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Thread: Anyone had a breech baby, vbac and a breech baby (both c-sections?)

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    Default Anyone had a breech baby, vbac and a breech baby (both c-sections?)

    I am just wondering how rare my case is here on belly belly. Has anyone had a breech baby (c-section), then a vbac (head down) and then a breech baby c-section again? I am hoping this little one goes head down too. I just wonder if I am more prone to breech babies? Or I was just unlucky?

    Also, the hospital is refusing me a vbac2 (despite me having a vbac there). The midwife says I should talk to them and throw statistics at them etc. But what if they still say no? And what if my chances of getting into another hospital now are slim (I am 28 weeks).

    They said if I go into labour before scheduled c-section date to COME RIGHT IN! (Do not labour at home). But that if i turned up and I was 10cm and ready to go...ofcourse they'd let me deliver. Sounds so hypocritical.

    Saying, I refuse to sign consent for c-section at 34 weeks, is it possible to stay home to labour and call an ambulance in emergency. The hospital can't turn me away then can they? I live about an 8 min drive from there.
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