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Thread: Birth After Caesarean Support Group QLD

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    Exclamation Birth After Caesarean Support Group QLD

    Have You Had a Caesarean Birth?

    • Are you pregnant again or planning to be?
    • Are you trying to decide whether to have a Vaginal Birth after C/Section (VBAC) or an Elective C/Section for your next birth?
    • Would you like to talk to other people in the same situation?

    The Birth After Caesarean (BAC) Information and Support Group is to give women (and their partners if they would like to) an opportunity to speak to others that are interested or experienced in VBAC (Vaginal birth after 1 or more C-Sections) and the options available. We will explore the facts, the myths, the fears and the emotions that surround this decision and it will be a supportive place for people to search for answers. This group meets once per month, to run in the best interests of all we would prefer that participants take a couple of child free hours to focus on themselves, however we welcome babies.

    Location - Shop 6/16 Brampton Street, Cranbrook in the Kids in Harmony Centre.
    RSVP Philippa Scott 47734075 or 0407648349 for dates and confirmation.
    Cost - $10 per person / $15 per couple, concession $8 per person / $12 per couple.
    Kelly xx

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    Wow.. this is a wonderful idea....

    I hope they start something like that up over here before we TTC # 2!!!!

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    That sounds fantastic! ARgh if it was only 6 months ago

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    Wonder if they have something similar in NSW?

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