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    I went to the doctors and found out that I have group strep B which is fine as I had this in my last pregnancy. However as I had a c/s last time I have been told by my Ob that if my waters break and labour doesn't start quickly, due to the risk of infection to the baby I will most likely be up for another c/s. This is because they probably won't induce me to get the labour going. So I am a bit worried but as long as the baby comes out healthy is all that matters. Is anyone else heard of this or have been in this situation?

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    I was in the same situation with my second pregnancy. They let me vbac and had me on an IV with antibiotics through the labour. Bubs was fine. They actually broke my waters and did a stretch and sweep to get things going. c/s was never mentioned because of strep b.

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    You can just have oral antibiotics and negotiate time, doesn't automatically mean a c/s, but it would be easier for them I am sure! The risk of Strep B infection is very low, it is a risk but it's not huge. I'd negotiate and hopefully your labour will start with contractions, which is most likely anyway. Waters breaking first is about 20-30%. Don't let him break yours is a good plan
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