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Thread: Sudden increase in belly size within 24hrs... normal?

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    Default Sudden increase in belly size within 24hrs... normal?

    Hi Girls!

    I just wondered if anyone knew if this is something I should be concerned about, or if it is normal... I'm 25 weeks now, when I woke up tuesday morning I had had a HUGE (I mean visible to others as well as DH and I, not to mention no longer being able to do up my coat that fitted fine on Monday) increase in my belly size! It is not just bubs lying in a funny position either, he has moved around heaps since then and I still have a huge belly today. Also, both DH and I have noticed that it is suddenly also easier to feel bubs through my stomach -like my belly has suddenly gotten thinner. My belly is huge and feels very tight and full and I am getting aches and pains as my muscles are suddenly overstretched.

    Is it normal to get such a big increase in 24hrs? Or should I be worried that there is something wrong? Bubs is still moving around heaps, and seems happy. My belly was pretty small before this happened, so is it just that I have 'popped' in a rather spectacular way?

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    Sounds like a spectacular pop to me
    Welcome to the land of belly!

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    Yep I have recently gone from a long baby bump to a big ball out in front!!

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    Yep it definately can happen overnight. I had massive pains at 20 weeks for 12 hours with cramping & light bleeding and then the next day a HUGE bump. It turned out our little girl went through a growth spurt in one day.

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    Sure can happen overnight. The same thing happens when your belly drops too, you literally get up the next morning and your belly is lower and you can breath or suddenly your belly looks suddenly huge like what you have just experienced.

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    thanks guys, that makes me feel much better. I was getting a bit worried!

    I did fell a bit crampy most of the monday and had a bit of light bleeding too, so sounds consistent.

    Bit of a worry though... hopefully I wont have too many of those spectucular growth spurts or my belly will turn out to be HUGE!

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    this happens all the time to me, overnight, but it goes back to "normal" soon; for me, it's other things in my abdomen, like my bladder, intestines, water retention.. (even before pregnancy i used to get big fluctuations in my belly size overnight too).

    my belly grows on the whole very gradually.. so how exciting for you to get a "pop"! that's what i want to happen to me, but mine never lasts..

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    That was a real pop! I went to NZ for 4 days a few weeks ago, and came back looking pregnant. It really can happen that quickly!
    Keep lots of moisturiser on your belly as you may get some itchy stretch marks popping out in the next few days.

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    Thanks for the replies girls! My sudden pop has been backed up with some solid growth over the last few weeks, and I am finally noticeably pregnant! Yipee!

    Great thing was that my sudden pop was just in time for a visit to my mum who lives interstate. This is the first grandchild in our family and I am the only daughter, so she was super excited to see me with a 'big' belly. I am still small relative to most other ladies, but am getting bigger by the day! It's funny how a big belly makes you feel really pregnant! It is so cool - can you tell I am excited, lol? - I'm sure my excitment may wain in a few weeks when the backpain kicks in and I can't tie my own shoe laces, but for now it is all very exciting!

    Hope you all are enjoying your growing bellies too!!

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