Hi girls, bit of back ground before the story. DD16VB, DS4 and DD3 emergency C-section ifrst in distress after induction, second stuck after 8 hours of labour, definately want to try again as this is my last baby and I feel like I will be robbing myslef if I don't take the chance. If it ends in a C-section at least I know I tried.

Okay we live in the country 2 hours from Melb, I heard my OB was going to retire through a midwife at the hospital and she wondred if I would be under his care still as she thought he finished up before my date, so I decided I had better ask at my appoint yesterday. It turns out he is not retiring he is relocating due to ongoing conflict with the hospital. After 21 years of service, leaving seems to be a big deal and on my due date . He has been picked up as head of OB at Sandringham hospital and going to start his own practice down there, so no slouch!!! I have picked his wifes brains for all the info, she is his receptionist and also a midwife for many years, turns out the hospital has employed a 70 year old OB who does'nt like to come in under emergency conditions and authorizes extended labours to fit in with daylight hours and a younger OB is all about natural childbirth apparently at any cost, one woman has died along with a number of babies and many have had their first helicopter trip to Melb within days of birth due to complications, she believes that many of these children will have brain damage, but a lot won't show up until later.

I had wanted to try for a VBAC, but am really concerned about my and babies health, if I don't go into labour before my OB goes away. He is very sensible and I trust him competely that he has my best intersts at heart, he is happy for me to try naturally as long as everything goes along smoothly which is how I want it also, apparently these others are inducing woman who have had had previous C-sections, letting them have extended labours without monitering, midwifes are telling woman to push way to early, pain relief is being denied and C-section delayed.

My ???? are what would you do?

I am thinking maybe I should try to do as much as possible to go into labour early, accupunture etc and perhaps if baby still does'nt come book myslef in for a C-section with him as late as possible before he leaves.
It goes against the grain for me not to try, also this is my last baby and labour is a part of all this for me and little ones at home afterwards easier with natural birth, but I am more fearful of something happening to me or my baby, my chances are slim after 2 sections to birth naturaly anyway, because of not being able to be induced, no extended labour etc. Given my wwaters have broken and need induction twice and have long labours
Do I travel further afield to another hospital, or maybe even to Melb to my OB, although does'nt sound like a great plan 2 hours in labour in the car

Anyway any thoughts would be great, someone might be able to think of something I have'nt???????