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Thread: VBA3C- interviewing obs before being pregnant?

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    Default VBA3C- interviewing obs before being pregnant?

    Ok, we are not looking at TTC next week, it wont be until the end of 2010, but I am trying to start some planning. How do you go about finding out if an obst will support a VBA3C before you are pregnant and go for your first a/n appt? My first c/s according to my notes was failure to progress and impacted head...I was induced at 41 weeks which was the dumbest decision of my life!!!! With next bubba, went into spontaneous labour and could easily have pushed her out but when i went into the hospital, the obst was already there doing a cs and basically just said i was having another one. Baby no3 was an elective cs and I was so terrified that I had to have a general anaesthetic!! Next bubba is going to be compleltly different...I know i can push my baby out because my body gave me a chance with baby no 2 but i was so young and naive that i didnt listen to my body.
    Any advice on the best plan of action would be very much welcomed.

    Thanks everyone,

    M xx

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    Definitely think you should hon... you'd want to interview them first and hope that they stick to it... I am not sure how you will go, but if I can help please let me know. Email me and we can talk about it xx
    Kelly xx

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