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Thread: Pregnant and overweight

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    I started out at 88kg before I fell pg and didnt start gaing weight till in the 20 + wk. I got up to about 110, but was back to 88kg 1.5wks after giving birth - probably from trying to be a supermum straight away. So with your lil one already I'm sure will be a task which will have you burning up what you dont need! HTH

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    Thankyou for all your comments!
    I am quite worried for various reasons, but I'm not going to be silly about it. If I end up putting on another 15, 20kg's then so be it and I will deal with it as it happens and then after I give birth. But I want to really prevent that from happening. As I said I only put on 10 or so kg's with my DD, but I was working full time in a childcare centre (ie, I hardly sat down all day!) and I was walking about three or four times a week to and from the bus stop (about 25mins each time.) I actually went back to my pre pg weight after I had DD, but due to being at home and not doing much but eating ( ) I have put on 10kg... I am now at home full time, though will be working three days a week next yr until about 34wks or so. So I hope that will help.

    Jess, I thought the stairs would keep me fit too, but surprisingly they don't. I'm completely puffed going up them now with my DD i can't imagine being heavier and doing it...I walk about twice a week for about 40min with the pram. I also walk every second day down the shops, which is only 5-10mins, but that's better than nothing I guess.

    Tiff, GD is something I ma worried about. I also know there are other risk factors to being overweight and pg, like high bp etc...that's why I really wanted to lose weight before falling pg again.

    Jodie, that's great that you only put on minimal weight, I hope I can too. I bet if you jumped on the scales you'd be pleasantly surprised! Especially with a newborn and a toddler. I think I will take up swimming a few times a week. I have a gym membership I can't really use at the moment, so swimming will allow me to use it up but not go too overboard.

    Satya, I am one of the lucky ones that doesn't really get m/s. I feel a little nausious, but not so bad I can't eat and it doesn't last long. Though I have had lack of appetite lately, only eating breakfast lunch and a small dinner, no snacking when usually I have a snack in between each meal.

    Amy, DH and I had a big d&m about me being pg and working, etc...and I think he kind of understands how daunting this is for me. I will go see my gp and ask about seing a nutritionist or dietician.

    Mel, I hope I an only put on 5kgs at 30+wks! I'm not exactly stressing about it, but I want to do what I can to stay well and give bubba a good start, iykwim?

    Ali, I will ask about the hossy dietician, as money is an issue for us too. Congrats on only gaining 7kg that's great, it really would be all baby! Good luck with your birth, wooo any day now! I bet you can't wait...

    Again, thankyou everyone for you advice, I appreciate it

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