceive A Girl Naturally

Sex Positions To Conceive A Girl Naturally

If you’re desperate to add a little girl to your growing family, you may be wondering if you can determine the sex of your unborn baby at conception.

Perhaps you’ve already cut meat from your diet, started to have sex more often, and persuaded your partner to take long baths.

But, have you made any changes in the bedroom?

There are some people who believe the position you have sex in, can actually influence the sex of your child.

Unfortunately there isn’t much science to back this up, although you won’t have to look hard to find anecdotal evidence.

So, here’s the low down on sex positions to conceive a girl naturally.

The Theory On Conceiving A Girl Based On Sex Positions

A leading scientist in this area, Doctor Shettles, believed that certain sexual positions gave the advantage to the sperm carrying the chromosome of a particular gender. Doctor Shettles found that boy sperm were weaker but faster than their female counterparts. He believed boy sperm could swim very fast but survived for shorter periods, because of this he felt that sexual positions that allowed for deep penetration gave the upper hand to boy sperm who could swim quickly towards the egg.

Girl sperm, while slower swimmers, have better stamina and are able to travel further to seek out the egg. For this reason, Dr Shettles believed that shallow penetration, which would lead to ejaculation a greater distance from the cervix, would give girl sperm an improved chance of reaching the egg. In this situation, boy sperm would swim very fast for a short time, and would probably never make it to the egg.

The following positions, which allow for limited penetration, are said to be ideal for conceiving a girl:

Sex Position For A Girl #1: Missionary

It may not be the most exciting entry in the kama sutra, but this position is said to be the best for conceiving a girl. You should lie on your back, and your partner should lie on top, and enter you. You should try to keep your legs in a missionary position, if you end up wrapping them around your partner’s waist, you will allow for much deeper penetration. Remember, the whole point of this position is to limit penetration.

Sex Position For A Girl #2: Spooning

You should lie on your side, and have your partner enter you from behind. This position is called spoons, because you should look like spoons in a drawer, with your partner cuddled up against you as he enters you from behind. The position of your legs while spooning helps to keep penetration shallow.

Sex Position For A Girl #3: Girl On Top

This position makes it onto both gender lists for conception, and that’s because it’s all about control. If you were hoping for a boy, you would allow deep penetration in this position. Since you are hoping for a girl though, you will be charged with maintaining shallow penetration during sex. Your partner should sit or lie down on the bed, and you should straddle him. Slowly ease your way onto him, but be careful not to let him fully enter you. The key to this position, is to not let him go too deep.

Avoid An Orgasm For A Girl

Another popular myth about how to conceive a girl is to avoid having an orgasm during sex. For you, that is – obviously your partner will need to ejaculate for conception to occur. Some people believe that the secretion released during a female orgasm creates an alkaline environment in the vagina that helps boy sperm to survive longer. By avoiding orgasm, and maintaining a more acidic environment, you can increase the chances of girl sperm reaching the egg first.

More Gender Swaying Tips?

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  1. I hope this work because I want to have a girl real bad and my son wants a sister or he would settle for a baby brother. I pray to god that I can have a baby girl

      1. I’ve got 3 boys also, never believed in this whole position on conceiving a certain gender. I too want a girl but will try for one in 2-3 years.

    1. I agree with you my husband and I are going to try for a baby girl but if we end up having a boy it’s okay to cuz either one will be God’s blessing but I do pray to God that I do have a baby girl this time cuz I’ve already had two boys

    1. Amen to that! I have 2 girls! Both were concieved Missionary style when we were being lazy! I’m gonna try something different for the next one lol

  2. I have three beautiful boys and adore them completely, I keep joking to my partner that I’m going to put our youngest in a dress (10mths old) I would dearly love a pink baby! My mom says I have to keep going until she gets a granddaughter because my sister and I only have boys! My partner has a daughter with his ex so I know he can do it!!

  3. It worked for me for all 3 of our children. Boy, girl, boy. I looked all that funky stuff up and tried it. It worked lol. Those who are desperate for a boy, have your man drink a glass of caffinatrd whatever and do it doggy style!!!

  4. I really want a babygirl because my son wants a baby sister because hes the only son now me and my husband wants to settle down for a little babygirl

  5. Im only almost five weeks via ftm and i really want to have a baby boy but the majority of my family and my partners family is all consisted of girls. But even if i get a girl ill be happy because shell be a beauty.

  6. Lols,,,u dont really wana know why i want a girl…i know very well that man’s when it comes to baby boys they just dont wana hear anything,,they want them by their side 24/ am i gona bond with him?? So i rather have a girl first then buys after,,and by that time i’ll know,if he takes away my boys i will have my girl with me..

    1. I have 4 boys ages 15-3. They always preferred me to their dad. From what I hear and I believe this to be true, you know how they say “Daddy’s little girl.” ? Well, I’veheard the same is true for boys, they bond with their mothers lime a daugjter does with her father.

      1. Hey, I tried missionary for my first child as I wanted a girl, but ended up with a boy 🙁 🙁 did I do something wrong?
        What’s pop btw?

        1. I’m not trying to be a smart ass or anything so please don’t take this the wrong way but the article does state clearly that these are popular myths #1.. I have 3 kids a boy and 2 girls (ages range fro 11 – 7mo.) and I promise, the gender of your baby has absolutely nothing to do with what position you were doing during time of conception for 2. . I 100% believe that every single one of you girls posting on this article needs to realize that everything you read on the internet isn’t true and before making yourselves look completely insane/uneducated you should look into things before believing them (and sometimes even trying things before checking into them a little further can cause injury/problems).. an don’t take everyone’s comments as the truth or think that’s what’s gonna be right for you also (it’s like jumping off a bridge because someone else said it was ok an they did it)..

  7. I read and Used Dr. Shettles sex pre selection book I already had a girl. I had extremely predominately looking mucus white creamy thick to thin thin thinner n finally clear like inside egg that surounds yoke Doggy style and had orgasm got within the 12-24he because. Mucus was so clear! Now my son is 22 yrs old! Buy his book it will work

  8. I really need to know if I have missionary on my stomach does that help my chances of getting a girl? Please tell me any other positions for a girl if you know them

  9. From where I come from all this is not TRUE, I have 3 boys and we didn’t take note of any position. In our family 95% is boys. My dad had 5 boys & 1 girl. Other family members is the same. I am an African in our Moyo totem majority of people are male so the whole clan can’t be using same sex position & what’s funny enough our sisters when they get married they also get more girls

  10. I have 2 boys. Both conceive on ovulation day. No kidding, a big orgasm on a specific timing (ovulation day) = boys. I believe that it is really related to timing. Position wise, doggy style and deep penetration are also the key to conceive a boy. For the next baby, we will try for a girl and do the opposite of what we did for the first 2.

  11. Being a father having 3 amazing boys I’ve always wanted a girl to always walk her down the aIsle. You don’t stop till the jobs done lol. You live once, family is everything .

  12. I honestly hope this works! Ive always wanted a little girl first. Also my mother in law is a terror and kind of a psycho and keeps telling me im going to have a boy. My Nana had 5 girls, 3 of her daughters had girls first (I was my moms first and only).. but my cousins all had boys first. So im hoping im the exception!

  13. Hoping that it will work i want a 3 or 2 daughters before 2 sons thank you for this tips and informations hoping it can help me thank you.

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