thread: vbac - is anyone else trying?

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    Hey girls, check this thread out: https://www.bellybelly.com.au/forums...ic.php?t=11245

    Kelly xx

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    Hey Cailin, I just noticed on the other thread that you are going through Lionel, did you know that on other sites he's known as "vaginal Lionel" just thought I'd let you in on that, you've got a keeper there!!!!!!!

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    Yep thats one of the reasons I wanted to go with him Kel even can't wait to meet him LOL! She's just informed me if I don't take her to one of my OB appts she'll kill me LOL! She wants me to ask him if he knows his nick name...LOL seeing as its so widely known!


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    It takes a big man to be able to take on a nick name with vagina in it hey!!!!!

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    .....vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina........