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    Sheridan Guest


    Hi there. I'm really starting to freak out now. On Wednesday I had a HCG Blood Test (DPO14) and my HCG level was 232.WHOOHOO. I am scheduled to go back to the Doctor's on Monday to have a second blood test, but as usual I haven't been able to wait and bought a HPT today. DON'T ASK ME WHY. But now I'm concerned, 'cause even though the test records HCG as low as 25, it took AGES to show a line and even after 20 minutes it's still quite faint. If everything was progressing well (and the HCG levels were doubling), wouldn't the test show up positive really quickly and really dark?


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    Hey Sheridan,

    Congrats on your pg!

    How stressful for you! But honestly, I wouldn't get too concerned about it as sometimes HPTs can be a bit dodgy. Try not to stress too much about it (I know that's easier said than done LOL!). I hope the time goes quickly to your appointment on Monday and everything works out well for you.

    Take care.

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    I wouldn't get too stressed. HPTs are massed produced and are designed to give you an indication of a pregnancy, NOT the definate answer. Even the instructions tell you to get a second opinion from the dr.

    I'd just wait until Monday for your next bloods to be done. They will tell you what's going on. And I'm sure it will be fine.

    Love Hayseed

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    christinem Guest


    Hi Sheridan,

    I wouldnt worry about it too much, the HPT failed me many times even though i knew i was pregnant....when they started to show, the faint lines came up in around 5 to 10 mins. HPT claim to be sensitive to early HCG levels but really the only way knowing that you are pregnant confidnatlely is through the blood tests..and judging by yours you have nothing to worry about.

    I only had one blood test and that was it...the doctor said i was pregnant. I wouldnt worry yourself too much about getting regular blood tests as they only make you more anxious...just relax and let nature take its course...When my mum was pregnant with me, she had no u/sounds, checkups etc.. it was a case of being told that your pregnant and then that was it...she had a stress free pregnancy becuase she wasnt told about any of these tests and given anything to worry herself about...these days there are so many things we are told to that cause alot of worry when we first find out we are pregnant.

    I was so worried at first as well and now i have accepted it and will let nature decide what the outcome will be. nothing is certain even after all the tests so we just have to remain stress free and happy!!

    love every momment of your pregnancy (even if you get m.s) !!!
    its such an amazing gift -women are so lucky to experience it!!


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    Sheridan Guest


    Hi there Christine. Thank you so much for your reply It made me feel heaps better

    You are SO right. I just saying to my DH the other day that I wish there was just ONE test that said "Yes, you are pregnant" and than that was it... Especially going through IVF (which we did), all the waiting for outcomes of tests etc is so stressful.

    I don't think the idea of beng pregnant has sunk in yet (since we've been TTC for soooo long) so that's why I'm dwelling on all these things that could go wrong, but having this Forum makes me feel heaps better..

    Thank you so much

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