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Thread: Ob's being stand off-ish

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    Default Ob's being stand off-ish

    I just wanted to know if anyone else is finding their Ob's stand - offish regarding VBAC? I finally got an appointment at the hospital which does support VBAC the hospital here doesnt. The midwives booked me an appointment because I had to see the OB if birthing my baby there and I am almost 35 weeks pregnant so they wanted the OB to see me pretty much straight away.

    My reason for C-section last time was the my babies head was too big for my pelvis and didnt look as though it was going to engage and she was posterior, come out 10lbs 2 oz and there was no sign what so ever of labour happening when I was overdue.

    So I read the pamphlets and everything on VBAC whilst waiting and they said it is the OB's job to select the right patients to attempt VBAC, so this is why I was there for, to find out if I was going to be a suitable candidate for VBAC, it also said in the pamphlets that the OB would have to make sure the same problem for the last C section is not occurring again in the present pregnancy.

    I got seen by a medical student 1st, then left in the consultaion room with my 2 1/2 year old daughter who has a cast on her leg at the moment screaming, for 30 mins, while she checked about my due dates because no one can get them bloody right! So the OB came back in and basically said if you want to gove birth naturally you do it here, if elective C section back at home. And I was thinking... Hell! I knew that! I didnt drive an hour to be here today with my daughter who cant walk to wait 2 hours for a 5 min consultation to be told that!

    He did not check me, did not discuss anything with me, I tried to ask, and he treated me as If I was stupid because "apparently" I hadnt made up my mind what I wanted. I have made my mind up I want VBAC, I told him that, I just want to be checked by a specialist, and to be made sure it wil be a safe journey, and not turned into something horrific from the medical staff not checking me properly. Really I am only a patient I dont know it all on all of this even as much research as Ive done I still want a little medical advice, and he's telling me to make the decision without any and run with it.... makes me a little scared.

    Is anyone else finding this? Was sort of a similar situation with my 1st too, getting the OB to open up and say anything about what he thought would be the safer option. I feel like he was closed up like a clam tryin to save his butt or something I dunno exactly what it is but every OB I have ever seen has been the same. He was just so arrogant and rude as well I had steam comming out of my ears when I left, I am so tired of bein run around the garden with it all the time!

    Public health system for ya though I guess, so wish I could afford private care I am soooo fed up with it.

    But I did find the midwife I spoke to 1st was great, she was sooo helpful with everything, and the OB just didnt give a crap.

    Oh well nevermind... Just gettin the poo's wif Ob's, Im sure others are too..

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    Are you going to Nambour Danielle? I was with Dr W and now with Dr S (a female) and she is very supportive of VBAC's.

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    Danielle, don't let the OB's attitude put you off having a VBAC. Chances are it will be a midwife delivering your bub anyway! Just focus on the lovely midwife you spoke to

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    Danielle, I think you will find that the reason the Ob couldn't tell you anything significant in terms of "will it be safe?" or "are you a good candidate for VBAC?" is that they can't know until it all happens. Anyone can be a good candidate for VBAC. Your c-section is over two years ago so the scar is well healed. They will be monitoring you and your pelvis will open up during labour so the size of your first bubba doesn't matter.
    I had a c-section with my first for supposed CPD and later had a catscan of my pelvis to determine that it was "normal." My midwife later told me that was useless as it doesn't take into account the way everything opens up in labour. And I delivered a much bigger baby vaginally second time around.
    Go with the midwives and don't worry what the Ob says or doesn't say would be my advice. The midwives will do all the work anyway and make all the difference to the progress of your VBAC. Good luck and I hope you have a wonderful, positive birth experience no matter how it turns out.

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    Private or public, obs have their pros and cons, good days and bad days. No excuse for bad manners tho. Private it's harder to get a VBAC Ob without heaps of restrictions and as already mentioned, it will be midwives with you. He will only be there if there are complications anyway.
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