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Thread: Some good reasons for wanting a VBAC over another c-section

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    Default Some good reasons for wanting a VBAC over another c-section

    Saw this sticky in the cesarean support forums and thought it explained very well some of the reasons women want to have a VBAC rather then more c-sections.
    I've found that almost everyone i talk to about wanting a VBAC asks why i do and i never know what to tell them exactly or how to describe it....

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    Men, especially dont seem to get it.

    I get that response and questions too, Jade.

    Even my (male) GP said "why would you want to put yourself through that pain and hassle, when you could just book in, walk in 7am an have the baby by 9". Yeah, cos having a baby is such a 'waste' of my time that I need to schedule it in?

    I hope you get the support you need Jade. My Ob has said there is no chance of a vba2c, so for baby#2 I feel like this is do-or-die time for me.

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