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    Default Thinking WAY ahead here...

    Ok so I am thinking way ahead of myself here as we haven't started TTC #2 yet. However, with DD I had an unplanned c/s and I really want to try for a VBAC this time round.

    Last time I thought I was prepared but in hindsight I wasn't and I really want to be more in control. I used hypnobirthing and this got me to 7cm dilated with DD being posterior and then becoming distressed. I had Lionel Steinberg as my OB so when he said I needed a c/s I knew it wasn't for nothing.

    Anyway thinking back I feel that if I had a doula or someone who had recognised that DD was posterior there are things I could have done to prevent the whole c/s.

    So my questions are:

    a) I know Lionel is supportive of VBAC but only works out of St V's now - I'm not sure I want to go to St V's so what should I do?
    b) I also want a doula so how does that work (and DP isn't sure of the benefits so he needs convincing)?
    c) Do I book an OB and a Doula at the same time?
    d) Does the doula encourage you to stay home as long as possible?
    e) How does this work with hypnobirthing (which I will use again)?

    Sorry if all of that is a bit confusing

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    Nai, I had a VBAC in November 2007 and had the most fabulous OB - Dr Danielle Wilkins. She is having a baby in July/August this year so won't be available for a bit but you did say you were way ahead so perhaps when you are ready she'll be back! I can't recommend her highly enough.

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