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Thread: I dreaming???

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    Good luck! Go for it!

    You have to see this. It's gorgeous. Montage of a woman who had a HBA3C:

    Our Journey to Homebirth at One True Media

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    Thats so amazing!! Bought tears to my eyes....thanks Julie

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    Hi all,
    I am 18 weeks pregnant and planning a VBA2C, I've also had one natural birth between the 2 c-s which I thought would help me argue for a natural birth this time. I have found an obstetrician is prepared to support me in a natural birth, but would prefer I had an elective c-s. I was very disappointed and have decided to meet with one or two more obs. So if anyone has any contacts I would really appreciate them.

    A friend of mine highly recommended a doctor at John Hunter hospital in Newcastle, who was incredibly supportive of her when she had a VBA2C. This doctor is considered a bit of a guru when it comes to VBACs. Unfortunately I'm in Sydney so I need someone a bit closer.

    I also have a fabulous doula booked this time and I am very determined. But even as prepared as I was the drs lack of confidence in me was a bit disempowering.

    I am glad to know that others are out there planning natural births after more that one c-s. Thanks for your support.


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