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Thread: breech birth please help

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    Default breech birth please help

    hi all,
    well i am hopeing someone can give me some info i am 32 weeks with bub number 6 and i had to have u/s on friday as they think bub is large ok well they say he is already 5.5lbs but the big shocker was he is breech now i know there is still time for him to turn but they said we will do another u/s at 35 weeks and if he is still breech then they will book c/s i told them i was not haveing a c/s and was told i would have no choice,i have to have bub at JHH as we live in newcastle and there are very few choices they wouldnt let me book into the birth rooms at belmont as 6 babies is to many in there opinion,i am very over weight have been my whole life and was when i had the other 5 my last to bubs were also quite big 9lb 2oz and 9lbs 11oz and had both in less then 1 hour my blood pressure is great and i DONT have g/d this has been a complication free pregnancey as were all my others and all my deliveries were complication free aswell can someone tell me why i cant do this vaginally and why they wont even let me try and how are they going to make me have a c/s as my weight is a huge issue when it comes to c/s i would rather die tring to give birth vaginally then on an operating table i am very scared of c/s and will fight them with everything i have but am scared that they can some how over ride me and just do it.

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    Hi Frazled,

    You are right in saying that bub still has plenty of time to turn. My 5th (last) baby was breech up until 34 weeks. I was told this is more common the more pregnancies you have as your uterus is more stretched and gives bub the extra room.

    Hun you have every right to refuse a c section and that is exactly what I had planned to do with my daughter had she not turned. I was a planned homebirth but had intended on going to hosp at the last minute if she remained breech.

    No one can MAKE you have a c section, it's your decision totally. You have to sign forms to allow the surgery. so just don't sign them.

    Also as far as I knew. JHH was one of the hospitals that actually DOES allow breech vaginal births. But it does depend on the kind of breech, ie what is presenting first.

    Here is a link to one of the pages on here about what Dr's do breech deliveries in JHH.

    Read up and fill yourself on knowledge. Information is power and if the hosp staff thing you are un educated in matters concerning breech births they will find their opening and grab it.

    My 3 baby stayed breech and I did have that c section, yes it was still a positive birth. However, I have more knowledge and power within me now and I knew that I could contest it with this baby.

    Goodluck and let us know how you go

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    I'm sorry I don't have any info/advice to give you, just wanted to give you a hug :hugs:
    I hope everything works out for you darl xo

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    hi trish,
    i have spent hours on the internet looking at things and had seen that JHH was about the only hospital in nsw that did breech births so i guess thats why i was shocked that at 32 weeks they are already discousing c/s bub is or was in the frank breech possition witch if he has to be breech is the best possition, my last minuet plan is that hopefully i will go into labour on my own i ahve only done this once before and then i just wont go to the hospital till its to late only prob with that is getting there in time i thought about just staying home to have him but was told on another thread that ,that could be very dangerous i guess ill just have to see how it goes but i can assure you i will not be concenting to a c/s without some very convincing evidance that bub is in big danger as this is number 6 i know heaps more then they probable think.
    thanks for the hug sneakysparkle i am so sick of fighting with the hoispital over everything its been a non stop struggle and i can see why they are doing it.

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    Frazaled, have you thought about doing things to encorage bub to head south ? Like inversions, accupuncture, moxibustion ?? All these things can and do work. You can also have accupucture when the time is right to bring on labour.

    Also have you looked on the spinning babies website ? for some ideas on how to get your little one to turn.

    I wouldn't advise birthing a breech at home alone. If you had a midwife who had experience in breechs then maybe, but hospital would prob be your best shot. Have you thought about getting a doula to help back you up, give you that extra bit of support and empowerment.

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