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Thread: Not happy Jan....

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    Hello- sorry to invade- i have also had a emergency c section a year a go and i have been scared by the stories of the scar "splitting" during vbirth....

    Now sadly i lost my daughter who i had the emergency c esection with so i didnt have to deal with a new born while recovering- however this time i am praying and i am sure that i WILL have a new born to care for- i remember all to well the pain and discomfort following a c section and i am starting to tend to think a vbirth would be a better way to ensure my first weeks with my baby will be enjoyable- not painfull. I would HATE to not be able to hold him or her etc IYKWIM... i know that plenty of women do look after their babies after a c section- but i guess i want to explore my options a little bit. I will check out the links to the sites that have been suggested, it might help.

    Again- sorry for invading!

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    I would suggest complaining to the hospital administrators. You can't do much about the docs opinion be it professional or personal, yet it sounds like she conveyed it to you in an in appropriate manner. Her job is to give you the facts, the pros and cons etc and let you make up your own mind, not to tell you what to do.
    It is possible that other women have felt the way you do, but if no one mentions it that doc will never re-consider her approach.

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