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Thread: vba3c-wanting to hear of success stories

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    Question vba3c-wanting to hear of success stories

    I have 3 beautiful boys, 1st induced labour baby stressed and born by emerg caesar. Decided hastily to have number 2 by elect caesar, 3rd i wanted to try naturally but hosp i chose doesnt do vba2c.Went into labour naturally but cos of hosp policy had to have caesar. Resigned myself to fact that i would be having number 4 by caesar only to recently find having chosen diff hosp i can have the birth of my choice. i would dearly love to give the natural way a go but am terrified of jeopardising my baby's health like my first baby. love to hear positive successful stories. our baby girl is due on november 14th 2008. I am 21weeks and 5 days.

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    Just wanted to wish you all the best! I can't help with a VBA3C. I had a successful VBAC last year. I hope that you get a successful VBA3C as it's truly an amazing experience.

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    Go read this woman's story. Keep the tissues handy though - i'm bawling my eyes out! LOL. SHe has a video attached, i highly recommend you watch it. I think it will resonate. Peace to you mama, i'm gonna go google up some more hope and joy for you...

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    Here is another VBA3C story, and another, and another that last lady had 3 c-sections and then 8(!!!!!) homebirths!!!

    These are VBA2C's here and here. And another and another.

    Here is the blog of a woman going for a VBA3C in early 2009. Maybe you can comment on her blog and get some company for the journey.

    Lots of love and good thoughts.


    ETA - i found this article too. Don't be confused, the main article on the page is about breastfeeding and HIV but if you scroll down about half way to the bottom there's a question from a reader about VBAC and a bunch of midwives responding to tell her about their clients VBACs after varying numbers of c-sections. One midwife has a client who had 2 VBA7C's!!! Take joy! Oh, and welcome to Bellybelly

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    All the research that I found said that the risks with a 4th ceserian were higher than attempting a vbac. Your chances of rupturing are only 0.9%. The risks of a 4th ceserian go up substantially higher than the risks of a vbac.

    Risk of Uterine Rupture With a Trial of Labor in Women With Multiple and Single Prior Cesarean Delivery -- Landon et al. 108 (1): 12 -- Obstetrics & Gynecology

    Maternal Complications Associated With Multiple Cesarean Deliveries -- Nisenblat et al. 108 (1): 21 -- Obstetrics & Gynecology

    VBAC After 2 or More Cesareans
    This site is still usefull if you aren't plus-size. Heaps of links.

    VBAC safety: A closer look at the 2002 JAMA study
    This article has 5 pages that explain the first page.

    Our Journey to Homebirth at One True Media - share slideshows, slide shows, MySpace slideshows, MySpace codes, free video sharing, video montages.

    It would also increase your chance of a successful vbac to hire a doula to attend your birth. I hope the links help you.

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