thread: How do I get my 2nd vba2c???

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    Sep 2008

    How do I get my 2nd vba2c???

    I want to homebirth... My last vba2c was perfect except for the having to deliver and spend the afternoon in hospital.

    Here's the dilemma;
    I am in a rural area of WA and can't get a mw to come to me.
    We can't really afford to go to Perth when I'm due and rent, and no housesitting opportunities are coming up yet.
    The next option of a birthing centre I'm STILL not eligible for due to the 2 cs and the 'local' hospital is 100km's away.
    I do not want to stay in accommodation provided by KEMH, I have heard it is horrible and if I can get to Perth then I definitely do NOT want to be going back to KEMH.

    Does anyone have any ideas???


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    Dec 2007

    Wow, I wish I did!

    Are you not able to get a private midwife to attend you at home at all?

    As far as I know, KEMH is the only hospital with accomodation services, and I have not head anything about them as such, and only mixed reviews of the hospital...

    How far from Perth do you live? Could you come down around your due date and stay in a serviced apartment, their rates are usually quite reasonable.

    I would offer you to stay here, but we won't be here by then. If our house is still not leased by then though, I will def let you know and you can use it.

    Sorry, not much help. Good luck.

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    Sep 2008

    No IM's

    I am looking at Perth housesitting and cheap rentals but we can't afford any "holiday accomodation" it starts at around $1500 per/wk at that time of year, there are already 5 of us so we need at least 2 beds and space for the cot mattress but preferably because I'll be having the bub a bit of comfort would be nice and the 3 beds get soooo expensive!

    I am still hoping it will all work out.


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    May 2004

    Do you have any friends or family that live closer to an IMW?

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    Sep 2008

    We are just too many with the 5 of us + bump, mum and dad have my bro and sis at home still and my aunt and uncle have 3 kids home!?!?! Fingers crossed that something comes up...