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Thread: How often should i have HCG levels checked?

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    Red face How often should i have HCG levels checked?

    Hello Ladies! I (just yesterday) found out (after 2 weeks of one neg blood test, 4 pos hpt's and followed by one VERY reassuring BFP BT yesterday) am pregnant.. about 6 weeks weve guess-timated..

    The doc said my HCG is (yesterday) 910!.. firstly.. is this a "normalish" number for being about 5/6wks pregnant? COULD i be carrying twins!

    And also, as we all know HCG should be doubling about every 2-3 days .. how often (if at all) should i get a BT to check my levels are rising??

    Im very paranoid this time around as ive had miscarriages and other complications resulting in non successful pregnancies and i just want to make sure (as you all know the feeling) that everythings ok!
    Also- should i get a vaginal ultrasound this week coming.. or wait..

    Any advice/tips would be really appreciated

    thanks girlies

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    I only got my HCG levels checked twice because my first blood test showed a level of just 29 so he wanted to see they were doubling properly and i got another BT a week later and they were in the thousands.

    I had a dating scan at 6 weeks and had to have the vaginal ultrasound.

    Best peice of advice i will give you is relax (easier said than done i know) xx


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    there is a generalised HCG level table HERE
    I have never ever had HCG levels tested other than the first one so I'm not much help there. Generally if there is a multiple preg the levels with be at the highest end of the bracket for that gestation.
    All doctors are different in so much as what their general protocol is for early preg. Many just take a wait and see approach. If you request BT you do them every 48ish hours I think.
    Maybe talk about it all with your GP?

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    I have had high risk pregnancies and test every few days for the first 8 weeks, i don't rrecommend does'nt really ease your mind!!! Maybe a few tests just to make sure it is going up then an US around 7 weeks will guarntee you get a HB then try to chill until the 12 week US(easier said than done) after 8 weeks your HCG can start to drop...which is an awful feeling..I was sure i was loseing bubs. Good luck hope it all continues to go well.

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    I've had mine done 4times so far but thats because of my history with ectopic pregnancies. If you have a nice number like you do I'd have one more for reassurance then leave it at that and book your scan. Waiting for BTs can cause more anxiety then its worth.

    Congratulations. Maybe we will be in the same BB group

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    My Dr sent me off for a second BT just to make sure levels were increasing (doubling every 48 hrs) - so I went back the following week and went from 229 to 2250 in one week.

    I held off on booking the dating scan (as I've no idea on dates) for an extra fortnight as I wanted the extra chance of seeing that HB flickering crazily

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    I'm similar to the others. The first BT I had was on the day i got my BFP and my level was only 79 (at 3 weeks). My GP said that it was so low because it was just very early in the pregnancy.

    She told me if I wanted to do another BT test in a week to see my levels go up then that was okay with her. So I went back exactly a week later (4 weeks) and my level was now 1400. I'm 5 weeks tomorrow.

    I dont think I will have another BT between now and my 8 week scan, now that I've had the reassurance that they were going up. If you just want the reassurance I'd ask for GP for another one and then if you wanted to ask for the early dating scan.

    But Congrats on your BFP! Its very easy to worry (I'm doing it constently too! lol) but just talk to ur GP if ur unsure

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    Ok - thanks for the advice girls! Yes, it is sooo easy to stress isnt it! Think Ill get one more bt for HCG done in a week or so just to make sure levels are rising as they should be and then ill leave it and book in for scan.. Want to TRY wait bit longer for scan (like Leesa) so I can def see that little boom boom boom in babys heartbeat!

    All the best to you all, isnt this just the most exciting thing ever!!!!!!! xx

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    I got weeklies up til 11 weeks, but I have had a previous molar pregnancy, so hCG level testing became something of a hobby of mine. I loved it - they put my mind at ease even more than our first scan did.

    I'd say to ask for at least three, then you can choose how far apart you get them. Google "hcg doubling rates calculator" and it will give you a rate; I found this SO useful.

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    Thanks Audax.. yeh im a bit like you.. have had past problems with pregnancies.. so i think i might get more than one over time just to check .. double check and triple check... i guess you can never be toooo careful when carrying a little one! will check out chart- thanks heaps!!!

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