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    Question VBAC

    Hi ladies

    With my first child, I had a C-Section by choice as they tried to induce me for 2 days and my cervix wouldnt open and I was just to tired to go on, so I opted for a C-Section. My Dr told me that I wouldnt be able to have a Natural Delivery if I opeted for the C-Section, does anyone know why this would be, I understand the complications with normal VBAC but why would I be any different, also I didnt go into labour at all, my cervix didnt open after being induced for 2 nights, due to gestational diabeties.


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    I would say that your doc isn't supportive of VBAC's.

    I had a c-section 17 months ago, by choice, no medical problems or anything, and am now going for my VBAC next month.

    There is not many reasons why you wouldn't be allowed to go for a VBAC - if you had the incision up and down your belly instead of horizontal then that could be a factor?

    Good luck with your decision!!

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    I really don't know other than the vertical incision issue.

    I also had a CS first time after going into labour spontaneously but failing to progress despite being assissted by having my water broken and having an induction drip. I had my DD by VBAC last November (different Dr's though). Second time went into labour spontaneously again was fully dilated within 6 hours with gas only then ended up with a forceps delivery as she got stuck.

    If you Dr doesn't support VBAC's and it is something that is really important to you then my suggestion would be to think about changing Dr's or go through a VBAC clinic in a public hospital.

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