The outcome and cumulative morbidity associated with the second and third postcesarean delivery - American Journal of Perinatology , vol 24, no 8, 2007, pp 483-486 Gonen R; Barak S; Nissenblat V; et al - (2007)

The purpose of this study was to compare the outcome and cumulative morbidity among women who delivered twice after a cesarean delivery (CD), and who underwent in the second delivery either a trial of labor (TOL) or planned cesarean delivery (PCD). Eligible women (N = 399) were divided into two groups based on first post-CD: a TOL (n = 304) or PCD (n = 95).

Women attempting a TOL were successful in 70 and 75% in the first and second post-CD, respectively.

All participants undergoing a PCD subsequently had a third PCD. The overall morbidity was 8.4 and 5.3% among PCD and TOL groups, respectively (p = 0.258).

Women attempting a TOL after a previous CD had a 70 and 53% likelihood for at least one successful or two successful vaginal births in the two subsequent deliveries, respectively. No significant difference was documented between the groups regarding the cumulative morbidity. (11
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