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Thread: Best hospital in Melbourne for a chance at VBAC???

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    Smile VBAC

    Hi Didispunk, I'm also 21 weeks pregnant with twins and had a cesar with my first 2.5 years ago.

    My anti-natal care is at Monash Clayton and as I'm having twins I seem to be seeing an Ob at each appoint. (we're aren't privately insured). I'm also booked in for a homebirth with GP/homebirth Ob (the only one left in Victoria) and 2 midwives. I'm keeping my antinatel care going at Monash in case I need a transfer which I'm open to. I figure better that the hospital has a history and running record of my pregnancy in case this happens, I've also informed the Ob of my intentions for a homebirth.

    I know of a woman who just had twins naturally at RWH with no intervention at all, not even fetal monitoring. Not sure if she had had a cesar prior but I do know that prior cesars, twins and breech presentations are all reasons that doctors want to intervene (and these days even 'normal' healthy women are having more cesars!) This comes mostly from thier own inexperience and not your body's ability to birth your baby. Bold statement but true.

    My sister had a successful VBAC at Monash Clayton. She transferred from another hospital very late in her pregnancy because she felt she wasn't getting the respect she wanted with her wishes for a VBAC. Another friend had a successful VBAC at the Mercy and took her own midwife with her. Having your own midwife go with you to hospital increases your chances of a VBAC because they can be your 'wolf at the door', as well as giving you that all important continuous care.

    From what I've read and people I've spoken to, if you're going private you have more chance of being coerced (sp?) into having another cesar or being induced. The Ob I saw said if I went beyond 37 wks she would want to break my waters and have a drip at the ready 'just in case'. Even though she was very encouraging for me to have a twin VBAC it would still be under conditions. I can choose to argue my point or have a homebirth and be better supported throughout my pregnancy journey. I'd rather conserve my energy for a healthy pregnancy and relationships at home than put it into having to say 'no' to things I don't want done to birth my babies.

    At the moment you have a less that 1% chance of uterine rupture (actually only 0.35%) which is minimal. Uterine rupture is the reason alot of hospitals will give as a reason to book you in for another cesar.

    There are loads of websites on VBAC - try
    Also look at They run Choices for Childbirth which are information sessions on normal birthing and have a night on VBAC. You can also check out Home - Midwives Naturally who also do VBAC information nights. I went to one in April which I found encouraging.

    I would also encourage you to go to a BaBs group (Birthing and Babies Support), you can find information on locations and times at the Maternity Coalition website under 'support groups'. I attend the Box Hill group and have done since my son was about 6 months old. There is a midwife in attendance at each group who can answer questions you may have and you will find a great support network at any of these groups.

    Ultimately whatever is done to you, you have to agree with and the choice is yours. It's your body, your baby, your birth experience and your choice. Take 100% responsibility for what happens and try not to rely on other people to make the right decisions for you.

    You're doing the right thing by asking questions already and you do have time to research, educate and inform yourself.

    Keep posting and good luck!


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    Katie thanks so much for the info i really appreciate it.

    I am doing all i can to educate myself.. so the more information the better.

    thanks again!!! great!

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    Hi there,
    I know I posted early on in the thread and stated that I had had a successful vbac at Mercy and then at Monash Clayton. I just wanted to let you know that I have had a couple of appointments at Monash for this pregnancy. I am having to go through the obstetricians clinic as I'm considered high risk but that is because my last baby was diagnosed with an abnormality not because of a previous c/s. If everything is ok with this bub down the track I was told I can change clinics to either shared care or midwives. Not once has anyone mentioned me having a c/s this time around and the obs are assuming that I will vbac again. My only beef about the hospital so far is that they are really busy and there is usually a bit of a wait.

    Good luck with your decision Jo

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    Another hospital with a good record for supporting VBAC and vaginal breech/twins in Warragul hospital. David Simon, the Ob there, contributed to the Birthrites info booklet on VBAC. Two of my clients have had VBACs there in the past year. I understand that Warragul has the best stats in Victoria for spontaneous vaginal births (after homebirths first and birth centres second). This good record extends to their being more confident with and more supportive of other vaginal births that are still a variation of normal (VBAC, breech and twin). Nice midwives there.


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    Default Anyone know of Mount Waverley's VBAC rates?

    Does anyone have any information on Mount Waverley Private and more secifically, Cate Duncan?

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    Default Spoke to midwife at Waverley Private

    Hi all,
    After researching heavily on my chances of a VBAC birth, I realised it was a very real possibility. My next concern was whether the Private Hospital I had Booked at and Ob was pro VBAC. Having had my first at Waverley and being very happy with all they offered in terms of care & support for my first Em C-Section, I was certain I would be heading there again so I needed to find out what the hospital's policy was on this topic.

    I think its fair to add that doubts had been raised over the Private system for VBAC given the stats & comments I have read on this forum.

    Speaking to a midwife last night at the hospital (I have always found the midwives very honest and reliable & simply awesome people), she assured me that Waverley Private was indeed pro VBAC, as too was my Ob Dr Cate Duncan (who I also think is fabulous). In fact, she was happy to say that Cate is probably one of Waverley's Ob's more inclined to support VBAC than others and would be considered one of the more successful in achieving a positive VBAC experience.

    So despite my doubts, I have been reassured that not all hospitals and Ob's of the private system are as per the stats and it is probably worth mentioning that Private Hospital's often have a high incidence of the following patients which should be considered when choosing a hospital;
    > Older women who may experience more complications
    > IVF patients
    > elective C-Sections
    > women who choose Private for the reassurance that there are more intervention options if labour doesn't progress as anticipated...

    I didn't see these situations considered in the stat's & I would be interested to see how the public system compared with these circumstances as I am certain they would be infuential on the higher C-Section Stats for Private...

    The midwife was also clear that Waverley does not support Epidural's with VBAC, nor Oxytocin or other inducement methods and that they would monitor carefully.

    Her opinion was that if the body was truly capable of conceiving naturally, the labour would naturally evolve on its own merits and not require intervention but to also be realistic that some women just can't labour on their own and do need additional help.

    I hope this helps other women in a similar situation.
    For me, I wanted to know that the hospital & my Ob would support my efforts to try and as far as I see, yes, I will get the support I need. I think its about asking as many questions as possible so you know exactly what your up for so there aren't too many hidden surprises.

    This message isn't intended to create any sort of divide between Private & Public on VBAC births - choice is still 100% all yours, it just might add a little extra food for thought on why intervention rates are higher in Private Hospitals that I hadn't seen through my research.

    And by no means am I am expert - there will be many who could either support or negate my comments who are much better researched than I.

    Good luck to all potential VBAC'ers & congratulations to all those who have successfully accomplished the amazing feat and Good Luck to me!!

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