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    No, not PG and not TTC - but want to ask some questions so DH and I can decide what we want and if we will TTC for number 2... all these friends having (or about to have) babies has got me all clucky again!). I'm hoping people can answer my questions anyway!!!

    I recall reading somewhere that you have to be monitored all the time with a VBAC... is this true?

    Has anyone had a VBAC at St V's Private or Freemason's in Vic? What was your experience?

    At what point did you go into the hospital if you had a VBAC? Did the hospital demand you go in early or did you go when you felt you had to?

    If you had a VBAC (sucessful or otherwise) in Vic, was your Ob truly supportive? And if so, who were they?



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    I think it matters more which Ob you get if you go private and if you get them to sign your birth plan, then you have something to show the midwives if they get narky. Oh yeah, and get a doula experienced in VBAC to boundary ride There are several VBAC friendly Obs in Melb.
    Kelly xx

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    MG, good on you for wanting to be prepared! I am not a VBAC expert, but I do know that Lionel Steinberg is the guy to see if you want a vaginal birth with an OB. I'm pretty sure he delivers at St Vs, and FPH also. I have a feeling that Guy Skinner is cool with it too, but someone might be able to confirm/deny that.

    And hun, you would know that they can't make you do anything you don't feel is necessary............hopefully Kelly (or someone equally knowlegable about VBAC) will come in here and elaborate on the monitoring etc. but I'm pretty sure that's negotiable.

    Good luck

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    Hi MG,
    I just had my VBAC in December after having an emergency c-section with my first. My VBAC was fantastic and everything was done totally naturally - no drugs or intervention and natural 3rd stage. I attribute the success to
    1) Heaps of reading and research - all of which I can email you if you want
    2) A fantastic Doula (Julie, who is on BB)
    3)My Ob who was very supportive of my VBAC and allowed me to do things my way - as long as there was no major problems.
    4) Staying at home through the majority of labour

    I did heaps of reading so that I knew what I wanted from my birth and don't think that things would have gone nearly so well without my Doula - I also had a very specific birth plan.
    I was booked into Francis Perry (with Dr David Freidin), however laboured the whole time at home. When I reached the hospital I was fully dilated and had bub an hour later - Dr. Freidin didn't even have time to get there!
    I thought that I would be asked to come in as soon as labour started, but when I called the hospital I spoke to a midwife who actually wasn't that with it and said to wait longer at home. Once Julie arrived she kept putting off going to the hospital until we thought that we couldn't wait any longer. I spent the entire labour standing and moving and in the comfort of home (which I think really helped). I remember thinking that if I was in hospital I definately would have asked for pain relief (As I was at home I had to do it myself - which I'm now really proud of!).
    When I got to the hospital I lost a lot of my rhythm - the room felt awful- cold and with no where comfortable to set myself up. The midwife I got was great - they did put on a mobile monitor (not attached to anything) so I could walk around - but it didn't stay on for long and I can't remember them paying much attention to it. I couldn't lie down (it was too painful) so my DOula said that if they wanted to do an internal they would have to do it with me standing! I was fully dilated and my water broke straight after this. Bub was born after a further 15 min of pushing. I had bub put straight on my chest and he did the breast crawl and I delivered the placenta naturally. I had no tears and no episiotomy.

    I definatley recommend a Doula!!!! I can give you Julie's detail if you want. And making sure that you know what you want and don't want so that you cannot be pushed into things (although you do need to allow room for flexibility if things don't go to plan)- you can do this through lots of reading. Also stay home as long as possible as being at hospital allows more time and room for intervention and the cascade of interventions!

    I hope this helps - please let me know if you have any more questions. Happy researching!

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    Hi MG, I had a VBAC in November and it was a fantastic experience. I birthed at Jessie Macpherson (Monash) PH and my OB was Dr Danielle Wilkins.
    My bub was 1 week overdue and Danielle was fine with that (I'd been told by mums at playgroup that I wouldn't be "allowed" to go over my due date), I went into labour spontaneously at about 3am, went to hospital at about 6.30, Danielle arrived at about 7.30 and didn't leave us, apart from 20 minutes while she was getting her bub to sleep, till our precious DD was born at 12. Danielle is such a wonderful caring supportive Dr. She only takes on 10 Mums a month so she isn't busy and gives you as much time as you need during consults and is always on time.
    She was confident of my ability to have a successful VBAC and I can't praise or recommend her highly enough.

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    I had a VBAC as well. The monitoring thing was troubling me as our hospital was steadfast to it. So I got heaps of research about continually monitoring. And in the end I wrote something for my file that I was opposed to continuous monitoring and would happily have monitoring every hour for 15 minutes. In the end, I was monitored for 20 minutes when I first arrive & then not again for another 4 hours. She just popped the doppler on to check the HB and then let me go. The final stage of labour she wanted to attach a monitor to bub's head but my doula just held on the other monitor so she didn't need too

    Doula Doula Doula..... best thing for a VBAC to have the extra support.

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    Hi MG.... with my first he was c/s and no labour at all... with Oskar I did hypnobirthing and had a successful VBAC. The midwives at the hossy when I was going for my appointments told me just to stay home for as long as possible that way I could do things my way They were very encouraging and very pro VBAC which was wonderul. I went public and didn't have my own ob. I wasn't opposed to monitoring but told them I didn't want "constant". They checked bubs hb when I got there and found him to be in distress (hb around 40bpm at every contraction). They had ob come in and he said cervix was right but waters hadn't broken so he did that and they were very heavily meconium filled so a monitor on his head showed we had to get him out. He was vacuum assisted, but other than that I had no issues at all and was glad for the fact they checked him when I got there (which I think they do even if it's not a VBAC). I went into spontaneous labour around 12:30am and had him at 3:58am. I think he may have been even quicker than that had my waters broken on there own as I felt a very big urge to push just as I was getting into the car to leave for hossy. Oh... we called the hospital around 2amish to see what they thought as I think contractions were around 4-5mins apart and very strong. So they said come in ... very glad I did. The whole experience truly was amazing and very empowering.

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    Hi, good on you for doing your reseach and gaining knowledge. I truly believe this is how you will get the birth that you want.

    I had a c/s with my first after a long labour (he was posterior and presenting face first).
    With my DD I was determined to have a VBAC. I agree with everyone that staying home as long as possible is the best thing. I was 7cm by the time I arrived at the hosp. and so it was really to late for any intervention. Also I truly believe that if you listen to your body and spend as much time as possible upright and leaning forward the baby will be give time to move into position. Also, there really is no need for constant monitoring, as this birth is no different to any other.

    BTW, my DD was born after 5.5 hours of labour with absolutely no intervention (She too was posterior, but we didn't know this until she was born.) The feeling of joy and power that I experience afterward was amazing. I am now 40 wks with my 3 and cannot wait to meet our new little one.

    Good luck with #2!

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    Hi there
    I am a big research junkie and have been reading the ins-and-outs of VABC for 3.5 years since my not so great emerg C/s with DS.
    I am preg with my second now and feel the most important thing is GREAT SUPPORT PEOPLE. We have chosen a homebirth as that feels right for us, but it is great to see so many successful VBACS in hospies.
    Keep reading and find yourself the support people that trust your ability to birth. I have 2 awesome independent midwives, my DH and Mum as my "team". If I didn't have my mum, I would book a doula as well.
    Enjoy the journey!!

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    Default VBAC risks

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