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Thread: VBAC / EBAC Discussion #2

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    Well that's right, Christy. I've got friends smaller than me in height and stature and they've had 9-10lb babies. Their pelvis' weren't an issue. My pelvis wasn't an issue when having Gabby and it had nothing to do with needing a caesar (tho I did look at her and wonder how on earth I would have fit her through my hoo-haa!! LOL).
    Oh well... any money the gyno gives the green light and it won't even be an issue. I'd still want a better reason than a "small pelvis" to opt for a schedule caesar! What a load of codswallop!

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Ok... I finally got around to calling one of the people you got to email me, Kelly.
    She was lovely and we chatted for a good hour I reckon. It was kind of nice to de-brief.
    Annnnyway... it turns out that she's asked a few questions about birth at the hospital I am going to and, apparently, she hasn't heard a great deal of positive stuff. Apparently most of the doctors there are caesar-happy Not good.
    She's asked me to consider Warrnambool as an option. It's an hour away which is a bit of a PITA. She made a good point tho... a lot of people from Melb have to travel an hour to get to hospital (traffic etc.).
    I guess I'm concerned that we have Gabby to worry about... no family and friends here if it happens in the middle of the night... and the fact that Neil will have to travel an hour each way. But I guess that's kind of trivial when it comes down to getting the right support for birth, hey?

    After our talk she suggested I speak to the other person you got to email me, Kel... so I'll do that (she's a midwife in Warrnambool). I'll also go to my midwife appointment in Hamilton and see what vibes I get from them. I guess the more people I speak to and the more I investigate my options, the better, hey?

    My other option is to try and get into Geelong?? At least we have friends and family there to stay with. It's a 2.5 hour drive tho and it's not like I can pinpoint when I will go in labour. Not sure if I fancy staying at Mum's for 2 weeks waiting for labour to happen! LOL

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    Deb, you can always have a homebirth

    Good to hear that the midwife was lovely though. what a buggar about the Dr's being caesar happy though, but you already had that sort of feeling from your Dr already, didn't you ??

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    Yeah... but I didn't think that ALL the doctors there would be the same. Hmm... I do want to find out what the midwives at Hammo say. They may be able to recommend one of the doctors over the others?? After all... I don't like to go by mere here-say. I do have a friend having a baby very soon and she's had nothing but praise for the system in Hammo. One lady at playgroup (who is a nurse at the hospital) said her birth experience there was fantastic even tho she works there. I guess if I can work something out closer to home, I'd like to. The logistics of being so far away is tough when you throw in the fact that we don't really have a proper support network here.
    If I was in Geelong and had to travel to Melbourne, that would be ok because I'd have my Mum and sisters and stacks of friends to help out, iykwim?

    As for the homebirth... I dunno if I could even entertain that idea. I guess the still-birth history frightens me too much to not be near the hospital... iykwim? It's always going to be an issue that'd hinder some of my decisions but it's a real, genuine fear.... I'm just trying not to let it influence me into another caesar.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    I've started reading "The thinking woman's guide to better birth" and am getting overwhelmed with all the info but I guess I'll have to read it over a few times before it all sinks in. I think I'll just stick to the bits that are relevant to VBAC for now and then go back over the other bits (breech birth etc.) when I've got that down pat.

    Anyway... one interesting bit that I thought may be relevant to what happened with Gabby was this:

    Induced labours are much harder on the baby than natural labour..... All the conventional compounds used in labour inductions [lists them] are notorious for causing contractions that are overly long, strong and close together...In addition breaking the bag of waters, a usual practice with inductions, removes the cushioning effect of amniotic fluid, allowing contractions to squeeze the umbilical cord

    So... the compressions on the cord which resulted in my emergency caesar may not have been from the cord being around Gabby's neck at all? This whole time I was led to believe that the cord was wrapped SO tightly that each contraction was making Gabby's hear-rate plummet so a caesar was necessary. However it quite possibly could have been the fact that I'd been induced and had my waters broken?? Tho they were also full of meconium so Gab was in destress regardless.... probably from me contracting for days... hmmm..

    All food for thought.

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    Time for a new thread ladies!

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