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Thread: A successful VBAC at Home!

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    I haven't been using this forum lately, but found it very useful when I was planning my VBAC. So I thought that I post my story to encourage/inspire other women who are wanting VBAC - how healing and empowering this experience could be.

    It will be brief, as my time is limited with a toddler and a newborn, partially attached (both of them on some occasions) to my breasts....

    My first pregnancy, which went very smoothly and was uneventful ended in a quite traumatic birth experience due to My DD's position - ROA (her back towards Right side of my tummy, wich requires the longest rotation in womb for the baby to come out). It was basically posterior labour - very long and painful with premature urge to push at about 5cm dilation. After 2 nights of no sleep and drugs, I couldn't take any longer and birth happened via C section. How devastated I was for the next 2 and a half years!

    This time around, we planned for a home birth with two midwives (from Midwives Naturally). Helen Brown was my primary midwife, and she is very experienced, especially in VBAC/VBA2C. We also had a doula to assist us. Helen educated us a lot about how we can changes things this time, but also discussed about preparing for a smililar birth experience (but without C section, of course). Indeed, my baby boy was a very active baby in my tummy, and despite my effort at OFP, he flipped to ROA (same as my DD) on the day I went into labour!!! But I coped better with my doula and Helen's presence - together we worked very hard to help me through my strong urge to push prematurely (the hardest part), while my husband prepared the birth pool. After about 4 hrs of established labour (and a night of prelabour), my baby boy was born after about 10-15min pushing (the best part). He came out with a hand sticking out like he's waving hello (instead of shoulders after the head), which made it a bit tricky for him to come out. But otherwise, he was a healthy 4.2kg/9lb baby. I am small framed, so I couldn't believe how big he was, and the fact I didn't tear (water apparently helps)! Anyway, it was a very peaceful but empowering affair. And recovery is much easier.

    I hope more women consider homebirth as their options for VBAC. Having gone through hospital system once, it was a huge difference to be able to birth in my own home, a familiar environment with great team of support people. I didn't feel alone but nurtured and cared throughout my labour.

    Well, I better have a bit of rest while my husband and DD away for swimming and baby sleeps... hope my story will encourage and support ladies here who are planning their VBAC. I'll try check back later, if anyone has question...

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    Great story!
    Thanks for posting, and congrats on your VBAC

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    Congratulations on both the Birth of your Baby Boy and on the VBAC!

    Very inpsiring stuff!

    Enjoy your Babymoon!

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    Oh wow. What a great story! Thanks for sharing! Congratulations!

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    amazing story thank you for sharing. I am hoping to have a VBAC at home just not sure how these new laws/regulations effect it

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    What a beautiful story - thank you for sharing!

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    wow thats great that u had the birth u wanted. Well Done!!!
    Wonderful and inspiring story and makes me more determined than ever to try me best for my VBAC

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    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful birth story - congratulations and well done

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    Congratulations! I am so happy to read of successful VBACs! (Doubly so as I am sure I met you at one of the Midwives Naturally informations sessions - If you are who I think you are )

    I feel for you having such a tough first labour and think it is amazing for you to have had a successful VBAC when the labours seemed to be so similar. It must have taken a huge amount of mental discipline to get over that and go on to birth naturally. You must feel on cloud nine!

    I wholeheartedly agree with your enthusiasm for a VBAC and a home birth. Helen was also my primary midwife and I can't believe how lucky I was to have such amazing support.

    Well done and welcome to your little man!

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    Thanks everyone! I hope homebirth will always be an option for women who want to pursue it. I was worried how I might be affected since my due date was 3rd of July (and he was born a day early) but I think that the government at least gave us 2 years of some transition time, which made it possible for me to choose homebirth. I also remember that there have been more negotiations between midwives and the government recently (which my midwvies attended), and things seem more optimistic? But I am not sure the details of these negotiations.

    Jackrose, yes I was at couple of their info sessions. Congratulations to you for your successful VBAC, too. Helen is the best!!!

    I am going to share my story at the next Midwives Naturally VBAC discussion group in September. If anyone is based in Melbourne and interested in hearing other women's stories of VBAC, you can check their website for details.

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