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Thread: VBA2C's ?? Is it possible ??

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    Smile VBA2C's ?? Is it possible ??

    Hi there, Im new to this so I hope Im in the right area... I was just wondering if anyone has had experience or knows if it's possible to have a natural birth after emergency c's? I had a grade 3 placenta previa with my daughter who was born at 31 wks, she was coming ready or not! and a year later had my beautiful Oscar who I tried for naturally, my water's broke but I did not go into labour, I was induced, and 13.5 hrs later they took him out as he was indistress. I would like to get a douler and try for a natural but not sure if it's even possible!! It will be at least 2 years between Oscar and the third if that makes a difference. Thanks

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    Hi Wanna
    Yes it is possible to have a vaginal birth after having 2 ore even more c/s. The main concern is that your scar will break open causing your uterus to rupture putting both you and your baby in danger. The chances of this happening are about 0.9%. most of these will be "silent" or "incomplete" which may only be discovered incidentally at the time of repeat C/S. However the chances of requiring a CS for other acute conditions (fetal distress, cord prolapse or antepartum haemorrhage) in any woman giving birth is approximately 2.7%, a much higher rate than the chance of your uterus rupturing. One other thing to consider is that the chance of needing an emergency hysterectomy after a c/s is about 0.6%. Quite high when you consider that the c/s may not have been needed in the first place

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    Hi wanna
    I got your message and have left my email addy if you wanna chat with me. I did have a successful vba2c's just over 3wks ago! I also had some great support from Alan and some others on here. Alan is a rock if you need him! He helped me through a very rough patch leading up to my vba2c which i am forever greatful. Thanks again Alan

    Anyway email me if you want and i will tell you whatever i can.


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    hi YES!!! Quinn was a VBA2C in Feburary. You just need to find a supportive Dr.

    Here is my birthstory if your interested. You'll notice it could be anyones labour....not just a VBAC.

    On Wednesday 13th Feb, the day before my due date, I had my check up. The Dr did a stretch and sweep I was 1cm dilated and very stretchable apparently.

    I was a bit crampy all day but nothing unusual to me. At 1am I needed to wee and noticed some light contractions. At 2am I put my TENS machine on because they were getting stronger. I slept a bit on and off
    At 4am I used contraction master to time them but they were anywhere from 5mins to 1min to 3min to 7 other words completely NOT regular. I went back to bed but was having trouble sleeping through them and the TENS was starting to not work as well. The contractions were still not regular but at 5am I got Scott to ring them and tell the hospital the contractions were 5mins apart and we were coming in it was just a little white lie but I am so glad I did lie because I was 6-7cm dilated when we arrived.
    The monitor was put on because I was VBACx2ing I "had" to be continuously monitored (I didn't mind I was comfortable enough on the bed). This of course showed the contractions were all over the place. The midwife told me it was probably just because I changed locations and they would get back into a rhythm soon. I just smiled and nodded looking slyly at Scott.
    The plan was to brake my waters at 9am if the contractions didn't pick back up. The midwife brought me breakfast at about 8am I realise now I was in the resting phase because I ate a piece of toast and the contractions were almost "mild".
    20 mins later they hit again in a BIG way wow I was floored by how strong they became so suddenly. Scott ran out to get the midwife (who thought I had hours left) and she found I was fully dilated and already pushing. It was action stations from there and all a blur to me because I kept almost passing out. Scott was cooling me down with ice chips and the midwife was barking some order or other at me to push like I needed to poo???? I just let my body do it's job. It was only the last few pushes I really focused and physically put some effort into actually pushing.
    I have never felt anything like it. I screamed like you would not believe but 20 mins later Quinn Riley was on my tummy and I was in a state of shock..... wasn't I just eating breakfast?

    Quinn came out looking to the left instead of face down, he had a perfect shape HUGE head 37cm!!!!.
    He was 52cm long and 3980gms or 8lbs 12oz so my smallest..... THANKFULLY lol.

    I think that is everything.... oh I did tear....not fun! but I knew I would.

    So to anyone out there thinking of VBACing all I can say is if I can do then ANYONE can do it. I only used the TENS machine and a shot of morphine at 6-7cm to get me through.


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