Dad-To-Be Captures 9 Months In 90 Awesome Seconds!

Dad-To-Be Captures 9 Months In 90 Awesome Seconds!

Pregnancy is a time of radical change. You and your partner are about to welcome a brand new person into your family. Your relationship is going to change (read: turn inside-out and upside down) and evolve as you and your partner prepare to become parents together.

Your spare room is likely to be transitioning from crash pad to Pinterest-worthy nursery. Your bookcase is filling up with all manner of pregnancy, birth and baby books as you desperately try to swot up for your new life. Your fridge will be long past its heady Prosecco days, and will instead be filled with gherkins dipped in chocolate spread. Oh, and your tummy is going to inflate like a huge balloon.

Lots of families choose to make keepsakes of the pregnancy. From bump photos showing the physical changes of pregnancies, to pregnancy journals detailing the emotional rollercoaster that nine months of pregnancy hormones creates. Some couples to keep their scan photos of medical notes as a reminder, and others choose to create videos of the pregnancy.

A couple from California, Bryon and Monique, chose to do just that, and the result is a pretty amazing time lapse video showing the entire pregnancy. The couple decided to take a photograph for each and every day of the pregnancy. Rather adorably, the video is shot in the nursery so you get to see that transition too. Though not every photo was taken there, the couple also took some gorgeous shots on their babymoon.

On his YouTube channel, Bryon explains that he initially started the project as a way of documenting his wife’s growth during pregnancy. When the project was underway, Bryon began to notice how much other things were changing around them too, and that the photographs had captured it all perfectly.

Bryon took over 300 photos throughout the pregnancy, some of which feature the couple’s pet dogs. The dogs are seen waiting patiently for Bryon and Monique to return from the hospital. The video ends, as it must, with an adorable shot of the whole family together in the nursery.

If you’re currently pregnant, prepare yourself to feel jealous that you didn’t think of this idea first. What a beautiful pregnancy keepsake to treasure forever.

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Fiona Peacock is a writer, researcher and lover of all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood (apart from the lack of sleep). She is a home birth advocate, passionate about gentle parenting and is also really tired.

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